All other Theobald Software products use ERPConnect for communicating with SAP. There is no need to update ERPConnect separately, if used as part of another Theobald Software product.

We recommend to check for updates at least every three months. If there is at least one newer release available with medium or high update priority, please download the latest version from the customer portal and deploy it to your test environment.

Definition of Version Numbers #

Format: A.B.C [X]

  • A is incremented with major changes. Additional steps might be necessary when upgrading to this version.
  • B is incremented when an important feature is added, modified, or removed.
  • C is incremented when a bug is fixed, or a small feature is added, modified, or removed.
  • [X] defines the recommended priority for updating:
    • H - High: Install immediately.
    • M - Medium: Install within your usual update interval.
    • L - Low: Install only if advised by the support team.
Version Date Component Description
7.9.1 [L] 2024-02-01 NWRFC Fixed a bug where WebSocket RFC properties would not be cloned when calling R3Connection.Clone
7.9.0 [M] 2023-12-18 General Removed obsolete APIs as announced in 7.6.0
7.8.1 [L] 2023-12-11 General Fixed a bug that may cause missing fields in RFCFunction parameters if they contain table types with one unique key component.
7.8.0 [M] 2023-12-07 NWRFC Changed the default R3Connection Protocol to NWRFC as announced in 7.6.0. Added support for RFC over WebSocket.
7.7.3 [L] 2023-11-15 NWRFC Added TraceLevel property to R3Connection
7.7.2 [L] 2023-10-25 NWRFC Fixed a parallelization issue caused by limitations in the callback handling when using NWRFC.
7.7.1 [L] 2023-07-12 General Replaced AbapSignedNumericCharacter.ToLong() with AbapSignedNumericCharacter.ToDecimal()
7.7.0 [L] 2023-06-04 General Added AbapSignedNumericCharacter
7.6.1 [L] 2023-04-05 RFC Client R3Connection.GetSSOTicket() now supports SNC SSO with NWRFC
7.6.0 [M] 2023-03-31 RFC Client Various breaking changes to R3Connection API(Release note)
7.5.8 [M] 2023-03-22 RFCServer Classic RFC: Fixed a bug that caused import parameters in server and callback functions to be filled with garbage values when the application server did not supply them in the call
7.5.7 [M] 2023-03-21 RFCServer Classic RFC: Fixed a bug that caused an AccessViolationException when adding rows to a table that is defined in the server function, but not actually part of the call initiated by the SAP application server
7.5.6 [L] 2023-03-15 General Replaced the local byte serialization/deserialization on Ewkb with the ByteSerialization from Theobald.Common (introduced on 2.22.0)
7.5.5 [L] 2023-02-18 SNC Added SNCSettings.RunImpersonated
7.5.4 [L] 2023-02-18 General Added Global.SetCpicConnectTimeout()
7.5.3 [L] 2023-02-10 General Added doc strings to interface IR3Connection. Cleanup, corrections, and some see and seealso references added to comments on both IR3Connection and R3Connection
7.5.2 [L] 2023-01-21 SNC Detect ineffective attempts to change SNC library after it has already been loaded
7.5.1 [L] 2023-01-18 General BWCube: fix for invalid MDX when selecting a hierarchy and a property on the same dimension
7.5.0 [L] 2023-01-17 SNC Added support for External ID
7.4.0 [L] 2023-01-11 LINQtoERP Removed LINQtoERP VS2012
7.3.0 [L] 2022-12-23 General Added classes to convert geometry EWKB to WKB and WKT
7.2.1 [L] 2022-11-11 General AbapDate.ToString() now returns ABAP string representations of dates.
7.2.0 [L] 2022-11-11 General Added AbapDate, removed ConversionUtils, renamed UtcLong to AbapTimestamp
7.1.2 [L] 2022-11-05 General Added UtcLong.Parse()
7.1.1 [M] 2022-10-06 General Packed numbers that exceed the range of System.Decimal throw an exception instead of being cut off silently
7.1.0 [L] 2022-08-30 RFC Client Introduced Execute(RFCFunction) method to IR3Connection interface to improve testability of R3Connection dependent code
7.0.0 [M] 2022-06-15 General Removed ERPConnect45.dll - please use ERPConnectStandard20.dll or ERPConnect35.dll instead
6.14.19 [L] 2022-05-17 Idoc Fixed a bug where saving an Idoc schema incorrectly changed field names(Release note)
6.14.18 [L] 2022-05-10 RFC Client Fixed a bug where tables with built-in types were not created correctly using R3Connection.CreateFunction
6.14.17 [L] 2022-03-25 General Introduced Interface IR3Connection to make consumers of R3Connection testable.
6.14.16 [L] 2021-12-28 General Fix for tracing null values
6.14.15 [L] 2021-12-03 General Derived classes of ERPException are Serializable now
6.14.14 [L] 2021-09-22 Idoc Fix for loading schema documentation
6.14.13 [M] 2021-09-21 RFCServer Fixed an issue where an RFCServer would not update its code page when using NWRFC
6.14.12 [M] 2021-08-26 General Fix for tables in tables
6.14.11 [L] 2021-08-02 Idoc Added TemplateSegments property to access IDoc schema information
6.14.10 [M] 2021-06-15 Idoc Fix for LoadPlainData(): RCVLAD and following fields
6.14.9 [M] 2021-06-15 RFCServer Fix for receiving empty tables via NWRFC (previous non-empty result was returned)
6.14.8 [L] 2021-04-13 RFC Client Classic: Fix for reading structures in response with less members than defined in local function object
6.14.7 [L] 2021-01-20 RFCServer Improvements for NWRFC multithreading
6.14.6 [L] 2021-01-04 LINQtoERP BWCube: Fix for SingleRange.Option
6.14.5 [L] 2020-12-17 General Workaround for Tables containing empty lines, when using NWRFC libraries with big endian systems
6.14.4 [M] 2020-12-16 RFCFunction.Tables Fixed a bug where setting IsSupplied to false for at least one table in a function module with multiple tables caused errors when using classic RFC
6.14.3 [L] 2020-11-06 General Added RFCTable.NewRows()
6.14.2 [L] 2020-10-24 RFC Client Fix for parsing escaped backslash in connection string
6.14.1 [L] 2020-10-08 General Added RFCTable.IsSupplied and RFCStructure.SetValueInternal()
6.14.0 [L] 2020-08-19 General Added support for Linux and macOS (ERPConnectStandard20.dll with NWRFC only)
6.13.1 [L] 2020-08-11 General Only update R3Connection.SID after connection has been established, if no SID was set
6.13.0 [L] 2020-07-23 General Various small API changes (see release notes for details)(Release note)
6.12.0 [M] 2020-07-15 General Added support for new ABAP type utclong
6.11.0 [L] 2020-07-09 LINQtoERP Removed LINQ to ERP support for Visual Studio 2010
6.10.1 [L] 2020-06-23 NWRFC Fix for nested structures in export parameters when using NWRFC
6.10.0 [M] 2020-06-17 General IsSupplied Property is now also persisted when serializing RFCParameter.(Release note)
6.9.0 [L] 2020-05-26 Setup New setup
6.8.9 [M] 2020-01-16 RFCServer Fix for parallel RFC servers using NWRFC
6.8.8 [M] 2020-01-14 RFCServer Fix for “Cannot execute NwFunction more than once” (NWRFC)
6.8.7 [M] 2019-12-06 RFC Client Classic RFC: Fixed memory leak in tRFC (e. g. Idoc.Send())
6.8.6 [M] 2019-12-06 RFC Client NWRFC: Fixed memory leak in tRFC / qRFC (e. g. Idoc.Send())
6.8.5 [L] 2019-12-05 General Adjustments for demo licenses.
6.8.4 [L] 2019-11-13 Idoc Fix for loading iDoc Schema after loading plain data
6.8.3 [L] 2019-11-13 Setup Improvements for the uninstalling script
6.8.2 [L] 2019-11-06 Setup Improvements for the uninstalling script
6.8.1 [L] 2019-09-19 General Added RFCTYPE.DECF16 and RFCTYPE.DECF34
6.8.0 [M] 2019-08-16 LINQtoERP Added support for Visual Studio 2019
6.7.3 [M] 2019-08-14 RFC Client ReadTable: Fix for determining lengths of columns
6.7.2 [L] 2019-08-13 RFC Client ReadTable: Workaround for SAP 4.6C bug with WHERE clauses containing IN condition
6.7.1 [L] 2019-08-08 RFC Client Fixes for connecting as external program to gateway (classic RFC)
6.7.0 [M] 2019-08-07 General Added support for INT8
6.6.1 [M] 2019-07-12 NWRFC Fixed a memory leak that affected RFC functions that contain deep structures or tables
6.6.0 [L] 2019-07-12 General TransactionRecorder: Added support for NWRFC & SNC
6.5.10 [M] 2019-07-08 RFCServer NWRFC: Fixes for character encoding on Big Endian systems (broken since 6.5.0)
6.5.9 [L] 2019-05-08 General Using MSBuild 16.0
6.5.8 [M] 2019-05-06 RFC Client Connection strings: Fix for backslashes inside quotes (broken since 6.5.2)
6.5.7 [M] 2019-03-22 NWRFC Fixed a bug where an exception that occurred while calling a client function could be replaced by a NullReferenceException
6.5.6 [M] 2019-03-06 NWRFC Fix for receiving nested tables
6.5.5 [M] 2019-02-26 RFC Client NWRFC: Fixed alignment issue related to includes
6.5.4 [L] 2019-02-25 NWRFC Fix for sequential execution of functions with same callback names but different metadata
6.5.3 [M] 2019-02-22 RFC Client Fix for R3Connection IDisposable implementation
6.5.2 [L] 2019-02-13 RFC Client Fix for quotes in passwords
6.5.1 [L] 2019-01-25 RFC Client NWRFC: Fix for connection strings on localized systems
6.5.0 [M] 2019-01-15 RFC Client NWRFC: Added support for RFC callbacks
6.4.10 [L] 2019-01-08 RFC Client ReadTable: Fix for Big Endian + NWRFC
6.4.9 [M] 2019-01-07 RFC Client NWRFC: Fix for table / deep structure imports (bug introduced in 6.4.5)
6.4.8 [L] 2018-12-18 RFC Client Changed the behavior of the new ReadTable implementation to be more consistent with the old implementation in terms of RowState of the resulting DataTable
6.4.7 [L] 2018-12-11 RFC Client R3Connection.ParseConnectionString() parses SNC_MYNAME now
6.4.6 [L] 2018-12-11 RFC Client R3Connection.Clone() copies SNCSettings.OwnName now
6.4.5 [M] 2018-11-28 RFCServer NWRFC: Fix for table / deep structure exports
6.4.4 [M] 2018-11-28 RFCServer Fixes for unknown server functions (bug introduced in 6.3.0)
6.4.3 [L] 2018-11-28 General Changed default length from 0 to 1 for RFCParameters
6.4.2 [L] 2018-11-26 RFCServer Removed RFCServer.Ping() (was marked for “internal use only”, had various issues)
6.4.1 [L] 2018-11-14 Setup Changed default install directory to “Program Files\ERPConnect” on x64 systems
6.4.0 [L] 2018-11-14 LINQtoERP Removed support for VS2008
6.3.0 [M] 2018-11-04 General Some collections are implementing generic IList now instead of non-generic interfaces([Release note](
6.2.3 [M] 2018-10-29 RFC Client Another fix for R3Connection.CreateFunction() on some non-Unicode systems (TABLE_NOT_ACTIVE, bug introduced in 6.2.1).
