See the Theobald Extractors Version History and the Xtract Kernel Version History for changes related to core extraction logic.

For changes related to the server, please also take a look at the Theobald Server Version History.

We recommend to check for updates at least every three months. If there is at least one newer release available with medium or high update priority, please download the latest version from the customer portal and deploy it to your test environment.

Definition of Version Numbers #

Format: A.B.C [X]

  • A is incremented with major changes. Additional steps might be necessary when upgrading to this version.
  • B is incremented when an important feature is added, modified, or removed.
  • C is incremented when a bug is fixed, or a small feature is added, modified, or removed.
  • [X] defines the recommended priority for updating:
    • H - High: Install immediately.
    • M - Medium: Install within your usual update interval.
    • L - Low: Install only if advised by the support team.
Version Date Component Description
6.5.2 [H] 2024-06-04 Server Fixed a denial of service vulnerability, where the server would hang in a cleanup loop and fill up its log file.(Release note)
6.5.1 [L] 2024-05-17 BW Cube Fix for config converter not converting custom column order in BW Cube extractions.
6.5.0 [L] 2024-05-17 TableCDC Released Monitoring Feature for Log Tables and Triggers. Update of /THEO/CDC* package required.
6.4.2 [L] 2024-05-14 ODP Fixed metadata and data retrieval for DF16_DEC and DF34_DEC
6.4.1 [L] 2024-05-11 Server Parameter HTTP API: Respect user changes in default values (was broken since 6.4)
6.4.0 [M] 2024-05-06 General Use new parameter system
6.3.1 [L] 2024-04-30 BAPI Add support for S4H cloud systems
6.3.0 [L] 2024-04-11 Server Introduce new endpoint to run/start extractions (Release note)
6.2.3 [L] 2024-02-27 BW Cube Fixed a bug in the config converter that caused broken key figures and custom column order for extractions originally created in version 2.11.0 and before.
6.2.2 [M] 2024-02-19 Server Hotfix: Fixed the format for duration and timestamp properties in the config and logs API. The issues were introduced in 6.2.
6.2.1 [H] 2024-02-16 Server Reverted a change in 6.2.0, where extraction names in Config-API response would be erroneously written as array
6.2.0 [L] 2024-02-13 Server Implemented a new log endpoint with responses in JSON format. Fixed bugs in the web server. (Release note)
6.1.2 [L] 2024-01-30 General Fixed an error that caused CSV output to fail when an empty result set (no rows or columns) was extracted
6.1.1 [L] 2024-01-25 BW Cube Cube config converter: improved logging of warnings and fix for failing conversion of extractions created in Board Connector 2.11.4 or lower.
6.1.0 [L] 2023-12-04 General Added the result columns custom order feature(Release note)
6.0.1 [L] 2023-11-29 General Fixed a bug where the server would erroneously detect a version from version.txt as invalid and not start.
6.0.0 [L] 2023-11-15 General BREAKING CHANGES: Please see release notes for more information.(Release note)
5.14.0 [L] 2023-08-22 DeltaQ Added the new DeltaQ component
5.13.6 [L] 2023-08-16 General Fixed a bug where validation of a valid license file might fail.
5.13.5 [M] 2023-08-07 DeltaQ Fixed conversion errors for some data types
5.13.4 [L] 2023-08-03 Hierarchy Removed XML config converter code for Hierarchy in old XML file format.
5.13.3 [L] 2023-08-03 General Filterboxes will now be cleared after disconnecting.
5.13.2 [L] 2023-06-30 General Added filterboxes in the designer for name, type, source and destination. Changed initial sorting order for dates, removed the old filter tool and implemented right-click option in the datagrid to add keywords to several selected extractions
5.13.1 [L] 2023-06-22 Server Fixed a bug where logging into the Designer with a valid AD-User would result in an authorization error.
5.13.0 [L] 2023-04-27 Hierarchy New Hierarchy Extractor - POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGES for Hierarchy extractions(Release note)
5.12.3 [L] 2023-04-26 General Added update reminder that will periodically show a pop up asking for an update.
5.12.2 [L] 2023-04-20 Designer Added hotkey (F1) to open online help of current window
5.12.1 [L] 2023-03-31 Setup Setup now checks if there are any running processes and offers option to abort setup.
5.12.0 [H] 2023-03-29 TableCDC Table CDC is now generally available.
5.11.7 [L] 2023-03-10 TableCDC Table CDC: Log table size can now be limited.
5.11.6 [L] 2023-03-08 BW Cube Fix for column order changes in MDX mode when adding filter selections or selecting and deselecting a dimension.
5.11.5 [M] 2023-03-07 Security Custom authentication related security fixes and improvements.(Release note)
5.11.4 [L] 2023-03-06 General New EULA
5.11.3 [L] 2023-02-10 General Fix extraction cache getting checked despite being disabled. Fix possible race condition in the RPC worker.
5.11.2 [L] 2023-02-10 General Removed “Support Client” from Help menus. Added extraction type (Cube, Table, …) being executed in extraction and server logs
5.11.1 [L] 2023-01-31 General Fix a bug where empty lists in column transformation information would not correctly be serialized to JSON.
