Theobald Extractors contains core extraction & SAP integration logic and is used by the following products:

For communication with the SAP system, Theobald Extractors use ERPConnect.

We recommend to check for updates at least every three months. If there is at least one newer release available with medium or high update priority, please download the latest version from the customer portal and deploy it to your test environment.

Definition of Version Numbers #

Format: A.B.C [X]

  • A is incremented with major changes. Additional steps might be necessary when upgrading to this version.
  • B is incremented when an important feature is added, modified, or removed.
  • C is incremented when a bug is fixed, or a small feature is added, modified, or removed.
  • [X] defines the recommended priority for updating:
    • H - High: Install immediately.
    • M - Medium: Install within your usual update interval.
    • L - Low: Install only if advised by the support team.
Version Date Component Description
1.40.2 [L] 2023-03-29 TableCDC Fixed a bug where filtering for columns based on name or description was not possible
1.40.1 [L] 2023-03-27 BW Cube BICS mode: Fixed dimension filter members not loading and filters with runtime parameter values not being applied.
1.40.0 [M] 2023-03-24 BW Cube BICS: Row limit for preview
1.39.14 [L] 2023-03-24 TableCDC Reduced max value for log table size limit to 100.000 rows.
1.39.13 [M] 2023-03-24 BAPI Fixed a bug that caused errors with obsolete LIKE typed parameters
1.39.12 [L] 2023-03-21 TableCDC The size limit feature for the log table is now obligatory. Value can range from 1 to 10.000.000 rows.
1.39.11 [L] 2023-03-20 BW Cube Improved metadata load and refresh in the BICS component.
1.39.10 [L] 2023-03-15 General Replaced the local byte buffer handling for column encryption with the ByteBufferManager from Theobald.Common (introduced on 2.22.0)
1.39.9 [L] 2023-03-10 TableCDC Table CDC: Log table size can now be limited. Internal improvements.
1.39.8 [L] 2023-03-08 BW Cube Fix for column order changes in MDX mode when adding filter selections or selecting and deselecting a dimension.
1.39.7 [L] 2023-03-07 BW Cube Added Direct load button in cube look up window.
1.39.6 [L] 2023-03-06 BW Cube Measure names in BICS mode now display the technical name instead of the enterprise ID if available.
1.39.5 [L] 2023-02-24 BW Cube Fixed an issue that may cause errors when setting exclude filters or runtime parameters in filters when using MDX mode.
1.39.4 [L] 2023-02-21 BAPI BapiCatalogEntry with functionGroup
1.39.3 [L] 2023-02-15 Report Improved error message for when report lookup by TCODE fails.
1.39.2 [L] 2023-02-13 BW Cube Fixed a bug in MDX metadata refresh that caused invalid selections when a selected measure or dimension does not exist after refresh anymore.
1.39.1 [L] 2023-02-06 Report Report component UI improvements.
1.39.0 [L] 2023-01-27 BW Cube Various improvements and new features in BICS cube extractor(Release note)
1.38.2 [L] 2023-01-26 Report Report helper and Report tests
1.38.1 [M] 2023-01-23 BAPI Only send scalar parameters if value has been provided
1.38.0 [L] 2023-01-16 General Adjustments for new conversion architecture (internal changes)
1.37.1 [L] 2023-01-15 Security Updated Bouncy Castle to version 2.0
1.37.0 [H] 2023-01-15 TableCDC Added Table CDC extractor
1.36.0 [L] 2023-01-11 Report Updated Z_XTRACT_IS_REMOTE_REPORT to version 1.2. (Breaking change)(Release note)
1.35.3 [L] 2023-01-11 BW Cube Fix for possible error when saving dimension filters in MDX mode
1.35.2 [L] 2023-01-09 General Added range checks for SapDateConverter
1.35.1 [L] 2023-01-09 BW Cube Fix for error on InfoCube load in MDX mode
1.35.0 [L] 2023-01-04 Hierarchy New Hierarchy Extractor(Release note)
1.34.1 [L] 2022-12-21 BW Cube Fix for incorrect unit column values in MDX mode.
1.34.0 [L] 2022-12-20 BW Cube Added the option to select a custom structure on the columns axis for MDX extractions.