6.2.2 [M] 2018-10-16 RFC Client Fix for R3Connection.CreateFunction() on some non-Unicode systems (TABLE_NOT_ACTIVE, bug introduced in 6.2.1).
6.2.1 [L] 2018-10-09 Idoc Fix for sending Idocs via qRFC
6.2.0 [M] 2018-10-01 RFC Client Added support for RFC_READ_TABLE2 function modules in ReadTable
6.1.5 [L] 2018-09-19 RFC Client Added R3Connection.ReadTableFunctionName
6.1.4 [L] 2018-08-31 RFCServer Fix for RFCServer when using NetWeaver 7.50
6.1.3 [M] 2018-08-27 General Improved error message for missing/corrupt librfc32.dll
6.1.2 [L] 2018-08-15 General Fix for WHERE clause on some SAP releases that don’t support splitting of string literals (e. g. 740 SP 4)
6.1.1 [M] 2018-07-31 LINQtoERP Fix for Idoc code generator (broken since 5.7.0)
6.1.0 [M] 2018-07-24 General New implementation of ReadTable class & support for non-Unicode multibyte codepages(Release note)
6.0.2 [L] 2018-06-28 General Updated EULA
6.0.1 [L] 2018-06-19 General NWRFC: Fix for non-structure line types in imports/exports/changings (e. g. STRINGTAB)
6.0.0 [M] 2018-05-18 General Added support for .NET Standard 2.0 (ERPConnectStandard20.dll) and RFC callbacks, fixed SQL Server support
5.7.6 [L] 2018-04-23 General Improvements for trimming and error message
5.7.5 [L] 2018-04-17 General Updated EULA
5.7.4 [L] 2018-04-17 General Improvements for error handling (classic RFC)
5.7.3 [L] 2018-04-03 General Adjustments for FIPS compliance
5.7.2 [M] 2018-03-29 RFC Client Fixed text encoding of TIDs (NWRFC)
5.7.1 [L] 2018-03-23 RFC Client Added support for setting SNCSettings.OwnName on client connections
5.7.0 [L] 2018-03-13 RFC Client Added support for qRFC (NetWeaver libraries only)
5.6.5 [L] 2018-02-05 NWRFC Updated error message for missing NW libraries (NWSDK 7.50)
5.6.4 [L] 2018-01-30 LINQtoERP Fixed a bug where INT1 was being cast to Int32 instead of Byte in generated code
5.6.3 [L] 2018-01-24 RFCServer Made the behaviour for when a non-registered function on RFCServer is called consistent across RFC and NW. Improved the corresponding error message for RFC.
5.6.2 [L] 2018-01-24 RFC Client Fix for logon properties check
5.6.1 [L] 2017-12-18 RFC Client Fix for X509 certificate logon option (SNC is required to be disabled now instead of enabled)
5.6.0 [L] 2017-12-01 RFCServer Improved error handling for tRFC. Changed TRFCCommit signature.
5.5.6 [L] 2017-11-09 RFC Client NWRFC: Fix for ambigous import/export parameters
5.5.5 [L] 2017-11-09 General Classic RFC: Improved error messages
5.5.4 [M] 2017-10-18 RFC Client RFCTable.Rows is cleared after call now, if function in SAP clears the table
5.5.3 [M] 2017-10-11 LINQtoERP Function: Fix for empty tables - pass (bug introduced in 5.4.9)
5.5.2 [M] 2017-10-09 LINQtoERP Function: Fix for empty tables - return (bug introduced in 5.4.9)
5.5.1 [M] 2017-10-05 RFCServer Classic: Fix for unsupplied XML parameters
5.5.0 [M] 2017-09-27 LINQtoERP Function: Inconsistent metadata of existing structures can be updated now (VS2015, VS2017)
5.4.9 [M] 2017-09-25 LINQtoERP Function: Fixes for metadata mismatch in structures/tables
5.4.8 [L] 2017-09-20 RFC Client Added R3Connection.CpicConversationId
5.4.7 [M] 2017-09-12 General Big Endian: Fix for overflow exceptions when receiving negative values
5.4.6 [L] 2017-08-29 RFC Client NWRFC: Added R3Connection.InitialEncoding for special characters in passwords
5.4.5 [L] 2017-08-16 RFCServer Fixes & improvements for logging
5.4.4 [L] 2017-08-14 RFCServer Classic RFC: Fix for spaces in SNC library path
5.4.3 [L] 2017-08-10 RFC Client Added R3Connection.ToConnectionString() and R3Connection.AppendToConnectionString()
5.4.2 [L] 2017-08-08 RFC Client Marked ReadTable.AddCriteria() as obsolete
5.4.1 [L] 2017-08-03 RFC Client Added R3Connection.ParseConnectionString()
5.4.0 [M] 2017-08-03 General Added support for variable default values (e. g. SY-SAPRL). Added property RFCParameter.IsSupplied
5.3.5 [L] 2017-07-24 LINQtoERP Fix for BWCube column positions
5.3.4 [M] 2017-07-12 RFC Client Classic RFC: Fix for table memory leak (bug introduced in
5.3.3 [M] 2017-07-10 General Reduced peak memory consumption while receiving tables
5.3.2 [M] 2017-07-05 General Fix for missing table data (bug introduced in 5.3.1)
5.3.1 [M] 2017-07-04 General Classic RFC: Fixed memory leak (receiving STRING/XSTRING/XMLDATA)
5.3.0 [M] 2017-06-16 RFCServer Added Started/Stopped events
5.2.3 [M] 2017-05-25 General Fix for sending certain Unicode characters to big endian systems
5.2.2 [M] 2017-05-17 General Fixes for BWCube.RefreshMetaData()
5.2.1 [M] 2017-04-27 General Classic RFC: Fixed memory leak
5.2.0 [L] 2017-04-26 RFCServer Classic: Removed queueing of tRFC requests/dynamic server registration
5.1.1 [M] 2017-03-31 General Fixes & improvements for SaveToXML() and LoadFromXML()
5.1.0 [M] 2017-03-31 LINQtoERP Added LINQ to SAP support to Visual Studio 2017
5.0.13 [L] 2017-03-28 RFCServer Classic RFC: Minor improvements for registering new servers
5.0.12 [M] 2017-03-23 RFCServer Improved exception handling
5.0.11 [L] 2017-03-20 General Classic RFC: Fix for missing ABAP exception names with old RFC libraries
5.0.10 [L] 2017-03-16 RFCServer RFCServerFunction.SaveToXML(): replacing invalid control characters with space instead of dropping them to preserve lengths & offsets
5.0.9 [L] 2017-03-14 RFC Client Classic RFC: Improved error message for failures while waiting for function results
5.0.8 [M] 2017-03-13 RFCServer Classic RFC: Fix for TimeoutException when invalid connection parameters are used
5.0.7 [L] 2017-03-09 General ERPConnect35.dll and ERPConnnect45.dll are built by MSBuild 15.0 now
5.0.6 [M] 2017-03-02 General Fix for sending nested structures
5.0.5 [M] 2017-02-28 RFC Client Classic RFC: Fix for changing parameters (string, xstring, table types, deep structures)
5.0.4 [M] 2017-02-28 LINQtoERP Fixes for removal of SOAP support
5.0.3 [L] 2017-02-22 LINQtoERP Removed references to old ERPConnect versions.