5.11.0 [L] 2023-01-16 General New conversion architecture (internal changes)
5.10.0 [H] 2023-01-16 TableCDC Added Table CDC extractor (preview)
5.9.0 [L] 2023-01-10 General Removed config conversion of version 2.x(Release note)
5.8.1 [L] 2022-10-26 Server Fixed a bug where extractions would run into an error if the source or destination parameter is set.
5.8.0 [M] 2022-09-08 OHS New OHS component (with Table extraction mode and support for BW/4HANA 2.0)
5.7.3 [H] 2022-08-04 BAPI Fix for structures with includes, please refresh metadata
5.7.2 [M] 2022-07-11 BOARD API Fixed several issues that caused errors when retrieving metadata
5.7.1 [L] 2022-07-08 General The clear result cache functionality does now use the new RPC server capabilities instead of the HTTP server.
5.7.0 [L] 2022-06-08 General Removed support for legacy DLL licenses
5.6.3 [L] 2022-06-01 General The RPC server and persistence do now support subdirectories. (Not implemented in Designer and Runtime)
5.6.2 [L] 2022-05-18 General Fixed a bug where when changing the server configuration, the server would not restart when the user selected ‘yes’ when being asked for a restart
5.6.1 [L] 2022-05-17 Designer Fix for change source window call
5.6.0 [L] 2022-04-28 Server Enabled JSON metadata API
5.5.1 [M] 2022-04-07 BW Cube Now allowing extractions without measure selections in MDX mode. Added support for additional options in interval/complex BEx variable selections.
5.5.0 [M] 2022-04-04 BW Cube New BWCube extractor (breaking)(Release note)
5.4.0 [M] 2022-03-31 Table Join Removed deprecated TableJoin component (JOINS are still supported by the Table component)
5.3.4 [L] 2022-03-28 Designer About window was refactored
5.3.3 [L] 2022-03-25 General Added upload check script in order to confirm if the setup file has the expected version
5.3.2 [L] 2022-03-16 BAPI Fixed an issue where runtime parameters inside of table rows were not applied correctly (Bug introduced in 5.3.0)
5.3.1 [M] 2022-03-08 General Fixed an issue where system clock changes could cause errors
5.3.0 [M] 2022-02-17 BAPI Reworked BAPI component
5.2.0 [M] 2022-02-15 General Added support for certificate SSO and reworked source details GUI
5.1.1 [L] 2022-02-15 Designer Various fixes and improvements following the 5.1.0 release.(Release note)
5.1.0 [L] 2022-02-08 Designer Make sure to update designer AND server!(Release note)
5.0.5 [M] 2022-01-18 General Support for DLL licenses will be removed in June 2022. Please download your JSON licenses from
5.0.4 [L] 2021-12-10 Designer Fixed missing Theobald.Persistence.dll on designer-only installation
5.0.3 [L] 2021-11-09 Table Join TableJoin will be removed March 2022
5.0.2 [M] 2021-11-09 Designer Fix for license display and service restart (broken since 5.0)
5.0.1 [M] 2021-10-20 Setup Config conversion is now performed before starting service during setup
5.0.0 [M] 2021-10-18 General SAP passwords are encrypted in context of BC Service Account (breaking)(Release note)
4.9.4 [L] 2021-10-06 General Fixed the preview mode setting, which was incorrectly disabled
4.9.3 [M] 2021-09-30 Report Fixed a bug (introduced in 4.9.0) where fetching metadata of report extractions did not work.
4.9.2 [L] 2021-07-23 Designer Designer startup logic refactored to WPF standards
4.9.1 [L] 2021-07-02 Server Multi-process architecture for configuration server
4.9.0 [M] 2021-06-17 Report Reworked the report component.
4.8.6 [L] 2021-05-19 Server New web listener implementation
4.8.5 [L] 2021-04-26 Designer Fix for General Settings window, in order to display cache configuration correctly
4.8.4 [M] 2021-04-23 General Fixed bug that prevented cache creation when datetime conversion was enabled
4.8.3 [M] 2021-04-23 General Fixed bug that prevented extraction’s result to be cached when column level encryption was disabled
4.8.2 [M] 2021-04-23 BOARD API Fix for column name style in API’s response on method GetExtractionMetadata(string)(Release note)
4.8.1 [L] 2021-03-02 Designer Fix for General Settings dialog, which had a checkbox for a feature, unavailable in BOARD Connector (column encryption)
4.8.0 [L] 2021-01-28 General Added support for column name styling and date converting(Release note)
4.7.3 [L] 2021-01-27 Designer Fix for Designer disconnection handling
4.7.2 [L] 2021-01-25 Designer Column filter and several other improvements and fixes for the main window
4.7.1 [M] 2021-01-13 Server Fix for ambiguous local timestamps during daylight saving time transition
4.7.0 [L] 2020-11-11 Setup New Setup
4.6.0 [M] 2020-11-06 Server Web server access can now be restricted to custom users(Release note)
4.5.5 [M] 2020-10-12 Table New/removed/renamed columns are now properly updated in GUI during metadata refresh
4.5.4 [M] 2020-10-06 ODP Added ‘extractDataOnDeltaInit’ run parameter
4.5.3 [L] 2020-09-29 Designer New status bar(Release note)
4.5.2 [L] 2020-09-11 Designer New about window
4.5.1 [L] 2020-09-07 ODP Added ‘subscription suffix’ and ‘update mode’ run parameters
4.5.0 [L] 2020-08-07 Designer General WPF migration for BoardConnectorDesigner and other small UI improvements
4.4.11 [H] 2020-07-31 Security Enforcement of access restriction for the web server(Release note)
4.4.10 [L] 2020-07-03 Server Fixed a bug where web requests with invalid URLs did not get a proper response
4.4.9 [L] 2020-06-29 Designer Fix for horizontal scrolling in log window
4.4.8 [L] 2020-06-26 Designer Main window’s title fix
4.4.7 [L] 2020-06-25 Designer Remove of destination menu options
4.4.6 [M] 2020-06-17 General Fixed a bug that could cause extractions to get stuck in a running state while not actually running anymore
4.4.5 [L] 2020-05-13 Designer General designer bug fixes and improvements
4.4.4 [L] 2020-05-05 Designer New WPF filter and log windows
4.4.3 [L] 2020-04-30 Designer Fix for context menu item in main window
4.4.2 [L] 2020-04-29 General Optimized internal dependencies.