1.33.5 [L] 2022-12-13 Table Fix for Table preview’s grid row header style
1.33.4 [L] 2022-11-15 BW Cube Fix for possible conversion errors when formatted values option in MDX mode is enabled
1.33.3 [L] 2022-11-15 BW Cube Cube legacy mode: fix for duplicate dimension column names
1.33.2 [L] 2022-11-08 General Fixes for timestamps
1.33.1 [L] 2022-11-07 General Fixes for TIMESTAMPL (bug introduced in 1.33.0)
1.33.0 [L] 2022-11-07 General Added metadata retrieval for more date/time types
1.32.2 [L] 2022-11-04 General Added more date/time result types
1.32.1 [L] 2022-11-03 Table Values of RfcReadTableResult instances can now be accessed by column name.
1.32.0 [L] 2022-10-28 General Added column mapping feature
1.31.6 [L] 2022-10-24 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.15.(Release note)
1.31.5 [L] 2022-10-21 BW Cube Fixed a bug that caused measures in MDX mode being handled as strings instead of numbers when the formatted values option is enabled.
1.31.4 [L] 2022-10-19 General The extractors now use the new ILog interface. The BAPIExtractor now can take a callback being called when the data has arrived from the SAP system.
1.31.3 [L] 2022-10-14 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.14(Release note)
1.31.2 [L] 2022-10-14 Report Non executable ABAP programs can’t be selected in report lookup anymore.(Release note)
1.31.1 [M] 2022-10-06 BAPI Fixed a bug that caused errors during metadata retrieval if the function module contains include structures that don’t exist
1.31.0 [L] 2022-09-26 Table added support for function modules /BODS/RFC_STREAM_READ_TABLE and /SAPDS/RFC_STREAM_READ_TABLE
1.30.12 [L] 2022-09-14 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.13.(Release note)
1.30.11 [M] 2022-09-13 OHS Fixed assembly version of Theobald.Extractors.Ohs.dll
1.30.10 [M] 2022-08-29 ODP Fixed an issue where trailing zeros of RAW fields where truncated
1.30.9 [L] 2022-08-09 Report Fixed a bug where TCODE lookup would not work with some newer SAP systems.
1.30.8 [L] 2022-08-09 Table Fixed a bug in WHERE clause editor, where single quotes in value blocks would not be escaped when running the extraction, causing syntax errors.
1.30.7 [L] 2022-08-08 Table Fixed a bug in WHERE clause editor where using numeric values in value blocks would in some cases not result a correct WHERE clause.
1.30.6 [H] 2022-08-04 BAPI Fix for structure includes
1.30.5 [L] 2022-07-27 BW Cube Fix for failing mdx extractions with packaging enabled and only dimensions selected.
1.30.4 [L] 2022-07-22 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.12(Release note)
1.30.3 [L] 2022-07-18 BW Cube Refactored all MDX RFC Functions to static creation; added support for non-unicode SAP systems.
1.30.2 [L] 2022-07-18 BW Cube Cube BICS mode now supports list parameters in filters and variables.
1.30.1 [H] 2022-07-07 BW Cube Fix for asynchronous processing problems
1.30.0 [M] 2022-06-24 General Added IResultTables for value conversion
1.29.14 [L] 2022-06-13 BW Cube Internal adjustments to BEx variable dialog button behavior in BICS mode.
1.29.13 [L] 2022-06-09 General Added unit and integration tests for Table Extractor
1.29.12 [M] 2022-06-07 ODP Fixed a bug that caused extractions to fail with “Expected new buffer marker” error
1.29.11 [L] 2022-06-02 BW Cube MDX mode: invalid measure values ‘X’ are now written to the output as NULL.
1.29.10 [L] 2022-06-01 BW Cube Fix for disabled measures/dimensions tree in MDX mode when a query does not have any measures.
1.29.9 [L] 2022-05-30 BW Cube Support for Only_Structures behavior in MDX BEx Queries. Various bug fixes and general improvements for the Cube component.(Release note)
1.29.8 [L] 2022-05-23 General Extractors that implement the complex parameter interface must also implement scalar parameter interface
1.29.7 [L] 2022-05-12 BW Cube Fix for date columns being 0 and in wrong format in date columns of BICS extractions.