5.0.2 [L] 2017-02-22 Query INT2 and INT1 values are converted to int instead of short/byte to match QueryFields before Execute()
5.0.1 [L] 2017-02-10 LINQtoERP Set max rows of Query to 200.000
5.0.0 [M] 2017-01-27 General Removed ERPConnect20.dll & ERPConnect40.dll, updated ERPConnect45.dll to .NET Framework 4.5.2, removed support for SOAP(Release note)
4.43.7 [L] 2017-01-09 Setup Removed old example code
4.43.6 [M] 2017-01-09 General Improved error messages for nonexistent column names
4.43.5 [M] 2016-12-23 General NW: Fix for null-terminators in imports/exports/changings of ABAP type string
4.43.4 [M] 2016-12-22 General Introduced NoAuthorityException, improved error messages
4.43.3 [M] 2016-12-20 RFC Client Improved error message for missing table authorization
4.43.2 [L] 2016-12-19 General Improved exception handling in BWCube for BW dates
4.43.1 [L] 2016-12-14 General Added new ERPException - NotAuthorizedException Optimized BWCube exception handling for dates
4.43.0 [M] 2016-11-25 RFCServer tRFC: Added support for queuing parallel connections
4.42.5 [M] 2016-11-23 General Fixed default value of R3Connection.MultithreadingEnvironment (was false)
4.42.4 [M] 2016-11-07 General Fix for receiving strings with more than 255 characters inside of deep structures/table types (NW)
4.42.3 [M] 2016-10-31 General Fix for transferring empty NUMC/DATS/TIMS parameters to non-Unicode systems
4.42.2 [L] 2016-10-21 LINQtoERP Fixed bug in changing parameter handling in VS2013+
4.42.1 [M] 2016-10-17 RFCServer Fix for more than one call per LUW (classic, tRFC)
4.42.0 [L] 2016-10-15 RFCServer Fixes and improvements for parallel RFC servers (classic)
4.41.3 [L] 2016-10-10 RFCServer Added property RFCServer.SAPEncodingInfo
4.41.2 [L] 2016-10-06 General Setting R3Connection.Host/R3Connection.SystemNumber for monitoring of load balancing scenarios
4.41.1 [L] 2016-09-28 RFCServer Improved error handling for IDocs
4.41.0 [L] 2016-09-28 General BWCube: Added fallback mechanism for undefined decimals
4.40.9 [L] 2016-09-28 RFCServer Workaorund for invalid codepage announcement on Unicode RFC destination
4.40.7 [H] 2016-09-09 RFC Client Classic: Errors during execution are no longer ignored (bug introduced in
4.40.6 [L] 2016-09-05 LINQtoERP Updated LINQtoSAP to support .NET4.5+
4.40.5 [L] 2016-08-29 RFC Client Fix for big endian non-Unicode systems
4.40.4 [L] 2016-08-25 SNC Fix for incomplete logon data in some rare cases
4.40.3 [M] 2016-08-18 General Fix for structures in table columns (NW)
4.40.2 [M] 2016-08-17 General Fix for structures in structure elements
4.40.1 [L] 2016-08-01 General Fix for tables larger than 2 GB (64-bit only)
4.40.0 [M] 2016-08-01 General Performance improvements for tables processing
4.39.4 [M] 2016-07-13 RFCServer Classic: Fix for codepage/endianess
4.39.3 [L] 2016-07-08 RFC Client Classic: Workaround for opening/closing SNC connections multiple times in a row (missing language etc.)
4.39.2 [L] 2016-07-07 RFC Client BWCube: Fixes for metadata retrieval/update
4.39.1 [L] 2016-07-06 General Fix for very big tables
4.39.0 [M] 2016-07-05 RFC Client Added R3Connection.IsOpen
4.38.3 [L] 2016-06-15 General Improved exceptions for logon/communication
4.38.2 [M] 2016-06-14 RFC Client NW: Fix for table structures with padding at the end
4.38.1 [L] 2016-06-13 RFC Client R3Connection.UserName is set to the actual name of the logged on user
4.38.0 [L] 2016-06-08 RFCServer Added support for SNC (NW)
4.37.0 [L] 2016-06-08 RFCServer Added support for automatic detection of SNC own name (classic)
4.36.1 [L] 2016-06-06 General Fix for Unicode big endian systems
4.36.0 [M] 2016-06-03 LINQtoERP Linq to SAP designer supports Netweaver libary now.
4.35.15 [M] 2016-06-01 Idoc Idocs with column names like metadata columns now supported.
4.35.14 [L] 2016-05-31 RFC Client NW: Workaround for import/export parameters with same name
4.35.13 [L] 2016-05-27 General NW: Improved error message for SetABAPDebug()
4.35.12 [M] 2016-05-27 General NW: Improvements for dev_rfc.trc handling
4.35.11 [M] 2016-05-19 General classic: Fix for XSTRINGs
4.35.10 [L] 2016-05-17 General NW: improvements for logging and release of native resources
4.35.9 [L] 2016-05-10 General XML dumps are only created if R3Connection.Logging = true
4.35.8 [M] 2016-05-10 RFC Client NW: Fix for non-Unicode systems
4.35.7 [M] 2016-05-09 RFCServer NW: Fix for RFCServer restarts
4.35.6 [M] 2016-05-07 RFC Client NW: Fix for codepage detection
4.35.5 [M] 2016-05-05 RFC Client Calling R3Connection.Ping() after ABAP exception: workaround for connection breakdown (NW library bug)
4.35.4 [L] 2016-05-04 RFC Client SOAP: Added support for X509 client certificates
4.35.3 [L] 2016-05-03 RFCServer NW: Added error message for unsupported non-Unicode destinations
4.35.2 [L] 2016-05-02 General NW: Added CPIC tracing
4.35.1 [L] 2016-05-02 General NW: improved handling of ABAP messages/exceptions
4.35.0 [L] 2016-04-27 RFC Client Query: added support for INT2 and INT1
4.34.6 [M] 2016-04-25 General Fixes for tables in Import/Export/Changing parameters, structures with STRING/XSTRING etc.
4.34.5 [M] 2016-04-21 General Fix for sending NUMC, DATS, TIMS to non-Unicode systems
4.34.4 [L] 2016-04-20 RFCServer Re-added support for iDocs (NW)
4.34.3 [L] 2016-04-20 General Fix for deadlock by incoming RFC server calls during tRFC client call (NW)
4.34.2 [L] 2016-04-20 RFC Client Fix for manually generated TIDs (NW)
4.34.1 [M] 2016-04-19 General Fix for tables in import/export/changing parameters, STRING/XSTRING components in structures, deep structures etc. (NW)
4.34.0 [M] 2016-04-18 General Re-added support for tables in import/export/changing parameters, STRING/XSTRING components in structures, deep structures etc. (NW)
4.33.3 [L] 2016-04-08 RFC Client Fix for X characters in measures of BW queries
4.33.2 [L] 2016-04-07 General Fix for dev_rfc.trc files (NW)
4.33.1 [L] 2016-04-07 RFCServer Fix for error handling / ABAP exceptions (NW)
4.33.0 [L] 2016-04-07 RFCServer Added support for multiple parallel RFC servers in same process (NW)
4.32.0 [L] 2016-03-24 RFCServer Re-added support for non-Unicode RFC server (NW)
4.31.4 [L] 2016-03-23 RFCServer Fix for garbage collection of static delegates (NW)
4.31.3 [L] 2016-03-23 RFCServer Fix for empty imports/exports/tables (NW)
4.31.2 [L] 2016-03-23 RFCServer Fix for imports (NW)
4.31.1 [L] 2016-03-23 RFCServer Fix for logging (NW)
4.31.0 [L] 2016-03-21 General Client fully supports multi-threading with both Classic and NetWeaver libraries
4.30.0 [L] 2016-03-18 General New implementation of RFC library interfaces. ERPConnectNWxy.dll is no longer needed.
4.29.0 [M] 2016-01-07 NWRFC NWException now derives from ERPException. Added INWException interface
4.28.5 [L] 2015-10-12 General In case of 0 records the IncomingPackage event was fired twice accidently when using the ReadTable class
4.28.4 [M] 2015-09-29 General Fix for XSTRING import parameters (NWRFC)
4.28.3 [L] 2015-09-28 LINQtoERP Added UnicodeAdjustment flag to VS2015 ERP context file to support different unicode SAP systems (UC/NonUC) with one auto-generated context class.
4.28.2 [L] 2015-09-28 LINQtoERP Added UnicodeAdjustment flag to VS2013 ERP context file to support different unicode SAP systems (UC/NonUC) with one auto-generated context class.
4.28.1 [L] 2015-09-28 LINQtoERP Added UnicodeAdjustment flag to VS2012 ERP context file to support different unicode SAP systems (UC/NonUC) with one auto-generated context class.
4.28.0 [M] 2015-09-22 General Added support for XSTRING import parameters (NWRFC)
4.27.10 [L] 2015-09-16 LINQtoERP Updated BWCube code generation to support row indexes instead of names (VS2015).
4.27.9 [L] 2015-09-16 LINQtoERP Updated BWCube code generation to support row indexes instead of names (VS2013).
4.27.8 [L] 2015-08-30 LINQtoERP Updated LINQtoERP 2015 support.
4.27.7 [M] 2015-08-19 General dev_rfc.trc files which contain only messages about changing the global trace directory are not generated any more (NW RFC)
4.27.6 [L] 2015-08-08 LINQtoERP Added CommitWork and RollbackWork methods to ERPDataContext for LINQtoERP.
4.27.5 [L] 2015-08-04 LINQtoERP Added LINQtoERP support to Visual Studio 2015.
4.27.4 [L] 2015-08-04 RFCServer Fixed tracing (NWRFC)
4.27.3 [L] 2015-07-28 General Updated support client to 10.0.43879.0 and added shortcut
4.27.2 [L] 2015-07-21 RFC Client Fix for cookies (SOAP)
4.27.1 [L] 2015-07-21 General Fix for sending integers & floats to big endian systems
4.27.0 [L] 2015-07-14 RFCServer Added support for non-Unicode destinations on big endian systems
4.26.3 [L] 2015-07-02 General Added flag for BW DATS datatypes
4.26.2 [L] 2015-05-15 LINQtoERP Updated property naming in LINQ code generation to suppress names starting with underscore
4.26.1 [L] 2015-05-15 Idoc Bug fix for escaping // characters in SavePlainData function
4.26.0 [L] 2015-05-06 RFC Client Removed R3Connection.IsBusy (has been marked as obsolete since 27.03.2014)
4.25.0 [L] 2015-05-06 RFC Client Marked ClientProtocol.HttpSoap as obsolete
4.24.6 [L] 2015-04-30 General Correction for using BWCube.RefreshMetaData() with queries that contain structures
4.24.5 [M] 2015-04-27 RFCServer Fix for invalid unicode characters with dispatcher service
4.24.4 [L] 2015-04-17 General Fix for sending integers & floats in tables to big endian systems
4.24.3 [L] 2015-04-13 General Property ReadTable.RowSkips is not ignored anymore when using packaging
4.24.2 [L] 2015-03-23 General Improved release of unmanged resources (NW RFC)
4.24.1 [L] 2015-03-23 General Added some internal checks (NW RFC)
4.24.0 [L] 2015-03-19 General Concurrent calls from different AppDomains within the same process are no longer supported (classic RFC)
4.23.11 [L] 2015-03-17 General Another fix for multiple AppDomains in the same process (classic RFC)
4.23.10 [M] 2015-03-02 RFC Client Fix for receiving STRING values
4.23.9 [L] 2015-03-02 RFC Client R3Connection.GetSSOTicket() and R3Connection.OpenSSO() are now supported for use with NW RFC library
4.23.8 [L] 2015-03-02 RFC Client Improved exception message in case of invalid property values
4.23.7 [L] 2015-03-02 RFC Client Fix for R3Connection constructor (SOAP)
4.23.6 [L] 2015-02-26 General Improved handling for structures in BW Queries
4.23.5 [L] 2015-02-18 General Fix for multiple AppDomains in the same process (classic RFC)
4.23.4 [L] 2015-02-17 LINQtoERP Add logic to support OData query options $top, $skip and $count.