4.4.1 [L] 2020-04-23 General Increased RFC network timeouts to 5 seconds
4.4.0 [L] 2020-04-23 Designer Main window migration to WPF
4.3.4 [L] 2020-03-17 BW Cube Fix for auto slicing MDX syntax on older SAP BW systems.
4.3.3 [M] 2020-03-12 ODP Added support for runtime parameters
4.3.2 [M] 2020-02-26 BAPI Fix for STRING/XSTRING
4.3.1 [L] 2020-02-26 Server Improved web server logging
4.3.0 [M] 2020-02-26 Security Disabled TLS 1.1, enabled TLS 1.3
4.2.1 [M] 2020-02-18 Server Fixed a bug that caused extractions to get stuck on “running”
4.2.0 [M] 2020-02-07 Server Fixes & improvements for result cache.
4.1.0 [M] 2020-02-04 General Updated to .NET Framework 4.7.2
4.0.13 [M] 2020-01-31 Server Fix for extracting binary values via BAPI, OHS & Query (…unable to cast…)
4.0.12 [L] 2019-12-19 DeltaQ Fix for scripted expressions in selections
4.0.11 [M] 2019-12-18 Server Fix for server not accepting any connections after 99h runtime
4.0.10 [H] 2019-12-03 ODP Several fixes (Bugs introduced in note)
4.0.9 [L] 2019-11-14 Table Join Fixes for creating deprecated Table Join extractions
4.0.8 [M] 2019-11-05 Server Fixed a bug that caused column names to be converted to UPPERCASE which caused problems for Hierarchy, Report and DeltaQ extractions
4.0.7 [M] 2019-10-23 Table Several fixes and improvements(Release note)
4.0.6 [L] 2019-10-08 Server Fixed a bug that caused the servers to crash when clients closed the connection before it could be handled
4.0.5 [L] 2019-09-20 Server Fixes for chaching results of Table (Compression FM) and ODP (non-Hierarchy)
4.0.4 [M] 2019-09-06 Table Fixed a bug that caused scripted expressions to not be evaluated for the preview
4.0.3 [M] 2019-09-04 Server Fixed a bug that could cause some of multiple simultaneous extraction starts to fail
4.0.2 [L] 2019-08-20 General Fix for converting date format of old (e. g. extractions
4.0.1 [M] 2019-08-12 General Fixed config conversion for primary keys when upgrading from versions before 4.0
4.0.0 [M] 2019-08-08 General This release contains general changes, changes to the existing Table component as well as a new ODP component.(Release note)
3.7.8 [M] 2019-07-23 General Updated NW RFC to 7.50 PL 4
3.7.7 [L] 2019-06-25 General Updated product icon
3.7.6 [M] 2019-06-03 Server Fixes & improvements for logging
3.7.5 [M] 2019-06-03 General Fixes & improvements for cloning extractions
3.7.4 [L] 2019-05-21 Setup Fix for silent uninstaller
3.7.3 [M] 2019-05-21 Designer Fix for TableJoin (broken since 3.7.0).