1.29.6 [L] 2022-05-09 BW Cube Fix for unavailable runtime parameters in dimension range filters.
1.29.5 [L] 2022-05-03 Table Fix for STRING/XSTRING columns with NWRFC
1.29.4 [L] 2022-04-29 BW Cube Fixed a bug that caused using the wrong function module for loading axis data in MDX extractions.
1.29.3 [L] 2022-04-29 BW Cube Cube legacy mode: fix for duplicate property column names
1.29.2 [L] 2022-04-29 BW Cube Fixed a bug that caused extractions with empty result sets to fail.
1.29.1 [L] 2022-04-25 Table Fixed a bug where switching from WHERE clause editor mode to text mode would cause an error.
1.29.0 [L] 2022-04-25 Table Added graphical WHERE clause editor. Fixed a bug where Count Rows function didn’t take scripted expressions into account.
1.28.1 [L] 2022-04-21 BW Cube Fixed a bug where BW Cube Extractions would return broken data when used with Classic RFC library
1.28.0 [L] 2022-04-11 ODP Selections can now be parameterized with lists of strings
1.27.1 [L] 2022-04-07 BW Cube Now allowing extractions without measure selections in MDX mode. Added support for additional options in interval/complex BEx variable selections.
1.27.0 [M] 2022-04-04 BW Cube Updates to the BWCube component for increased stability, performance and compatibility.
1.26.1 [L] 2022-02-09 Report Fixed a bug where the report lookup would throw an error when the new version of RFC_READ_TABLE was used.
1.26.0 [L] 2022-02-08 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.11. Background job timeout can now be set manually in extraction settings.
1.25.1 [L] 2022-02-03 Table Fixed a bug where metadata of views was not retrieved correctly.(Release note)
1.25.0 [M] 2022-01-27 ODP Metadata can now be refreshed without performing a new lookup
1.24.1 [L] 2021-12-08 General Fix for BCD length conversion
1.24.0 [M] 2021-12-03 BAPI Added description texts for data elements
1.23.2 [L] 2021-11-30 OHS Fix for “undefined” status of process chain
1.23.1 [M] 2021-11-29 General Table & ODP: Now set currency decimals to 4 when using “adjust currency decimals”
1.23.0 [L] 2021-11-12 BAPI Reworked parameterization
1.22.1 [L] 2021-11-12 Report Fixed a bug where report rows without pipes in them were being skipped even if the extraction was ran without dynamic column widths and offsets setting turned on. This change is breaking.
1.22.0 [L] 2021-11-03 General Table and ODP: Added setting to automatically adjust currency decimals based on reference field(Release note)
1.21.1 [L] 2021-10-05 Report Fixed a bug where fetching report selection parameters would not use the custom function module defined in extraction settings and would override that setting with the default value of Z_XTRACT_IS_REMOTE_REPORT.
1.21.0 [L] 2021-09-24 BW Cube Updated cube component with new BICS mode (beta).(Release note)
1.20.27 [L] 2021-09-13 Report Fixed a bug where automatic column detection didn’t work for reports where rows don’t begin with a pipe.
1.20.26 [L] 2021-09-08 Report Fixed function module recognition based on signature.(Release note)
1.20.25 [L] 2021-09-06 Report Output columns now have length of 255 characters when dynamic column widths and offsets is turned on.
1.20.24 [M] 2021-08-05 OHS Third-party mode: Fix for empty packets
1.20.23 [L] 2021-07-30 OHS Improved error handling for unsupported destination types
1.20.22 [L] 2021-07-27 ODP Reverted default package size, this fixes an issue where the package size doubles leading to an error
1.20.21 [L] 2021-07-13 Table Fixed a bug where fetching the metadata of certain views would run into an error.
1.20.20 [L] 2021-07-08 Report Fixed report transport request.
1.20.19 [L] 2021-06-11 Report Fixed a bug where the report ruler would stop scrolling horizontally with wider reports.
1.20.18 [L] 2021-05-26 Report Fixed an issue with extracting reports that contain multiple tables.
1.20.17 [L] 2021-05-11 Table Fix for *RFC_READ_TABLE2 variants with custom names
1.20.16 [M] 2021-05-06 OHS Fix for variable length buffer (third party mode)
1.20.15 [L] 2021-05-05 Report Fixed a bug where ABAP exceptions that occur when running preview would crash the UI.