4.23.3 [L] 2015-01-26 RFC Client Correction for BW.MDXExecuter class. Dataset object was not disposed correctly in BW which lead to increased memory consumption in BW
4.23.2 [L] 2015-01-22 General Added UAC manifest to installer
4.23.1 [L] 2015-01-16 RFCServer Bug fix for persisting RFCServerFunction objects with INT2 data types
4.23.0 [L] 2014-12-10 RFC Client Added support for X.509 client certificates (classic RFC, NW RFC)
4.22.17 [L] 2014-12-09 RFC Client Fix for integer/float export parameters and big endian systems (classic RFC)
4.22.16 [L] 2014-12-01 General Fix for STRING/XSTRING in export parameters (classic RFC, broken since 4.22.9)
4.22.15 [L] 2014-11-25 RFCServer Fix for codepages (classic RFC, partially broken since 4.22.9)
4.22.14 [L] 2014-11-11 LINQtoERP Added Web API OData support for simple string comparison filter functions in LINQ provider.
4.22.13 [L] 2014-11-11 LINQtoERP Added support for String.Compare method in LINQ provider.
4.22.12 [L] 2014-11-11 General Fix for loading INT2 values from XML (broken since 4.22.10)
4.22.11 [M] 2014-11-04 RFCServer New lines of tables were appended in reverse order (classic RFC)
4.22.10 [L] 2014-10-28 General Changed type mapping for INT2 from int to short
4.22.9 [L] 2014-10-20 General All data conversion is performed by ERPConnect now (classic RFC)
4.22.7 [L] 2014-10-13 General Correction for line feed symbols in OLAP cells
4.22.6 [L] 2014-10-09 Idoc Correction for escaping special characters when saving/loading IDoc data from plain files
4.22.5 [L] 2014-09-25 RFC Client Connection is closed properly when receiving an SSO ticket
4.22.4 [L] 2014-09-23 General Lowered probability of name collisions for XML trace files
4.22.3 [L] 2014-09-16 General Fix for assigning localized strings (e. g. “23,5”) to numeric parameters / structure elements (was broken since 4.19.3)
4.22.2 [M] 2014-09-16 RFC Client Improved error message for conversion errors before sending values to SAP
4.22.1 [L] 2014-09-16 General Fix for range check of BCD values
4.22.0 [M] 2014-09-07 RFC Client New algorithm for creating TIDs
4.21.1 [L] 2014-09-07 RFC Client Fix for manually created string TIDs with less than 24 characters
4.21.0 [M] 2014-08-26 RFC Client R3Connection.CreateFunction() now supports ABAP types decfloat16 and decfloat34 (transferred as byte arrays)
4.20.4 [L] 2014-08-11 Idoc Bug fix for using < or > sign in IDoc segment description texts while saving the Schema to an XML file
4.20.3 [L] 2014-07-23 General Bug fix for using MEMBER_CAPTION keyword in MDX with MDXExecuter class
4.20.2 [L] 2014-07-18 General Bug fix when executing MDX and using two properties of different dimensions with the same name
4.20.1 [L] 2014-07-15 RFC Client Fix for deserialization of empty XSTRINGs (RFCFunction.LoadFromXML(), R3Connection.CacheMetadata)
4.20.0 [L] 2014-07-15 RFC Client If SNC is enabled and a password is provided, logon via SNC without SSO is performed (NWRFC only)
4.19.3 [L] 2014-07-09 General Obsolete method ERPException.GetObjectData() withdrawn
4.19.2 [L] 2014-07-08 RFC Client SOAP requests are compressed with gzip if they exceed 8192 bytes, Accept-Encoding: gzip is sent
4.19.1 [L] 2014-07-08 RFC Client SOAP request/response logs are written to R3Connection.LogDir now instead of working directory
4.19.0 [L] 2014-06-30 RFC Client Added XML tracing for SOAP connections
4.18.4 [L] 2014-06-25 General Bug fix for using MDXExecuter class with packaging but without MEMBER_CAPTION addition in MDX
4.18.3 [L] 2014-06-24 General Invalid control characters (XML 1.0) are dropped when building XML for SOAP and RfcServerFunction.SaveToXML()
4.18.1 [L] 2014-06-20 LINQtoERP Added support for IDoc Send methods with TID parameter in LINQtoSAP; updated escaping logic for IDoc descriptions
4.18.0 [L] 2014-06-03 RFC Client Added support for table types in RFCFunction.Imports (SOAP)
4.17.21 [L] 2014-05-20 General NWErrorInfo is now marked with SerializableAttribute
4.17.20 [L] 2014-05-19 General Correction for query API in case of multiple, internal lists
4.17.19 [L] 2014-05-13 General New implementation for passing RFCTYPE.BYTE values as hexadecimal strings
4.17.18 [M] 2014-05-08 General Fix for non-unicode systems (NW RFC)
4.17.17 [M] 2014-05-06 RFC Client Fix for system numbers 1 to 9 (NW RFC)
4.17.16 [L] 2014-04-24 General Added constructor RFCTable(string name, RFCTableColumnCollection columns)
4.17.15 [L] 2014-04-17 RFC Client Fix for sending Table parameters to big endian systems
4.17.14 [L] 2014-04-17 General Strong name signature for ERPConnectNW40_x86.dll was missing
4.17.13 [L] 2014-04-15 General All data conversion/parsing of Table parameters is now performed by ERPConnect instead of the classic RFC SDK.
4.17.12 [L] 2014-04-10 General Updated logic to set MaxLength property for result data tables in XtractQL.
4.17.11 [L] 2014-04-08 RFC Client Reverted changes from 4.17.10
4.17.10 [L] 2014-04-03 RFC Client Fix for receiving INT in table parameters from big endian systems (classic RFC)
4.17.9 [L] 2014-04-03 General Disabled code signing for ERPConnect DLLs (signature check leads to high latency in some cases)
4.17.8 [L] 2014-03-27 RFC Client Temporarily re-added R3Connection.IsBusy (deprecated, will be removed again)
4.17.7 [L] 2014-03-25 RFC Client R3Connection.Close() does not throw exceptions anymore (SOAP)
4.17.6 [L] 2014-03-25 General ERPConnect DLLs are signed now
4.17.5 [L] 2014-03-24 General Added support for SAP Codepage 6300 (Eurojapan)
4.17.1 [H] 2014-01-16 General Fix for negative INT2 values (classic RFC)
4.17.0 [L] 2014-01-07 RFC Client Added support for connection strings (NW RFC)
4.16.0 [L] 2014-01-07 RFC Client Added XML logging (NW RFC)
4.15.2 [L] 2014-01-07 RFC Client Fix for missing BCD values (NW RFC)
4.15.1 [L] 2013-12-16 LINQtoERP Fixed bug with manifest file for LINQ to SAP.
4.15.0 [L] 2013-12-16 LINQtoERP LINQ to SAP now supports Visual Studio 2013.
4.14.2 [M] 2013-12-10 General Fix for include structures (calculated offsets were wrong in some cases)
4.14.1 [L] 2013-12-04 General Fix for XML unescaping (error introduced in 4.14.0)
4.14.0 [L] 2013-12-03 General New implementation for table types and structures which contain STRING/XSTRING members in Import/Export/Changing parameters (classic SDK)
4.13.11 [L] 2013-11-21 General RFCTable.ToString() returns raw XML even if errors occur
4.13.10 [L] 2013-11-18 General Control characters are now allowed in lines of table type import/export/changing parameters
4.13.9 [L] 2013-11-12 General Added SAP codepage 1610 (ISO 8859-9 Turkish)
4.13.8 [L] 2013-11-12 RFC Client Improved error message for unkown SAP codepage
4.13.7 [L] 2013-11-11 General LIC is sealed now
4.13.6 [L] 2013-11-11 General ReadTableField is sealed now
4.13.5 [L] 2013-11-11 General ReadTable is sealed now
4.13.4 [L] 2013-11-11 General RFCParameterCollection is sealed now
4.13.3 [L] 2013-11-11 General RFCStructureCollection is sealed now
4.13.2 [L] 2013-11-11 General RFCStructureCollection no longer implements ITypedList
4.13.1 [L] 2013-11-11 General RFCTable no longer implements ITypedList, IBindingList
4.13.0 [L] 2013-11-11 General RFCStructure no longer implements ICustomTypeDescriptor, IEditableObject
4.12.9 [L] 2013-10-31 Idoc Fix for using LoadIdocSchema() function with segment suffix of more than 3 characters (e.g. _001)
4.12.8 [L] 2013-10-24 RFC Client R3Connection.UseGui works with NW RFC SDK now
4.12.7 [L] 2013-10-18 General Correction for ReadTable class when using PrimaryKeyPackaging
4.12.6 [L] 2013-10-15 RFC Client R3Connection.UserName and R3Connection.Password are no longer ignored if SNC is used
4.12.5 [L] 2013-10-08 RFC Client Improved error message if SetAbapDebug() is called on invalid R3Connection objects
4.12.2 [L] 2013-09-17 General Fix for tracing
4.12.1 [L] 2013-09-10 RFC Client Fix for EBCDIC systems
4.12.0 [L] 2013-09-06 SNC Added SNC support RFC Server (classic RFC SDK)
4.11.6 [L] 2013-09-03 NWRFC Fix for ERPConnectNW35 and ERPConnectNW40 assembly version numbers
4.11.5 [L] 2013-07-12 General ERPConnectNW can be installed to GAC now
4.11.4 [L] 2013-07-10 General Exception message is more informative now if NetWeaver RFC libraries are used
4.11.3 [L] 2013-07-03 General Added 32-bit support for NW RFC API
4.11.2 [L] 2013-07-03 RFCServer Implemented RFCServer.Ping() over NW RFC API
4.11.1 [L] 2013-07-03 RFC Client Implemented R3Connection.Ping() over NW RFC API
4.11.0 [L] 2013-06-28 RFCServer Added support for tRFC over NW RFC API
4.10.15 [L] 2013-06-28 General Added RFCAPI.RequestWaitTime and RFCAPI.SynchronizationEnabled for classic RFC SDK performance tuning
4.10.14 [L] 2013-06-28 General Improved call times for classic RFC SDK
4.10.13 [L] 2013-06-28 General Property DecimalSeparator of MDXExecuter class is withdrawn. It’s not necessary anymore to set this value.