3.7.2 [M] 2019-05-16 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to 1.11
3.7.1 [L] 2019-05-14 General Using MSBuild 16
3.7.0 [M] 2019-05-09 General Updated to .NET Framework 4.7.1
3.6.3 [L] 2019-05-08 Setup Fixed FileNotFoundException that might occur after installing version
3.6.2 [M] 2019-04-18 Server Fixed a bug where starting multiple extractions at the same time caused some of them to fail
3.6.1 [L] 2019-03-29 Designer UI improvements for Connect window
3.6.0 [M] 2019-03-26 General Updated to .NET Framework 4.6.1(Release note)
3.5.1 [M] 2019-03-12 Server Fix for aborting extractions and clearing result cache (Bug introduced in 3.5.0)
3.5.0 [M] 2019-03-08 Security Access to the web server can now be restricted to Active Directory users with Designer read access.(Release note)
3.4.0 [L] 2019-03-01 General Removed support for 32 bit versions of Windows
3.3.11 [M] 2019-02-18 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to 1.10
3.3.10 [M] 2019-02-13 Table Reverted back to Z_THEO_READ_TABLE 1.9
3.3.9 [M] 2019-02-13 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to 1.10
3.3.8 [M] 2019-02-08 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to 1.9
3.3.7 [M] 2019-02-07 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to 1.7
3.3.6 [M] 2019-02-06 BW Cube Fix for decimals in BEx mode
3.3.5 [M] 2019-01-28 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to 1.6
3.3.4 [M] 2019-01-25 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to 1.5
3.3.3 [L] 2019-01-23 Setup Improved error message when Designer is still running during setup
3.3.2 [M] 2019-01-23 Table Updated Z_THEO_READ_TABLE to 1.4
3.3.1 [L] 2019-01-23 Setup Silent setup doesn’t initiate config conversion
3.3.0 [L] 2019-01-22 Table Added ABAP code + transport request for Z_THEO_READ_TABLE, removed old ABAP files(Release note)
3.2.13 [M] 2019-01-16 Report Fix for empty column descriptions
3.2.12 [M] 2018-11-22 Designer Fixed links of question mark icons
3.2.11 [M] 2018-11-22 Designer Fix for Designer/Server communication (“The output byte buffer is too small to contain the encoded data”)
3.2.10 [M] 2018-10-15 Designer Removed legacy HTTP filter GUI
3.2.9 [L] 2018-10-11 Server Fix for converting primary keys of query extractions from versions before 3.0
3.2.8 [L] 2018-10-11 General Fix for transport request with certain SAP releases
3.2.7 [L] 2018-10-10 Server Fix for converting sources from BOARD Connector 2.x (bug introduced in 3.2.2)
3.2.6 [L] 2018-10-09 Server Fix for timeout during startup with large number of extractions
3.2.5 [L] 2018-10-04 Table Added auto detection of compression function modules
3.2.4 [L] 2018-10-02 Table Added support for RFC_READ_TABLE2 function modules
3.2.3 [L] 2018-09-28 Designer Added support for searching Active Directory users/groups in other domains
3.2.2 [M] 2018-09-28 Server Fixes & improvements for converting configuration & logs from BOARD Connector before 3.0
3.2.1 [L] 2018-09-25 General Reduced network timeout for opening SAP connections
3.2.0 [M] 2018-09-24 General Duration of extraction runs is now recoreded and displayed in main window and log viewer
3.1.8 [M] 2018-09-17 Server Fixed missing row restriction in live preview (Table, TableJoin)
3.1.7 [L] 2018-09-12 Designer Editing the source of multiple extractions at once is now supported
3.1.6 [L] 2018-09-11 General Updated NWRFC libraries to 7.50
3.1.5 [L] 2018-08-30 General Updated NWRFC libraries to 720 patchlevel 49
3.1.4 [M] 2018-08-28 Table Fix for “use conversion routines” checkbox
3.1.3 [L] 2018-08-09 DeltaQ Removed Z_XTRACT_DELTAQ_CUST from transport request, because of problems with missing data types
3.1.2 [M] 2018-08-07 Security Explicitly enabled TLS1.1 & 1.2, disabled TLS1.0 & SSL3
3.1.1 [M] 2018-08-03 Designer Fixed help links (question mark button)
3.1.0 [M] 2018-07-24 General Added support for non-Unicode multibyte systems (Asian characters), removed background extraction (Table)
3.0.8 [M] 2018-07-19 Server Increased timeout for writing results to BOARD to 4h
3.0.7 [L] 2018-07-17 Report Updated the function module for report extracting
3.0.6 [M] 2018-07-17 Server Increased timeout for writing results to BOARD
3.0.5 [H] 2018-07-13 Server Fix for chunked transfer encoding (caused invalid data in some cases, broken since 3.0.0)
3.0.4 [M] 2018-07-12 Server Fix for selecting X.509 certificates
3.0.3 [L] 2018-07-05 Server Server configuration: Fix for converting default Int values from V2.x (e. g. config server starting on port 0 in some cases)
3.0.2 [M] 2018-07-05 Server Fix for BAPI, BWCube (Bex Mode), Hierarchy, OHS, Query (Specified cast is not valid)
3.0.1 [M] 2018-07-05 Designer Added support for warnings to Log Viewer
3.0.0 [M] 2018-06-29 General Improvements for network communication, security and configuration persistence(Release note)
2.30.20 [L] 2018-04-17 General Updated EULA
2.30.18 [L] 2018-01-15 Server Improved handling of multiple http requests to the board connector server.
2.30.17 [L] 2017-11-30 General Updated transport for Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_JOIN
2.30.16 [L] 2017-11-20 Table Join Adjustments in Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_JOIN function.