1.20.14 [L] 2021-04-26 Table Fixed ORDER BY special option for Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE
1.20.13 [L] 2021-04-23 Table Fixed a bug where metadata refresh would not work when more than one table was selected for extraction.
1.20.12 [L] 2021-04-22 Security Update of BouncyCastle library to 1.8.10
1.20.11 [M] 2021-04-20 Table Fixed a bug where fetching metadata for extended view did not work.
1.20.10 [L] 2021-04-16 Report Improved error handling for automatic column detection. Fixed a bug where running if the report returned no rows during automatic column detection, the UI would crash.
1.20.9 [L] 2021-04-12 General Fixed a bug on method SapTimeConverter.ConvertToTimeSpan(string), which would not allow values greater than “235959” to be converted to TimeSpan. Unit tests were introduced.
1.20.8 [L] 2021-04-12 ODP Added setting to adjust package size
1.20.7 [L] 2021-04-09 Table Fixed a bug where metadata refresh did not work.
1.20.6 [M] 2021-03-25 OHS Fix for third party mode when columns are spread across table buffer rows
1.20.5 [L] 2021-03-22 Report Report variant combobox is not editable anymore. Instead, the selected variant can be cleared with a button.
1.20.4 [L] 2021-03-15 OHS Added book icon
1.20.3 [L] 2021-03-15 OHS Set minimum width/height for tab control in settings window
1.20.2 [L] 2021-03-15 General New conversion behaviour for SAP time
1.20.1 [L] 2021-03-15 Report Fixed a bug where editing an existing report extraction would reset the “report rows per data row” setting back to 1.
1.20.0 [L] 2021-03-15 General Added SAP time converter
1.19.7 [L] 2021-03-15 Report Fixed a bug where performing automatic column detection after running a preview would enable dynamic column widths and offsets.
1.19.6 [L] 2021-03-05 Table Fixed a bug where in certain cases not all fields of views would be shown in the extraction definition UI.
1.19.5 [L] 2021-03-04 General Added possibility to signal success/failure of result processing after run
1.19.4 [L] 2021-03-04 Report Multiple bug fixes and improvements(Release note)
1.19.3 [L] 2021-03-02 Report Added support for runtime parameters.
1.19.2 [M] 2021-03-02 General Fixed two issues with runtime parameters where assigning selection parameters would not be saved and the default type was set to an invalid value
1.19.1 [L] 2021-02-23 Table Fix for using Z_THEO_READ_TABLE (bug introduced in 1.18)
1.19.0 [M] 2021-02-23 OHS Added OHS
1.18.0 [M] 2021-02-23 Report Added report component
1.17.0 [L] 2021-02-10 BAPI Several improvements and new features(Release note)
1.16.3 [M] 2021-02-05 Table Fixed a bug where fetching the field metadata for views would not work if multiple fields of the view referenced the same table fields.
1.16.2 [L] 2021-02-05 Table Fixed a bug where field descriptions of views would not be fetched on newer SAP BW systems.
1.16.1 [L] 2021-02-01 ODP Fixed an issue where extractions would fail for big-endian SAP systems when NetWeaver libraries were used
1.16.0 [L] 2021-01-22 General Column level encryption support
1.15.10 [L] 2021-01-18 Hierarchy Fixed version numbers of Theobald.Extractors.Hierarchy.dll and Theobald.Extractors.Hierarchy.Gui.dll
1.15.9 [M] 2020-12-17 ODP Fixed an issue where init simulations (delta initializations without extracting data) could cause subsequent delta requests to not load any data
1.15.8 [M] 2020-11-06 Table Fix for empty packages when using NWRFC + Z_THEO_READ_TABLE
1.15.7 [L] 2020-10-29 General Table and ODP: Reference fields (and tables) for currencies and quantities are now saved
1.15.6 [M] 2020-10-09 Table Various fixes & improvements for Table GUI(Release note)
1.15.5 [M] 2020-10-06 ODP Improved logging on delta updates
1.15.4 [L] 2020-09-28 Table Workaround for length problems when extracting integers with conversion routines and Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_COMPRESSION
1.15.3 [L] 2020-09-24 Table Workaround for length problems when extracting floating point with conversion routines and Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_COMPRESSION
1.15.2 [L] 2020-09-23 Table Workaround for length problems when extracting packed numbers with conversion routines and Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_COMPRESSION
1.15.1 [L] 2020-09-07 ODP Added subscription suffix (Release note)
1.15.0 [M] 2020-07-15 General Support for new data types DATN, D34N, D16N, TIMN, UTCLONG. Corrected typing for decimal floating point values (now string) for ODP.