4.10.12 [L] 2013-06-21 RFC Client Added support for tRFC over NW RFC API
4.10.11 [L] 2013-06-21 General System.Byte, System.Int16 and System.Int64 can now also be used for integer parameters
4.10.10 [L] 2013-06-21 General IDisposable interface was removed from ReadTable class because it’s not necessary anymore
4.10.8 [L] 2013-06-20 General BCD values in tables are now initialized to 0 for new rows
4.10.7 [L] 2013-06-17 RFC Client Fix for default values for DATS parameters that have an invalid date (e.g. L_TO_CREATE_SINGLE)
4.10.6 [L] 2013-06-12 Idoc Added support for IDocs over NW RFC API
4.10.5 [L] 2013-06-12 General Added support for nested tables and structures for NW RFC API
4.10.4 [L] 2013-06-12 General Fix for MDX statements that result in non-unique column names
4.10.3 [L] 2013-06-09 RFC Client Added Contains() function to parameter collection to check, if a parameter is available after creating the RFCFunction object with CreateFunction()
4.10.2 [L] 2013-06-05 RFC Client Fix for receiving tables over NW RFC API
4.10.1 [L] 2013-06-05 RFC Client Added support for sending tables over NW RFC API
4.10.0 [L] 2013-06-04 RFCServer Added support for NW RFC API
4.9.2 [L] 2013-06-04 General Better Exception in case MDXExecuter or BWCube classes receive an error from SAP
4.9.1 [L] 2013-05-22 RFCServer Fix for IDocs
4.9.0 [L] 2013-05-21 RFCServer Added full support for parallel RFCServers in the same application domain
4.8.11 [L] 2013-05-15 NWRFC Added support for BCD, STRING and XSTRING
4.8.10 [L] 2013-05-14 RFCServer Authorization can now be checked via Authorizing event before accepting a function call
4.8.9 [L] 2013-05-13 RFCServer Added UnknownIncomingFunction event to RFCServer to enable adding items to RegisteredFunctions collection dynmically.
4.8.8 [L] 2013-05-08 General Fix and improvements for encodings and byte order
4.8.7 [L] 2013-05-01 RFCServer BCD in tables were not sent correctly in some cases since version 4.7.2
4.8.6 [L] 2013-04-30 RFCServer Some fixes for big endian systems
4.8.5 [L] 2013-04-29 General Default values of parameters of type BYTE were wrong since 4.7.0
4.8.4 [L] 2013-04-25 RFCServer Fix for InternalException event (was not fired in some cases since 4.7.1)
4.8.3 [L] 2013-04-25 General Fix for non-existent/inactive includes in structures/tables
4.8.2 [L] 2013-04-24 RFCServer Fix for RFCServer with big endian systems (Integers & Float)
4.8.1 [L] 2013-04-22 General Libraries for NetWeaver RFC SDK support are loaded dynamically only when needed
4.8.0 [L] 2013-04-22 General Changed NetWeaver RFC SDK support from one library to dedicated libraries for each .NET Framework version
4.7.3 [L] 2013-04-21 General R3Connection.Ping() was returning inverse value since 4.7.x
4.7.2 [L] 2013-04-12 General New implementation for BCD/Decimal conversion
4.7.1 [L] 2013-04-12 RFCServer New internal implementation of RFCServer
4.7.0 [L] 2013-04-12 General Added synchronization for classic RFC SDK API calls
4.6.9 [L] 2013-04-08 Idoc TEST flag was not transmitted correctly when sending IDocs
4.6.8 [L] 2013-04-04 General Bugfix in IDisposable implementation (ReadTable class).
4.6.7 [L] 2013-04-03 LINQtoERP Updated logic to display additional error information when SAP object structures are created within the LINQ designer.
4.6.6 [L] 2013-03-28 General Bug fix for R3Connection.Clone() function used together with SNC
4.6.5 [L] 2013-03-25 General Updated IDisposable interface logic in a couple of RFC classes to pass MSOCAF code analysis.
4.6.4 [L] 2013-03-25 RFCServer Improved multithreading behaviour when using RFCServer class
4.6.3 [L] 2013-03-19 RFCServer Improved logging for general errors in RFCServer class when logging is switched on (RFCServer.LogDir is set to valid path)
4.6.2 [L] 2013-03-14 General R3Connection.Close() did not work since 4.6.0 if NetWeaver DLLs were missing even with classic RFC or SOAP
4.6.1 [L] 2013-03-12 General New table lines are zero filled now to avoid random data if actual row contains less columns than defined in metadata
4.6.0 [L] 2013-02-28 General Added support for NetWeaver RFC SDK
4.5.33 [L] 2013-02-06 General Replaced ‘obsolete’ API calls for table handling with new ones
4.5.31 [L] 2013-01-22 General Added support for floating point components in Imports/Exports/Changings structures with big endian systems
4.5.30 [L] 2013-01-18 General Added HTML5 web demos to the samples VS2012 folder.
4.5.29 [L] 2013-01-17 General Fix for CreateFunction() for older SAP releases (bug accidentally introduced in 4.5.21)
4.5.28 [L] 2013-01-10 General Added structure alignment calculation for includes
4.5.26 [L] 2013-01-08 General Added support for integer components in export structures with big endian systems
4.5.25 [L] 2013-01-07 LINQtoERP Bugfix for LINQToERP when installing for Visual Studio 2010 in French language
4.5.24 [L] 2012-12-27 General New property MDXExecuter.MaxRows introduced to be used to limit the number of rows
4.5.22 [L] 2012-12-06 General Fix for integer table row members with big endian systems
4.5.21 [L] 2012-12-05 General Fix for integer import structure members with big endian systems
4.5.20 [L] 2012-12-05 General Bugfix for MDXExecuter class when packaging is turned on and no measure is selected in MDX
4.5.19 [L] 2012-12-05 General Bugfix for MDXExecuter class when using MEMBER_UNIQUE_NAME within MDX statement
4.5.18 [L] 2012-12-05 General Bugfix for certain MDX statements used with MDXExecuter class
4.5.17 [L] 2012-11-20 General Fix for R3Connection.Ping() and ERPDataContext.Dispose()
4.5.16 [L] 2012-10-31 General Correction for misleading error message when using BWCube class with packaging while an empty resultset is returned from SAP
4.5.15 [L] 2012-10-25 LINQtoERP Updated logic in code generation for SAP queries (MaxRows setting) of the LINQ designers.
4.5.14 [L] 2012-10-16 General Performance tweak for character-like values in tables/structures
4.5.11 [L] 2012-10-05 General Performance tweaks for tables/structures
4.5.10 [M] 2012-10-04 General Fix for memory leaks in R3Connection.ConfirmTID() and RFCFunction.Execute(tid)
4.5.9 [L] 2012-09-19 General Fix for parameters which use a projection view as data type
4.5.8 [L] 2012-09-15 Idoc Idoc.SendAndWait() returned the wrong value. This is fixed now. In case of succes true is returned.
4.5.7 [L] 2012-09-11 General Fix for ERPException.ABAPException with Changing parameters (was always null since 4.5.1.x)
4.5.6 [L] 2012-09-01 General Removed Support for UseWrapper function of RFCFunction object
4.5.5 [L] 2012-09-01 General Removed Support for AskUserAndOpen() function of R3Connection object
4.5.4 [L] 2012-09-01 General Added support for loading and saving RFCServerFunction objects from/to an XML string
4.5.3 [L] 2012-09-01 General Added support for unknown dimensions in BWCube (dimension type 0)
4.5.2 [L] 2012-09-01 General Added support for non-aggregation dimensions in BWCube (dimension type 4)
4.5.1 [L] 2012-09-01 General Improved support for changing parameters
4.5.0 [L] 2012-09-01 General First build for Release 4.5 with Support for .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012
4.2.19 [L] 2012-07-04 General License reactivation
4.2.18 [L] 2012-06-21 General All trace files can be configured via R3Connection.Logging and R3Connection.LogDir now
4.2.17 [L] 2012-05-18 RFCServer Fix for parallel RFC function call handling
4.2.16 [L] 2012-05-15 General Import params with a default value and data type DATS were not set correctly
4.2.15 [L] 2012-05-08 LINQtoERP Fixed bug in IDOC code generation (String data types und double quotes).
4.2.14 [L] 2012-05-06 LINQtoERP Fixed bug in IDOC code generation in UpdateChildSegmentList method (ChildSegments) and extended reserved names list for VB.NET.
4.2.13 [L] 2012-04-26 LINQtoERP Fixed bug in code generation for skipped properties.
4.2.12 [L] 2012-04-24 General Updated Function Template Generator to .NET 2.0
4.2.11 [L] 2012-04-24 RFCServer XML traces are now written to log directory if logging is enabled
4.2.10 [L] 2012-04-03 RFCServer Calls on multiple RFCServers were not processed in parallel since version
4.2.9 [L] 2012-03-13 Idoc Fix for missing segment values in some cases if schema and XML data were loaded
4.2.8 [L] 2012-03-07 Idoc Saving and loading plain text now supports segment values with new lines
4.2.7 [M] 2012-01-26 General Changed R3Connection.Ping() to avoid “Attempt to read or write protected memory” error which occurred at arbitrary times
4.2.6 [L] 2011-12-15 General BWCube works with queries without dimensions now….