2.30.14 [L] 2017-09-15 Server CSV: Improved error message
2.30.13 [L] 2017-09-13 Designer Disabled “…” button when creating new extraction without admin privileges
2.30.12 [L] 2017-08-11 General License: Added support for FQDN
2.30.11 [L] 2017-08-04 General Updated ABAP code & transports
2.30.10 [L] 2017-08-04 DeltaQ Fix for switching between non-Unicode and Unicode systems
2.30.9 [L] 2017-08-03 General License: Added support for server names longer than 15 bytes
2.30.8 [L] 2017-07-12 Designer Fix for “the specified network password is not correct”
2.30.7 [M] 2017-07-06 DeltaQ Enabled automatic synchronization by default
2.30.6 [L] 2017-07-05 General Fix for server license check in clusters
2.30.5 [L] 2017-07-04 General Improved error message for license server mismatch
2.30.4 [L] 2017-07-03 Server Fix for “the specified network password is not correct”
2.30.3 [M] 2017-06-22 Server Server no longer runs separate app domain
2.30.2 [L] 2017-05-31 BW Cube Added setting “legacy metadata retrieval”
2.30.1 [M] 2017-05-09 Table Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_COMPRESSION: Added support for decimal floats
2.30.0 [M] 2017-04-26 DeltaQ Moved server pool to separate process
2.29.7 [L] 2017-04-18 Table Join Fixes for TableJoin data transfer
2.29.6 [L] 2017-03-29 BW Cube Fix for buffer error when output column transformation exchanged measure with dimension or vice versa
2.29.5 [H] 2017-03-17 General Fix for missing values (bug introduced in 2.29.3)
2.29.4 [L] 2017-03-16 Server Reduced amount of messages in server log
2.29.3 [M] 2017-03-10 BW Cube Fix for NULL values
2.29.2 [L] 2017-03-09 General Updated build tools to MSBuild 15.0
2.29.1 [L] 2017-02-08 General Fix for “Keyset does not exist” in certain AD environments
2.29.0 [M] 2017-01-23 General Updated to .NET Framework 4.5.2
2.28.1 [M] 2017-01-11 Designer Source: Fix for file/directory pickers
2.28.0 [L] 2017-01-11 General Updated licensing to support json format.
2.27.5 [L] 2017-01-04 DeltaQ Select options support either variables or scripted expression, but not both
2.27.4 [L] 2017-01-04 Table WHERE-clause supports either variables or scripted expression, but not both
2.27.3 [L] 2016-12-22 BW Cube Added detection of missing authorization for RFC_READ_TABLE
2.27.2 [L] 2016-12-14 BW Cube BWCube date exception handling improved
2.27.1 [L] 2016-12-06 Designer Removed columnSeparator and decimalSeparator from run parameters
2.27.0 [M] 2016-11-25 DeltaQ Resending errors is deprecated now
2.26.1 [L] 2016-10-20 BW Cube Improved lookup error handling
2.26.0 [M] 2016-10-18 Setup Updated transport request
2.25.1 [L] 2016-10-18 DeltaQ Added update mode for activation only (‘A’)
2.25.0 [L] 2016-10-11 BW Cube Output transformation allows removal of columns now
2.24.1 [L] 2016-10-08 Server Added log entry for SAP application server / system number
2.24.0 [M] 2016-09-28 DeltaQ All hierarchies may be activated now
2.23.0 [M] 2016-09-26 Server Queued data packages are dropped now in case of errors
2.22.2 [L] 2016-09-15 Report Fix for preview without columns but “automatic column detection” enabled
2.22.1 [M] 2016-08-25 BAPI Fix for passing values to tables
2.22.0 [M] 2016-08-23 BAPI Added support for export parameters & multiple tables in result
2.21.1 [L] 2016-08-03 Server Improved handling of empty results
2.21.0 [L] 2016-08-02 BOARD API Updated API for https support
2.20.6 [L] 2016-08-02 DeltaQ Fix for DeltaQ hierarchy datasources
2.20.5 [M] 2016-07-12 DeltaQ Fix for DeltaQ activation
2.20.4 [M] 2016-07-12 DeltaQ Re-enabled result buffering
2.20.3 [L] 2016-07-05 Service Service account settings are preserved during updates
2.20.2 [L] 2016-06-16 General Reverted default RFC library to classic
2.20.1 [L] 2016-05-04 General Replaced support client executable with download link
2.20.0 [M] 2016-04-20 General Reverted back to classic RFC as default
2.19.1 [M] 2016-04-19 Designer Fix for changes in General Settings
2.19.0 [M] 2016-04-18 General NetWeaver RFC libraries are used by default now instead of classic RFC libraries
2.18.2 [L] 2016-02-15 Report Added look up for report variants.
2.18.1 [M] 2016-01-13 General License DLL does not need to be “unblocked” anymore
2.17.3 [M] 2015-11-24 Server Undefined execution states are set to “finished with errors” at server startup
2.17.0 [M] 2015-11-10 BOARD API Added support for Table Join
2.16.2 [L] 2015-11-10 Table Join Fix for live data preview
2.16.1 [L] 2015-11-10 Table Fix for live data preview
2.16.0 [L] 2015-10-27 Server Added support for Content-Encoding: gzip
2.15.15 [L] 2015-09-29 Server Improved logging for errors while loading extractions
2.15.14 [L] 2015-09-18 Table Join Updated XtractKernel (TQB)
2.15.13 [L] 2015-09-15 Table Join Updated dialog help links
2.15.12 [L] 2015-09-07 DeltaQ Added new setting ‘Accept Gaps In Data Package Id’ for users who are using OLTP datasources where data is filtered in a way that it leads to gaps between the packet numbers. This setting turns off a certain consistency check.
2.15.11 [L] 2015-09-07 Report Fixed bug in the search of reports
2.15.10 [L] 2015-08-13 BAPI New ABAP sources for Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_COMPRESSION to improve performance especially on SAP system based on MAXDB. New function module Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_JOIN released as beta version.
2.15.9 [L] 2015-08-10 Table Join Updated table join designer.
2.15.8 [L] 2015-08-04 BW Cube Fix for error message when using the Show MDX link
2.15.7 [L] 2015-07-28 General Support client shows logo and uses pre-defined password
2.15.6 [L] 2015-07-22 Table Fixed bug in table lookup form
2.15.5 [L] 2015-07-21 DeltaQ Fix for the edit selection link. It appeared sometimes even no selection is allowed according to SAP’s metadata.