1.14.12 [L] 2020-06-12 General Function module for internal table reads (metadata) can be specified now
1.14.11 [L] 2020-05-27 ODP Improved monitoring for subscriptions and requests(Release note)
1.14.10 [L] 2020-05-14 Table Global conversion checkbox is now tri-state and allows to enable conversion on all the fields that have a conversion exit in SAP, all at once. Fixed a bug where the 1.x versions of Z_THEO_READ_TABLE would continue running after an exception in extractor occurred.
1.14.9 [L] 2020-05-07 Table Improved the error message for when Z_THEO_READ_TABLE is used and conversion is enabled on a field that does not have a conversion exit defined in SAP.
1.14.8 [L] 2020-05-05 Table Fixed a bug where enabling conversion on all the fields that have conversion exit defined in SAP, would enable conversion on all the fields in the table UI.
1.14.7 [M] 2020-04-30 Table Fixed a bug where table extractions with Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_COMPRESSION function module would not work.
1.14.6 [M] 2020-04-14 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.10. (Release note)
1.14.5 [M] 2020-03-11 Table Fixed metadata refresh
1.14.4 [M] 2020-03-10 ODP Fix for parameters in higher value for ranged selections
1.14.3 [M] 2020-03-09 Table Z_THEO_READ_TABLE exception and error callbacks don’t cause short dumps anymore
1.14.2 [M] 2020-03-02 ODP Fixed “Unknown block type” error
1.14.1 [M] 2020-02-05 General Fixed warning for ENLFDIR permissions
1.14.0 [M] 2020-02-04 General Updated to .NET Framework 4.7.2
1.13.0 [M] 2020-01-28 BAPI Added support for multiple output tables
1.12.0 [L] 2020-01-23 Table Added basic support for /THEO/READ_TABLE
1.11.3 [M] 2020-01-10 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.9
1.11.2 [M] 2019-12-11 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.8
1.11.1 [M] 2019-12-04 Hierarchy Fix for lookup
1.11.0 [L] 2019-12-04 Table Length restrictions of STRING/XSTRING are reflected in persistence / result metadata
1.10.19 [M] 2019-12-04 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.7
1.10.18 [M] 2019-12-03 ODP Several fixes for execution(Release note)
1.10.17 [L] 2019-12-02 Table UI improvements for removing tables
1.10.16 [L] 2019-11-29 ODP GUI: Fixed a bug that caused delta columns to be deselected when changing from Delta to Recovery mode
1.10.15 [L] 2019-11-13 Table Fix for 99h error during lookup
1.10.14 [M] 2019-11-13 ODP Hierarchy texts for merged segments now use the language of the connection
1.10.13 [M] 2019-11-07 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.6
1.10.12 [M] 2019-11-06 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.5
1.10.11 [M] 2019-11-04 ODP Added support for parameterizing selections
1.10.10 [M] 2019-10-23 General Fixed the preview GUI. Removed the broken alias functionality from table subcomponent(Release note)
1.10.9 [M] 2019-10-07 Table Another fix for RFC_CONVERSION_FIELD when calling Z_THEO_READ_TABLE 2.x on Big Endian systems
1.10.8 [M] 2019-09-30 Table Fix for RFC_CONVERSION_FIELD when calling Z_THEO_READ_TABLE 2.x on Big Endian systems
1.10.7 [L] 2019-09-27 General Adjustments for column name conversion of result columns
1.10.6 [L] 2019-09-24 Table Improved logging
1.10.5 [M] 2019-09-24 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE for releases 740SP05 and newer to version 2.4
1.10.4 [L] 2019-09-24 Hierarchy Fixed incorrect window parent
1.10.3 [L] 2019-09-23 ERPConnect Updated to
1.10.2 [M] 2019-09-20 General Fix for copying results of Table (Compression FM) and ODP (non-Hierarchy)
1.10.1 [L] 2019-09-20 ERPConnect Updated to
1.10.0 [L] 2019-09-20 BAPI Added BAPI component (beta)
1.9.5 [L] 2019-09-19 Table Updated ABAP README
1.9.4 [M] 2019-09-19 Table Fix for decimal floats
1.9.3 [M] 2019-09-19 Table Improved error handling for TABLE_NOT_ACCESSIBLE errors. Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.3.