4.2.5 [L] 2011-11-29 General Fix for crash at BWCube.CreateCube() function when using with certain SAP BW patch levels
4.2.4 [L] 2011-11-29 General Added property R3Connection.UsesLoadBalancing
4.2.3 [L] 2011-11-24 SNC Moved SNC properties to separate class, added QoP property
4.2.2 [L] 2011-11-21 RFCServer Fix for multiple RFCServers with multiple threads
4.2.1 [L] 2011-11-21 RFCFunction.Tables Workaround for missing data at the end of some very wide table lines (librfc32.dll bug)
4.2.0 [M] 2011-10-17 General Added support for new OLAP BAPIs in the classes BWCube and MDXExecuter (see property UseNewOlapBapis for details), see SAP note 1232751
4.1.59 [L] 2011-09-28 General Added properties for SNC authentication to R3Connection class
4.1.58 [L] 2011-08-22 General Extension for MDXExecuter class to include the measure’s units in the resultset
4.1.57 [L] 2011-08-19 General Idoc.SaveXMLData() saves values without trailing spaces
4.1.56 [L] 2011-08-17 General R3Connection closes connection to SAP when disposed/finalized
4.1.55 [L] 2011-08-12 General RFCServer.LogDir is also used for RFC traces now
4.1.54 [L] 2011-08-04 General Fix for RFCFunction.LoadFromXML() and characters with enconding value < 0x20
4.1.53 [L] 2011-08-03 General Added XML logging for tRFC calls
4.1.52 [L] 2011-08-03 General R3Connection.LogDir is also used for RFC traces now
4.1.51 [L] 2011-07-19 General Fix for missing Messages resource in ERPConnect40.dll
4.1.50 [L] 2011-07-19 General Workaround for librfc32 bug with SAP EBCDIC code page 0700
4.1.49 [L] 2011-07-19 General Fix for SAP EBCDIC code page 0700
4.1.48 [L] 2011-07-07 General Added support for pooled tables in function modules
4.1.47 [L] 2011-06-29 General Fix of small memory leak in R3Connection.Ping()
4.1.46 [L] 2011-06-29 General Added connection string for SOAP
4.1.45 [L] 2011-06-22 General Bugfix for BCD values in tables
4.1.44 [L] 2011-06-14 General Bugfix for BCD values in certain system environments
4.1.43 [L] 2011-05-02 General Licence reactivation
4.1.42 [L] 2011-03-22 General Fix for names starting with numbers in Table Types
4.1.41 [L] 2011-03-11 General Fix for Greek non-Unicode systems (SAP codepage 1700)
4.1.40 [L] 2011-03-02 General Idoc.LoadIdocSchema() and Idoc.SaveIdocSchema() now support names/types containing slashes
4.1.39 [L] 2011-03-01 General Fix for structures with SOAP connections
4.1.38 [L] 2011-02-24 General Added support of table types for changing parameters (limited data volume)
4.1.37 [L] 2011-02-23 General Added ITAB support to changing parameters of function modules in LINQ to SAP (only VS2010), but this is currently not supported by ERPConnect
4.1.36 [L] 2011-02-09 General Idoc.SaveXMLData() and Idoc.LoadXMLData() now support Message Types and Segment Names containing slashes
4.1.35 [L] 2011-02-06 General Fix: MessageType (MEYTYP) was set incorrectly when loading IDoc schemas
4.1.34 [L] 2011-02-01 General Added support for Japanese language in LINQToERP setup
4.1.33 [L] 2011-01-25 General Added new logic to differentiate the target .NET version while adding a new ERP file in LINQ to SAP (LINQToERPVS project with IWizard interface)
4.1.32 [L] 2011-01-11 General Fix for Reuse Classes logic for function modules (with nested structures) in LINQ to SAP
4.1.31 [L] 2011-01-04 General Fix for MDX queries with hierarchies to be executed with MDXExecuter class
4.1.30 [L] 2010-12-15 General Fix for RFCFunction XML loading with slashes in parameter names
4.1.29 [L] 2010-12-14 General Fix for LINQ to SAP in Korean Visual Studio
4.1.28 [L] 2010-12-07 General Added new Add(ItemStructure) method in Table object to support serialization (e.g. for WebServices) in LINQ to SAP (only VS2010)
4.1.27 [L] 2010-12-01 General Fix for non-ASCII characters in structures with STRING/XSTRING components/table types on non-Unicode systems
4.1.26 [L] 2010-11-23 General Added support for table types with key components
4.1.25 [L] 2010-11-18 General Improved XML logging of RFC_SYSTEM_INFO, fix for SAP_BASIS 72L
4.1.24 [L] 2010-11-17 General Fix for fetching metadata on systems with SAP_BASIS 72L
4.1.23 [L] 2010-11-16 General Fix for ReadTable extraction with more than 20 mio rows
4.1.22 [L] 2010-11-08 General Increased performance of ConversionUtils.SAPDate2NetDate() for invalid SAP date values
4.1.21 [L] 2010-10-11 General Fix for IdocSchemaGenerator for SAP user names that contain a blank
4.1.20 [L] 2010-10-08 General Fix for manually created nested parameters if offsets & structure lengths are not set manually
4.1.19 [L] 2010-10-05 General All assemblies are signed now
4.1.18 [L] 2010-10-05 General Changed modifiers of RFCTableColumn.IsNonStructureLineType and RFCTableColumnCollection.Align() to public for manual creating of some types of structures
4.1.17 [L] 2010-09-30 General Added nested structure and table support for LINQ to SAP (only VS2010)
4.1.16 [L] 2010-09-20 General Fix for CreateFunction() with SAP 4.7 systems
4.1.15 [L] 2010-09-20 General Corrected typo: R3Connection.SetAbabDebug() is now R3Connection.SetAbapDebug()
4.1.14 [L] 2010-09-20 General Added Property R3Connection.PartnerRelease
4.1.13 [L] 2010-09-19 General Fixed resizing bug in SQP Query dialog for LINQ to SAP (VS2008 and VS2010)
4.1.12 [L] 2010-09-15 General Improved error message for metadata parsing failures
4.1.11 [L] 2010-09-13 General Fix for CreateFunction() with ECC5.0 and older systems
4.1.10 [L] 2010-09-09 General Another fix for structures with includes
4.1.9 [L] 2010-09-02 General Fix for structures with includes
4.1.8 [L] 2010-09-02 General Fix for IntegerType intial value (RFCServer)
4.1.7 [L] 2010-09-02 General Fix for manually created structures with alignment gaps
4.1.6 [L] 2010-09-02 General Fixes for SaveToXml (control characters & Tables collection)
4.1.4 [L] 2010-08-26 General Fix for manually created tables
4.1.3 [L] 2010-08-25 General Bugfix for Thai characters in non-Unicode systems
4.1.2 [L] 2010-08-23 General Bugfix for certain Hebrew Characters in non-unicode SAP systems
4.1.1 [L] 2010-08-23 General Added RowSkip and RowCount display to LINQ logging (ERPTable)
4.1.0 [L] 2010-08-20 General Added API support for nested Structures and Tables, misc. fixes
4.0.12 [L] 2010-08-15 General New feature (CreateObjectsOutsideOfContextClass) for LINQtoERP (only VS2010)
4.0.11 [L] 2010-06-01 General Fix for RFC Wrapper with BDC columns within a table
4.0.10 [L] 2010-05-12 General Fix for XSTRING parameters in RFCServer
4.0.9 [L] 2010-05-12 General Option is available for LINQ classes to be partial
4.0.8 [L] 2010-05-08 General R3Connection.IsUnicode is writeable for PI systems
4.0.7 [L] 2010-05-07 General Fix for ITAB in STRUCTURE.
4.0.6 [L] 2010-05-06 General Fix for code generation with LINQ under VS 2010 and
4.0.5 [L] 2010-05-05 General Fix for BW queries with a name that starts with a slash
4.0.4 [L] 2010-04-30 General Fix for using WITH statement together with MDXExecuter class
4.0.3 [L] 2010-04-28 General Fix for strings with 0-characters in SAP PI
4.0.2 [L] 2010-04-22 General Second fix for integer types on Unix servers
4.0.1 [L] 2010-04-19 General Fix for OutOfMemory-exception with certain UNIX-based SAP ERP-kernels
4.0.0 [L] 2010-04-15 General Switching to .NET 4 and VS2010 and creating of ERPConnectVS2010 folder
3.0.153 [L] 2010-04-15 General Fix for an Integer Bug under Unix SAP system with certain patch levels
3.0.152 [L] 2010-04-08 General Bugfix for STRING Import parameters in RFCServer
3.0.151 [L] 2010-04-08 General Corrected memory deallocation for RFCServer Export parameters
3.0.150 [L] 2010-04-06 General Improvement for connecting to external gateway servers (Connection Type E)
3.0.149 [L] 2010-03-10 General Improved checking and error message if ERPConnect is used without a proper librfc32.dll
3.0.148 [L] 2010-02-16 General Adjustment for Visual Studio 2010 RC (LINQ Designer)
3.0.147 [L] 2010-02-08 General Fix für MDX queries that contain NULL values in their measure’s cells
3.0.146 [L] 2010-02-06 General Preparations for Visual Studio 2010
3.0.145 [L] 2010-02-02 General Bugfix for RAW values when using SOAP instead of RFC
3.0.144 [L] 2010-02-01 General Small improvement for multi nested export structures (e.g. SXMSADMINRESULT)
3.0.143 [L] 2010-01-28 General Bugfix fpr Queries with mixed Chinese and Western characters
3.0.142 [L] 2010-01-20 General Bugfix for BCD values in deep structures (e.g. in SXMB_GET_MESSAGE_LIST)
3.0.141 [L] 2010-01-20 General Internal code review
3.0.140 [L] 2010-01-12 General Bugfix for BWCube class when using properties with special characters in the caption value while persisting the object to XML (SaveToXML method)
3.0.139 [L] 2009-12-29 General Byte[] values are handled correctly when converting an RFCTable object to a DataTable object with the usage of ToADOTable()
3.0.138 [L] 2009-12-18 General Updated SAPDate2NetDate to handle “00000000” and “99999999” values
3.0.137 [L] 2009-12-16 General Fix for special characters in the description texts for table columns under LINQ
3.0.136 [L] 2009-12-16 General Reference to System.Web does not longer exist. So it’s easier to handle ERPConnect within the SQL Server CLR
3.0.135 [L] 2009-12-16 General Improvement / bugfixes for sessions handling when using SOAP instead of RFC
3.0.134 [L] 2009-12-15 General Bugfix for multi-nested structures in the Imports collection, that contain only one single element within the structure
3.0.133 [L] 2009-12-15 General Fix: R3Connection.CacheMetaData was not working properly in some situations.