2.15.4 [L] 2015-07-18 Table Join Updated TQB for Table Join component.
2.15.3 [L] 2015-07-17 General Updated code to run on .NET 4.
2.15.2 [L] 2015-07-14 Setup Updated support client to 10.0.43879.0
2.15.0 [M] 2015-06-30 General Purchased license is preferred to demo license now
2.14.0 [L] 2015-06-30 Server Removed HttpLocalOnly server setting (please use server security settings instead)
2.12.8 [L] 2015-05-21 Designer Delete button & menu item is disabled in GUI if user does not has appropriate privileges
2.12.7 [M] 2015-05-20 Designer Fixed extraction name validation
2.12.6 [L] 2015-04-29 Server Reverted date format to yyyMMdd (accidentally changed to yyyy-MM-dd in 2.8.1)
2.12.5 [L] 2015-04-20 General Improved logging of stack traces
2.12.4 [L] 2015-04-20 BW Cube Addtional feature to add unit columns to each measure when using the OLAP mode
2.12.3 [L] 2015-04-13 General SNC plus user name / password is supported in connection dialog to encrypt connection to SAP
2.12.1 [L] 2015-04-13 DeltaQ Scripting expressions are evaluated in Selection parameters
2.12.0 [M] 2015-02-18 General Removed ‘custom connections’ and renamed ‘connection’ to ‘source’ (legacy ‘custom connections’ are still supported, but read-only)
2.11.4 [L] 2015-01-27 BW Cube Added new feature for manual slicing/filtering dimensions in an OLAP extraction
2.11.3 [L] 2015-01-26 BW Cube Custom variables are supported now when using native MDX statements
2.11.2 [L] 2015-01-22 BW Cube Added new feature “Automatic Slicing” which can be switched on in Settings dialog.
2.11.1 [L] 2015-01-22 BW Cube Setting “Decimal Separator” withdrawn as it’s not necessary anymore. The decimal separator is detected automatically.
2.11.0 [M] 2015-01-15 Table New user interface for extraction settings
2.10.0 [L] 2015-01-12 Security Added support for X.509 client certificate file for SNC
2.9.2 [L] 2015-01-07 Designer DeltaQ / OHS extractions with shared connection could not be created since version 2.9.0
2.9.1 [L] 2014-12-09 Security Added support for DNS SRV responses without additional A records (Active Directory authentication)
2.9.0 [L] 2014-12-08 General SAP connections are stored in config/sources now, as JSON files
2.8.1 [L] 2014-12-04 General Fixed default time format
2.8.0 [L] 2014-12-02 General Removed “Force Codepage”
2.7.23 [L] 2014-11-28 BW Cube Fixed re-ordering of columns (headers were not re-ordered)
2.7.22 [L] 2014-11-18 Security Fixes and improvements for Active Directory authentication
2.7.21 [L] 2014-11-11 Service Set start timeout to 3 minutes (for slow systems)
2.7.20 [L] 2014-11-04 Security Fixes and improvements for Active Directory authentication
2.7.19 [M] 2014-10-20 Server Server had to be restarted, if errors occurred while loading an extraction
2.7.17 [L] 2014-10-13 BW Cube Fix for “Use Real Data for Preview”
2.7.16 [M] 2014-10-08 Server In some cases extractions were run despite load errors
2.7.15 [L] 2014-10-07 DeltaQ Correction for missing “Init without data”
2.7.14 [M] 2014-09-30 Security Fix for friendly domain names / FQDN (Active Directory)
2.7.13 [M] 2014-09-16 Security Users could not see restricted extractions if they had logged on with a name in different character casing than their actual name (e. g. logon as “User01” if actual name was “user01”)
2.7.12 [M] 2014-09-16 Security Not all administrator privileges were granted, if logon as “admin” was performed with different character casing (e. g. “Admin”).