1.9.2 [M] 2019-09-16 ODP Workaround for an SAP bug that caused the package size to increase (roughly double) with each package
1.9.1 [M] 2019-09-11 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE for releases 740SP05 and newer to version 2.2
1.9.0 [L] 2019-09-11 Hierarchy Added hierarchy component (beta)
1.8.7 [M] 2019-09-11 ODP Fixed a bug that caused range selections to reset to ‘Equal’ after saving the extraction
1.8.6 [L] 2019-09-11 Table Reverted Z_THEO_READ_TABLE back to v1.11 for systems before 740SP05
1.8.5 [L] 2019-09-02 BW Cube Fix for properties with same names on different dimensions.
1.8.4 [L] 2019-08-30 BW Cube Fix for selecting properties in cube extractor.
1.8.3 [L] 2019-08-28 ERPConnect Updated to
1.8.2 [M] 2019-08-26 Table Added an icon indicating whether a table field is indexed. Number of rows can now be counted (only with Z_THEO_READ_TABLE) or estimated (using other function modules) in the editor GUI.(Release note)
1.8.1 [L] 2019-08-22 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.1
1.8.0 [M] 2019-08-20 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to version 2.0
1.7.4 [L] 2019-08-15 ERPConnect Updated to
1.7.3 [M] 2019-08-14 BW Cube Various fixes for variables
1.7.2 [L] 2019-08-13 Table Workaround for SAP 4.6C bug with WHERE clauses containing IN condition
1.7.1 [L] 2019-08-13 Table Fixed a bug that caused the preview to fail when two columns with the same name were selected for output
1.7.0 [M] 2019-08-07 General Added support for INT8
1.6.2 [L] 2019-08-02 BW Cube Fixes for variable names (RSZGLOBV)
1.6.1 [L] 2019-08-02 BW Cube Improvements for variable names (RSZGLOBV)
1.6.0 [M] 2019-08-02 ODP Added support for recovering the previous delta run
1.5.10 [L] 2019-08-01 Table Added UI to enable conversion routines
1.5.9 [M] 2019-07-30 ODP Improved exception handling and logging in case of errors
1.5.8 [M] 2019-07-30 Table Improvements for detecting possible joins and bug fixes related to editing joins(Release note)
1.5.7 [L] 2019-07-29 ERPConnect Updated ERPConnect
1.5.6 [M] 2019-07-29 ODP Fixed two bugs related to columns in the GUI of ODP extractions(Release note)
1.5.5 [M] 2019-07-25 ODP Fixed a bug that would reset the TransferDataOnDeltaInit property to false
1.5.4 [L] 2019-07-17 ERPConnect Updated to
1.5.3 [M] 2019-07-17 Table Improved error handling for value access / conversion
1.5.2 [L] 2019-07-16 General Table and ODP: Added column name styles
1.5.1 [L] 2019-07-11 General Fixes and improvements for GUI filters
1.5.0 [L] 2019-07-11 BW Cube Added filters to cube extractor.
1.4.4 [M] 2019-07-03 ODP Fixed a bug that caused merged hierarchy extractions to fail with IndexOutOfRange
1.4.3 [L] 2019-07-03 Table Fixed a bug that caused the extraction settings window to not show available function modules
1.4.2 [L] 2019-07-02 General Increased preview row limit to 100
1.4.1 [L] 2019-06-21 ERPConnect Updated to
1.4.0 [M] 2019-06-21 Table Added support for SSTRING/STRING/RAWSTRING (Z_THEO_READ_TABLE 1.12).
1.3.7 [M] 2019-06-17 General Improvements for error handling in UI
1.3.6 [L] 2019-05-17 ERPConnect Updated to
1.3.5 [H] 2019-05-16 Table Fixed a bug where Z_THEO_READ_TABLE would continue running after the table authorization check had failed.