3.0.132 [L] 2009-12-14 General Fix for apostrophe characters within the column decription of an SAP table used in LINQ dialog
3.0.131 [L] 2009-12-14 General Fix: Queries with obligatory parameters caused an exception when the parameter was set through a variant
3.0.130 [L] 2009-12-14 General Fix for logon data that contains a ; character in the UserName property
3.0.129 [L] 2009-12-11 General Automatic removal of Xml declaration when ParamValue of Table Type parameters is set to a string
3.0.128 [L] 2009-12-08 General Fix for multi-nested export parameters under SOAP (no impact on RFC protocol)
3.0.127 [L] 2009-12-02 General Fix for ABAP type v within a structure (multiple table types within a structure)
3.0.126 [L] 2009-11-23 General Fix for Multiple Single variables in the LINQ dialogs for BW queries
3.0.125 [L] 2009-11-19 General Added support for IDoc enhancements in LINQ
3.0.124 [L] 2009-11-13 General Added support for all BMP Unicode Characters in Table Type Import/Export Parameters
3.0.123 [L] 2009-11-05 General Fix for multi-nested import parameters under SOAP (no impact on RFC protocol)
3.0.122 [L] 2009-11-03 General : Correction for XSTRING parameters within ERPConnect Pocket
3.0.121 [L] 2009-10-19 General The IDoc receiver now also supports very old 3.X IDoc formats
3.0.120 [L] 2009-10-13 General Fix for DATS and TIMS Export parameters with Unicode RFC Servers
3.0.119 [L] 2009-10-08 General Fix for memory leak when using multi nested XML based export parameters
3.0.118 [L] 2009-10-08 General Data type XSTRING does not lead to exceptions anymore when using the pocket dll (ERPConnectPocket20.dll)
3.0.117 [L] 2009-10-06 General Fix: BWCube.RefreshMetaData didn’t refresh the variables collection properly
3.0.116 [L] 2009-10-05 General New Method Transaction.SetCustomFunctionName(…) for customers who want to implement their own transaction RFCs
3.0.115 [L] 2009-10-05 General RFCFunction with SOAP: Fix for import / export values that contain XML escape sequences (e.g. &)
3.0.114 [L] 2009-09-09 General BWCube.RefreshMetaData crashed under some BW releases
3.0.113 [L] 2009-08-30 General Correction for for AutoCloseConnection property of LINQ context, which did not work properly in some cases
3.0.112 [L] 2009-08-27 General Additional properties for Table LINQ object: Description Text in designer item and multibyte / non-unicode support
3.0.111 [L] 2009-08-19 General Property AutoCloseConnection added to the LINQ context class, which can be used to avoid automatic closing of the SAP connection
3.0.110 [L] 2009-08-17 General Improvement in behaviour for multiple LINQ queries with multiple WHERE statements
3.0.109 [L] 2009-08-13 General Fix for SSO tickets in certain CRM systems
3.0.108 [L] 2009-07-23 General Added SegmentType and GRP_OCCMAX (as MaxOccur) for class IdocSegment; Changes also to RFCConnection (InternalCreateIdoc)
3.0.107 [L] 2009-07-16 General Idoc-MaxOccur flag was not set correctly when saving and loading XML schemas
3.0.106 [L] 2009-07-03 General Better encoding for transaction IDs when using SAP XI / PI
3.0.105 [L] 2009-07-02 General Transaction ID is better readable (e.g. when sending IDocs)
3.0.104 [L] 2009-06-08 General Internal Fix (Detailed debugging for MDX execution)
3.0.103 [L] 2009-06-02 General Fix for codepage conversion for “ISO-8859-5” characters (e.g.Croatian)
3.0.102 [L] 2009-05-29 General Fix for crash when executing RFCs with internal tables within an export structure
3.0.101 [L] 2009-05-19 General Additional function for inverted date value in the ConversionUtils class
3.0.100 [L] 2009-05-04 General Workaround for 1 byte data loss resulting from incorrect lengths of table columns (datatype raw) in Unicode environments
3.0.99 [L] 2009-04-17 General Fix for LINQ to SAP code generation with complex table elements (IndexOutOfRange exception during execution)
3.0.98 [L] 2009-04-16 General Fix for ToTable() function when RFCParameter class is used with nested XML tables
3.0.97 [L] 2009-03-31 General Internal Performance Improvement for Data Binding of RFCTable objects
3.0.96 [L] 2009-03-24 General SaveToXML(), LoadFromXML() and LoadFromXMLString() now support STRING and XSTRING
3.0.95 [L] 2009-03-15 General Fix for LINQ to SAP: Using the LINQ dialogs under XP with Silver Theme caused strange behaviour
3.0.94 [L] 2009-03-12 General The property SID of the R3Connection class is filled always, even if a connection string is used for logon
3.0.93 [L] 2009-03-05 General Fix: SaveToXML() and LoadFromXML() didn’t work properly for function with multi-nested import parameters
3.0.92 [L] 2009-03-05 General Fix for BCD values with small length and no decimals on Chinese systems
3.0.91 [L] 2009-03-02 General LINQ to SAP: Modifier Public / Internal for context class
3.0.90 [L] 2009-03-02 General Fix for LINQ to SAP with RFC function: Offset value is provided during code generation
3.0.89 [L] 2009-02-24 General Fix for LINQ to IDoc (crash in designer with certain description texts)
3.0.88 [L] 2009-02-20 General Logon crashed with passwords containing ; or , characters
3.0.87 [L] 2009-02-17 General Fix for LINQ to IDoc dialog (when a segment’s name is a key word of the programming language)
3.0.86 [L] 2009-02-16 General Small fix for RFCServer class and tables (crash when defining a table when no table is provided by SAP)
3.0.85 [L] 2009-02-05 General Fix for structure elements type decimal with more than 11 decimals digits (index must not be zero length exception)
3.0.84 [L] 2009-02-04 General NULL values in IDoc fields are now generating an ERPException
3.0.83 [L] 2009-01-30 General Fix for BWCube: method SaveToXML() crashed with hierarchies that contain a & character
3.0.82 [L] 2009-01-29 General Fix for LINQ: Code generation produced syntax error with parameters that contain a slash in the name
3.0.81 [L] 2009-01-18 General Fix for possible memory leak
3.0.80 [L] 2009-01-09 General Fix for queries: Units are sometimes not properly processed
3.0.79 [L] 2009-01-05 General ERPConnectPocket will always throw ERPException instead of regular Exceptions
3.0.78 [L] 2008-12-22 General Fix for binding LINQ sources to controls: No other columns than the original source columns will appear in control
3.0.77 [L] 2008-12-19 General CreateEmptyIdoc() failed on some systems when using a long IDoc name
3.0.76 [L] 2008-12-19 General Fix for queries with negative integer columns
3.0.75 [L] 2008-12-12 General LINQ to SAP setup now supports Italien version of Visual Studio
3.0.74 [L] 2008-12-07 General Improvement for loading hierarchies with BWLoader class
3.0.73 [L] 2008-12-05 General Fix for queries with more than one list ID
3.0.72 [L] 2008-12-04 General The ISerializable interface is added to the ERPException class (in addition to the Serializable attribute)
3.0.71 [L] 2008-11-25 General ReuseClass flag can be set in LINQ context to enable reuse of generated classes (e.g. two functions that have the same table parameter now can share one single structure class)
3.0.70 [L] 2008-11-25 General Improvement for error messages when conversion errors occur while executing a query
3.0.69 [L] 2008-11-25 General Improvement for RFCServerException handling when throwing an exception during the IncomingIDoc event
3.0.68 [L] 2008-11-24 General New method RefreshMetaData() implemented for BWCube class
3.0.67 [L] 2008-11-24 General Fix: Double columns in MDX resultset when two dimension are to be extracted with properties of the same name
3.0.66 [L] 2008-11-07 General Fix for LINQToERP setup on 64 bit
3.0.65 [L] 2008-10-30 General Bugfix for logging function modules that contain slashes in their name
3.0.64 [L] 2008-10-27 General Bugfix for BW Loader when using Continuation Flag in wide datasets
3.0.63 [L] 2008-10-24 General Automatic name conversion in LINQ when dropping two functions into the same context with structures that are named equally
3.0.62 [L] 2008-10-23 General German special characters (Umlaute) are now correctly converted within nested structures
3.0.61 [L] 2008-10-02 General Fix for SAP codepage 300 and ReadTable class
3.0.60 [L] 2008-10-02 General Fix for structures under LINQ AddOn
3.0.59 [L] 2008-09-23 General Correction for BWCube extraction with MultiSingle variables with default values
3.0.58 [L] 2008-09-22 General Correct date and time conversion when using SOAP XML in mutlinested parameters
3.0.57 [L] 2008-09-16 General Fix: SaveToXML and LoadFromXML crashed with Byte[] parameters
3.0.56 [L] 2008-09-15 General BWCube is now supporting multiple single values
3.0.55 [L] 2008-09-11 General Fix for very big decimals like 111111111111111.111111111111111
3.0.54 [L] 2008-09-04 General LoadBalancing is now supported by the LINQ classes / dialogs
3.0.53 [L] 2008-09-02 General Fix for crash of converting decimal data from SAP to .NET on Chinese systems
3.0.52 [L] 2008-08-30 General Fix for nested structures (table types) in changing parameters
3.0.51 [L] 2008-08-29 General AImproved logging messages for BWLoader class
3.0.50 [L] 2008-08-26 General Another fix for Chinese BCD data
3.0.49 [L] 2008-08-26 General Fix for crash with BCD data types on windows with chinese language settings
3.0.48 [L] 2008-08-26 General Fix for uploading data to more than one single BI InfoPackage at the same time (BWLoader class)
3.0.47 [L] 2008-08-20 General Improved handling for rfc function modules default values
3.0.46 [L] 2008-08-20 General Fix: Tables that don’t have multinested structures but are used as Import / Export parameters stay empty after the call