2.7.11 [L] 2014-09-09 General Improved logon failure logging (Active Directory)
2.7.10 [H] 2014-09-02 Server Double quotes in data were duplicated, if data was loaded from buffer
2.7.9 [L] 2014-08-05 Server Removed byte-order mark from UTF-8 encoded data
2.7.8 [L] 2014-08-05 Designer Updated address in product info
2.7.7 [L] 2014-06-13 BW Cube New mode available for pure MDX extractions
2.7.5 [L] 2014-05-22 BW Cube New BWCube look-up
2.7.4 [L] 2014-05-20 BAPI New BAPI look-up
2.7.3 [L] 2014-05-20 Report New report look-up
2.7.2 [L] 2014-04-17 Hierarchy New hierarchy look-up
2.7.1 [L] 2014-04-17 Query New Query look-up and metadata retrieval
2.7.0 [L] 2014-04-03 Designer Fixed lookup button for trace directory in the connection manager
2.6.2 [L] 2014-02-20 Designer Fix for “invalid value” error message if value of text parameter is empty (Run dialog)
2.6.0 [L] 2014-02-06 Security SAP credentials can be supplied via Basic authentication (HTTPS recommended)
2.5.2 [L] 2014-02-06 Security Removed user and passwd run parameters
2.5.1 [L] 2014-02-04 Server Added query string option filterDebug=true to exclude debug log entries
2.5.0 [L] 2014-02-04 General Buffer directory can be changed in Server Settings now
2.4.25 [L] 2014-02-04 Designer Corrected some typos
2.4.24 [M] 2014-01-21 BAPI Fix for “cannot assign value…”
2.4.23 [L] 2014-01-09 Server Added support for HTTP HEAD requests
2.4.22 [L] 2014-01-08 BW Cube Bugfix for tree view UI element on the left side. Double clicking lead to strange error message in rare cases
2.4.21 [L] 2014-01-07 General Corrected the links to the OnlineHelp
2.4.20 [L] 2013-12-19 Server Empty results do not create a dummy line anymore if read from buffer
2.4.19 [L] 2013-12-19 Service Fix for Windows Server 2003 and XP
2.4.18 [L] 2013-12-03 Server CSV: Values which contain row separator are enclosed in quote symbols now
2.4.17 [L] 2013-11-08 Report Fix for using Header Pattern with Automatic Column Detection
2.4.16 [L] 2013-10-30 DeltaQ Extractions crashed if url parameter “programId” was set
2.4.15 [L] 2013-10-08 Server Server will start up even if extraction metadata is corrupted
2.4.14 [L] 2013-10-05 BW Cube Fix for variable problems under BEX mode on certain BW release above rel. 7.01
2.4.13 [L] 2013-09-25 Server Errors during extraction load do not create empty buffer entries anymore
2.4.11 [L] 2013-08-23 Server Moved log entries of run parameters from server log to extraction log
2.4.9 [L] 2013-08-21 Server Fix for extractions which have very short running times (<50ms)
2.4.8 [L] 2013-08-08 Report Correction for timeout issue when previewing a long running report
2.4.7 [L] 2013-07-25 Service Errors which lead to server termination are written to Windows event log
2.4.6 [M] 2013-07-25 Server Errors while writing extraction log do not lead to server termination anymore
2.4.5 [L] 2013-07-16 Table Added scripting for where clause
2.4.4 [L] 2013-07-11 Setup Added Visual C++ runtime to setup
2.4.3 [L] 2013-07-11 Setup Fix for icon in “Progams and Features”
2.4.2 [L] 2013-07-11 Setup Fix for error message during service start on 32-bit OS
2.4.1 [L] 2013-07-10 Report Fix for crash on Report dialog when function module is not installed properly
2.4.0 [L] 2013-07-08 General Added support for NetWeaver RFC libraries
2.3.8 [L] 2013-06-18 Report New setting Report Width introduced in case there’s more than one report line per data line
2.3.6 [L] 2013-06-09 DeltaQ Released 4 additional settings: ‘Don’t resend..’, ‘Check IDoc state…’, ‘Serialization info…’ and ‘Data conversion…’
2.3.5 [L] 2013-06-04 General .NET 4 is used, if available
2.3.4 [L] 2013-05-28 General .NET 4 is used, if 3.5 SP1 is not installed
2.3.3 [L] 2013-05-21 General Added ‘Use SAPGUI’ to connection settings
2.3.2 [L] 2013-04-19 Report New setting added: Regex Pattern for skipping rows
2.3.1 [M] 2013-03-21 BW Cube Output transformation did not work sometimes if result was read from buffer
2.3.0 [L] 2013-01-30 Security Added access restriction for shared connections
2.2.26 [M] 2013-01-16 BAPI Added support for structures/tables which contain alignment gaps caused by includes
2.2.25 [L] 2012-12-11 General Fix: LogDir setting got lost when using a custom connection
2.2.24 [L] 2012-11-29 Security Logged on user is automatically added to the list of allowed users/groups if he activates access restriction for an extraction
2.2.23 [L] 2012-11-28 Security Access restriction changes performed by non-admin users were not saved correctly in some cases
2.2.22 [L] 2012-11-22 DeltaQ Added “Auto Synchronisation” feature to settings
2.2.21 [L] 2012-11-19 General New TeamViewer version for remote support
2.2.20 [L] 2012-11-15 Service Increased start/stop timeouts
2.2.19 [L] 2012-10-26 DeltaQ A new dialog for maintaining the Delta requests was added to the settings dialog
2.2.18 [L] 2012-10-24 BAPI Fix for non-unicode systems (version 2.x and later)
2.2.17 [L] 2012-10-17 BAPI Structure elements in GUI were missing in some rare cases
2.2.16 [L] 2012-10-17 Server More detailed error messages for server startup problems
2.2.15 [L] 2012-10-16 Designer Fix for HTTPS port in “Run” dialog
2.2.11 [L] 2012-09-28 Table Fix for tables with emtpy column descriptions (since 2.2.10.x)
2.2.9 [L] 2012-09-24 Table Correction in function module Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_COMPRESSION for timestamp/decimal columns
2.2.7 [L] 2012-08-29 BOARD API Output column reordering (BW Cube) was ignored in metadata since 2.x
2.2.6 [L] 2012-08-27 General All column names are now backward-compatible with data readers before 2.x
2.2.5 [L] 2012-08-08 Hierarchy Fix for zero node ids with some hierarchies
2.2.4 [L] 2012-08-08 BW Cube Bugfix in UI when switch from BEX mode to non-BEX mode and back
2.2.3 [L] 2012-08-06 BW Cube Fix for output transformation (did not work since version 2.0.0.x)
2.2.2 [L] 2012-08-06 Server Sometimes extraction runs were declared ‘successful’ even though errors occured
2.2.1 [L] 2012-08-03 Service Service did not start after reboot sometimes (service dependencies were missing)
2.2.0 [L] 2012-08-02 Setup Fixed prerequisites check
2.1.0 [L] 2012-08-01 Service New service implementation
2.0.2 [L] 2012-07-18 General Re-added decimalSeparator URL-parameter (was missing since version 2.0.0.x)
2.0.0 [M] 2012-05-30 General Several fixes and improvements, major internal changes
1.8.17 [M] 2012-04-24 DeltaQ Added various additional settings and functions for natural hierarchy representation
1.8.16 [L] 2012-04-23 Server CSV: Column headers are written even if extraction result is empty
1.8.15 [L] 2012-04-17 Designer Designer was not able to start if configuration file was corrupted
1.8.14 [L] 2012-04-02 General Fix for Designer failing to connect in some environments
1.8.13 [L] 2012-03-22 Server Fix for log entries containing mode “Console” if server was running as a service
1.8.12 [L] 2012-03-22 Designer More space for licensee in “About” window
1.8.11 [L] 2012-03-21 Designer Added some icons to main menu
1.8.10 [L] 2012-03-01 Table Field exits can be switched on in the settings dialog when using the compression feature
1.8.9 [L] 2012-02-29 Server Some fixes for CSV value formatting
1.8.8 [L] 2012-02-28 Table Preview is using real data instead of dummy data (this was accidentally changed in 1.6.3).