1.3.4 [M] 2019-05-16 General Improved logging
1.3.3 [L] 2019-05-14 Table Added backward-compatibility support for Conversion Routines (Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_COMPRESSION)
1.3.2 [L] 2019-05-08 General Using MSBuild 16
1.3.1 [L] 2019-05-08 ERPConnect Updated to
1.3.0 [M] 2019-05-08 General Updated to .NET Framework 4.7.1
1.2.3 [M] 2019-05-07 Table Fix for automatic join detection on tables where unknown fields are defined in SAP
1.2.2 [L] 2019-05-06 ERPConnect Updated to
1.2.1 [M] 2019-04-29 Table Fixed a bug that caused the GUI to display an error when a table without relationships was added
1.2.0 [M] 2019-04-24 Table Added metadata refresh
1.1.7 [M] 2019-04-23 ERPConnect Updated to
1.1.6 [L] 2019-04-23 Table Fix for extractions using Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_COMPRESSION
1.1.5 [M] 2019-04-23 Table Fix for auto-selection of function module
1.1.4 [L] 2019-04-23 ERPConnect Updated to
1.1.3 [M] 2019-04-23 Table Fixes for numeric & binary values via RFC_READ_TABLE & Co.
1.1.2 [M] 2019-04-15 Table Improved error messages related to function module failures
1.1.1 [L] 2019-04-15 ERPConnect Updated to
1.1.0 [L] 2019-04-15 Table Added support for custom renaming of Z_THEO_READ_TABLE
1.0.1 [L] 2019-04-15 ERPConnect Updated to
1.0.0 [M] 2019-04-10 General General Availibility (end of beta)
0.2.13 [M] 2019-02-26 ERPConnect Updated to
0.2.12 [M] 2019-02-22 Table Improved extraction strategy selection.
0.2.11 [M] 2019-02-18 Table Fixed a bug where structure for the callback could not be generated if a field had no ROLLNAME set
0.2.10 [M] 2019-02-13 Table Reverted back to Z_THEO_READ_TABLE 1.9
0.2.9 [M] 2019-02-13 Table Fixed a bug where structure for the callback could not be generated if a field had no ROLLNAME set
0.2.8 [M] 2019-02-08 Table Fixed a bug where certain ABAP versions were wrongly recognized as pre 7.40 SP05 versions. Fix for client-specific tables in JOINs.
0.2.7 [M] 2019-02-07 Table Fixed string concatenation for older ABAP versions where && operator is not supported
0.2.6 [L] 2019-01-28 Table Fixed a bug where certain fields could not be extracted due to having too long names.
0.2.5 [L] 2019-01-25 Table Fixed a bug where WHERE clause wasn’t being generated correctly in certain situations. Improved client handling.
0.2.4 [L] 2019-01-23 Table Fixed a bug in Z_THEO_READ_TABLE where ABAP version check was not working on systems running ABAP version 75C. Fixed client handling in Z_THEO_READ_TABLE.
0.2.3 [M] 2019-01-22 Table Updated transport requests for Z_THEO_READ_TABLE
0.2.2 [L] 2019-01-15 Table Added Z_THEO_READ_TABLE variant for SAP releases before 7.40 SP05
0.2.1 [M] 2019-01-15 ERPConnect Updated to
0.2.0 [M] 2019-01-15 Table Added support for aggregate functions and HAVING clause. Fields can now be assigned an alias.
0.1.5 [L] 2019-01-08 Table Fix for Big Endian + NWRFC
0.1.4 [M] 2018-12-21 BW Cube Fixed an error that caused cubes not to be loaded after selection.
0.1.3 [L] 2018-12-07 Table UI fixes and improvements in performance and stability.
0.1.2 [L] 2018-11-12 ERPConnect Updated to
0.1.1 [L] 2018-11-12 General Design & stability improvements.
0.1.0 [M] 2018-11-09 Table Fixes & improvements for UI and serialization (breaking)
0.0.5 [L] 2018-11-09 ERPConnect Updated to
0.0.4 [M] 2018-10-31 ERPConnect Updated to
0.0.3 [M] 2018-10-31 BW Cube Set default package size to 20k
0.0.2 [M] 2018-10-31 General Various UI improvements
0.0.1 [H] 2018-10-01 General Initial Release