3.0.45 [L] 2008-08-20 General Fix for Crash when reading DEBMAS IDoc shemas together with an IDoc XML data file
3.0.44 [L] 2008-08-19 General Fix for receiving AND sending unicode data within the same thread (e.g. when calling a client function within the IncomingIDoc event)
3.0.43 [L] 2008-08-08 General LINQ resultsets can be easily bound to DatagGridView object directly; SELECT statements can be executed without a WHERE statement
3.0.42 [L] 2008-07-30 General Corrected error message in ERPConnectPocket.dll when trying to log on with a wrong password
3.0.41 [L] 2008-07-28 General Visual Studio crashed under Vista when using ERPConnect in a Visual Studio related PlugIn (that is based on VS SDK)
3.0.40 [L] 2008-07-24 General R3Connection.SetEncoding() didn’t work for Kyrillian codepage 1251
3.0.39 [L] 2008-07-22 General RFCServer.Ping() established to force the component to check, if the RFCServer is available
3.0.38 [L] 2008-07-21 General Bugfix for using floating point columns in a LINQ table
3.0.37 [L] 2008-07-21 General Bugfix: Using RFC server together with an RFC client in the same process on a unicode SAP system may lead to conversion errors
3.0.36 [L] 2008-07-20 General Conversion error in LINQ tables fixed for negative decimal numbers
3.0.35 [L] 2008-07-17 General New IDoc function SaveIdocSchema() to create IDoc schema files by program, not only by IDoc Schema Generator
3.0.34 [L] 2008-07-15 General LINQ fixes: InList() extension method won’t crash anymore, LINQ enabled RFC functions won’t produce a syntax error under VB.NET anymore
3.0.31 [L] 2008-06-27 General LINQ Tables can be used even if there are slahes (namespaces) included in the table element’s name
3.0.30 [L] 2008-06-24 General Bugfix for non-remote-enabled function with meta data with length = 0 on unicode systems
3.0.29 [L] 2008-06-24 General Bugfix for non-remote-enabled function with meta data with length = 0 (e.g. AIPA_READ_VALUES_SINGLE)
3.0.28 [L] 2008-06-24 General Bugfix for non-remote-enabled functions that doesn’t consist of correct meta data (e.g. AIPA_READ_VALUES_SINGLE). Exception: TABLE_NOT_ACTIVE
3.0.27 [L] 2008-06-23 General Introduced R3Connection.AllowStartProgram to enable SAP to start an application via RFC (Required for CAD-Dektop-Integration)
3.0.26 [L] 2008-06-23 General Bugfix in SSO process when not using a connection string
3.0.25 [L] 2008-06-23 General Bugfix with data type INT in RFC server structures
3.0.24 [L] 2008-06-23 General RFCServer.CallbakServer introduced to enable RFCServer callback during a client call
3.0.18 [L] 2008-04-28 General Delimeter property for ReadTable class (for UTF7 Japanese extractions)
3.0.17 [L] 2008-04-22 General Small improvements for 64-Bit usage
3.0.16 [L] 2008-04-19 General On some BI 7.0 systems the BWLoader class crashes because of unicode <-> non-unicode conversion errors in RequestID
3.0.15 [L] 2008-03-27 General BugFix: Several Improvements for LINQ-Provider
3.0.14 [L] 2008-03-26 General Bugfix: Crash when loading or saving RFCFunction objects to xml that contain elements (Imports, Exports, Tables) with slashes in it
3.0.13 [L] 2008-03-25 General Bugfix: System Exception with ReadTable.RetrieveAllFieldsOfTable() function under rel. 4.6c
3.0.12 [L] 2008-03-23 General Bugfix: Wrong mapping between query fields and result columns when the query contains a currency field / column
3.0.11 [L] 2008-03-21 General Several Improvements and BugFixes for LINQ (ERPConnect35 only)
3.0.10 [L] 2008-03-20 General Bug: Sometimes Integers in Rows of tables are not transferred correctly
3.0.9 [L] 2008-03-17 General Strange behaviour with very large structures on SAP systems that a run on old Unix hardware
3.0.8 [L] 2008-03-14 General Exception when using IDoc segments with fields that contain /
3.0.7 [L] 2008-03-12 General Corrections in LINQ Designer
3.0.6 [L] 2008-03-10 General Problems with dynamic ABAP code on unicode systems (ECC 6.0)
3.0.5 [L] 2008-02-28 General Data type STRING now supported in structures
3.0.4 [L] 2008-02-27 General LogDir function in RFCServer
3.0.3 [L] 2008-02-24 General Corrections when using STRING and XSTRING parameters in RFC server projects
3.0.2 [L] 2008-02-22 General Corrections when using STRING and XSTRING parameters
3.0.1 [L] 2008-02-12 General Wrong resultset when call ReadTable class together with Primary Key Packaging and Z-function module
3.0.0 [M] 2008-02-11 General New LINQ-class integrated in ERPConnect35.dll
1.6.57 [L] 2008-02-02 General Problems with length of FLTP fields in ReadTable class when using a custom function for extraction
1.6.56 [L] 2008-01-31 General New constructor for ERPException class (without parameters)
1.6.55 [L] 2008-01-31 General ERPException class is now serializable (for customers who use ERPConnect in a remoting environment)
1.6.54 [L] 2008-01-29 General Bug Fix: Strange characters when storing IDocs with eastern characters to disk
1.6.53 [L] 2008-01-14 General Bug Fix: Crash when template saved to XML with function module parameter contains ?
1.6.50 [L] 2008-01-08 General Complete project is now localized
1.6.49 [L] 2007-11-29 General Strange IDoc characters in unicode IDocs with SendAndWait()
1.6.48 [L] 2007-11-29 General IDOC_NOT_SAVED was thrown when using IDoc.SendAndWait() with ECC 6.0 / Unicode
1.6.47 [L] 2007-11-22 General Removed Application.DoEvents() in CreateFunction() method
1.6.46 [L] 2007-11-12 General RFCServer connection broke down when connection to other server within the same process could not be established
1.6.45 [L] 2007-11-09 General Avoid InternalException call when RFCServer is stopped when using RFCServer.Stop()
1.6.44 [L] 2007-11-09 General Avoid HashTable exception when SAP sends inconsistant IDocs
1.6.43 [L] 2007-11-02 General Transaction classes converted field values to upper case when it should not do
1.6.42 [L] 2007-10-11 General Another fix for MDXExecuter flat data and BI 7.0
1.6.41 [L] 2007-09-25 General MDXExecuter fixed BI 7.0 bug (Flat Data)
1.6.40 [L] 2007-09-25 General E_HANDLE ComException fixed. Occured when trying to use XML strings as import parameter with Length = 0
1.6.39 [L] 2007-09-10 General Memory leaked fixed with scalar parameters
1.6.38 [L] 2007-08-25 General ReadTable class fix: Leading space was automatically deleted from table cells. This may cause duplicated primary keys.
1.6.37 [L] 2007-08-25 General Packaging for BW Queries is now available (PackageSize & IncomingPackage event)
1.6.36 [L] 2007-08-20 General ArgumentOutOfRangeException in case of some RETURN structures (Problem with fixed length)
1.6.35 [L] 2007-08-20 General Error in MDXExecuter when using empty values with UseFormattedValues property set to true
1.6.34 [L] 2007-08-19 General Bugfix for using RFC Server functions together with import structures (null reference exception, e.g. function module SX_OBJECT_RECEIVE)
1.6.33 [L] 2007-08-16 General BWCube and MDXExecuter class now support formatted measures (use property UseFormattedValue to turn this feature on)
1.6.32 [L] 2007-07-26 General Fix: Primary Key Packaging crashed when a language key was contained in primary key columns
1.6.31 [L] 2007-07-23 General Idoc.SaveToXML and Idoc.LoadFromXML now support TextReader / TextWriter objects not only file names
1.6.30 [L] 2007-07-11 General It is now possible to extract BWQueries without (!) key figures in it.
1.6.29 [L] 2007-07-10 General PrimaryKeyPackaging in ReadTable class is available for table with more than 6 primary key columns
1.6.28 [L] 2007-07-08 General Codepage bug fixed (strange characters in idoc file when having a client connection open at the same time
1.6.27 [L] 2007-07-08 General Packaging with primary key available in ReadTable class
1.6.26 [L] 2007-07-06 General New Function BWCube.Variables[X].GetMembers() to obtain valid values for a BW variable
1.6.25 [L] 2007-06-26 General Very, very large tables (>70.000 rows) caused crash in 64 Bit environment
1.6.24 [L] 2007-06-24 General Added looging functions (R3Connection.LogDir and R3Connection.Log())
1.6.23 [L] 2007-06-24 General Incorrect format when saving an IDoc to XML that has segments that start with blanks
1.6.22 [L] 2007-05-25 General Transaction class was unusable with SAP ECC 600 or higher and unicode
1.6.21 [L] 2007-05-23 General Process-Deadlock when trying to load XML idoc files without having loaded a XSD file before
1.6.20 [L] 2007-05-22 General InfoPackage triggering failed on unicode systems with NotifyOnly property set to true
1.6.19 [L] 2007-05-16 General Bug in decimal digit handling within nested XML structure while calling ToTable() method
1.6.18 [L] 2007-05-16 General New Constructor in RFCServer class (Connection string)
1.6.17 [L] 2007-05-11 General XML-Handling in nested structures when structures are empty failed with XMLException
1.6.16 [L] 2007-05-11 General XML-Handling in nested structures
1.6.15 [L] 2007-04-29 General Problems when trying to upload negative decimal data to BW via InfoPackage
1.6.14 [L] 2007-04-24 General Fix: StackOverflow-Exception when converting BCDRawBytes to Decimal in very large structures
1.6.13 [L] 2007-04-13 General Problems with CreateBAPI method on SAP Release ECC 600 and Unicode (case-sensitive method name spelling)
1.6.12 [L] 2007-04-04 General Problem with large internal tables on x64 os
1.6.11 [L] 2007-04-03 General “Returns” property of Transaction class not accessible due to error in obfuscator tool
1.4.10 [L] 2005-10-21 General Fix: Idoc.SaveXMLData generated buggy XML-File which could not be processed via LoadXMLData