1.8.7 [L] 2012-02-17 Table Compression feature for faster data extraction released now for public use
1.8.6 [L] 2012-02-10 General Added Preview Mode in General Settings
1.8.5 [L] 2012-02-09 General Added padding for log entries in txt files and ‘copy to clipboard’ feature
1.8.4 [M] 2012-02-09 General Fixes & improvements for extraction abort
1.8.3 [M] 2012-02-09 Server Fix for buffer BufferLifespanMinutes
1.8.2 [L] 2012-01-26 Designer Removed default values of client and language for new connections; changed tab order
1.8.1 [M] 2012-01-26 General Change to avoid “Attempt to read or write protected memory” error immediately after start of extraction execution (occurred at arbitrary times)
1.8.0 [L] 2012-01-20 Server New extraction abort mechanism
1.7.7 [M] 2012-01-15 BW Cube Implemented new BEX mode for extraction
1.7.6 [L] 2012-01-12 Designer Fix for extractions with reference to an non-existing shared connection (connection dialog did not open)
1.7.5 [L] 2012-01-05 BW Cube Fix for output column reordering when adding dimension property
1.7.4 [L] 2012-01-05 BW Cube Fix for output column reordering and metadata refresh
1.7.3 [L] 2012-01-05 BW Cube Fix for invalid output column reordering (output window could not be opened)
1.7.2 [M] 2011-12-20 General Fix for being unable to connect to server with many extractions (about 100 and above)
1.7.1 [L] 2011-12-13 BW Cube Fix for metadata of extractions with output column transformation
1.7.0 [L] 2011-11-30 Server Added extraction list via HTTP, name filter for logs via HTTP
1.6.8 [L] 2011-11-29 General Fix for connections using Load Balancing
1.6.7 [L] 2011-11-09 Server Changed behavior of min/max parameters for log retrieval via HTTP
1.6.6 [L] 2011-10-20 Report Added pattern for detection of report header during autmatic column detection
1.6.5 [L] 2011-10-20 Query Correction for the value help for variants (some variants were not displayed correctly)
1.6.4 [L] 2011-10-17 BW Cube Support for new OLAP BAPIs (see SAP note 1232751). The feature can be switched on in the settings dialog.
1.6.3 [L] 2011-10-07 Service Fix: Service stopped unexpectedly on certain power events
1.6.1 [L] 2011-10-04 Server Fix: Sometimes server stopped to handle HTTP request after extractions had been aborted
1.6.0 [L] 2011-09-29 Server Added version information retrieval via HTTP
1.5.5 [L] 2011-09-22 Server Added ‘DistributeSetup’ server setting
1.5.4 [L] 2011-09-16 BW Cube Added reordering of output columns
1.5.3 [M] 2011-09-02 Server Server stability fix
1.5.2 [M] 2011-08-29 Designer GUI improvements
1.5.0 [M] 2011-08-24 General Several fixes & improvements
1.4.3 [L] 2011-08-10 Designer Fix for extraction logs not beeing displayed since 1.4.0
1.4.2 [L] 2011-08-09 Table Table packages are now always processed asynchronous
1.4.0 [M] 2011-08-04 Server Server stability fixes & improvements
1.3.12 [L] 2011-08-04 Designer Fix for Designer crash when right-clicking on extraction list header with empty extraction list
1.3.9 [L] 2011-08-02 Server Fix for missing names in log retrieval via HTTP
1.3.8 [L] 2011-08-02 DeltaQ Fix for missing RequestID column in metadata retrieval via HTTP (DeltaQ)
1.3.7 [L] 2011-07-18 BW Cube Added extraction setting to disable dummy data for BWCube preview
1.3.6 [L] 2011-07-14 Server Added metadata retrieval via HTTP for Table & DeltaQ
1.2.4 [M] 2011-06-03 BW Cube Fix for BW Cube measures decimal separator if ‘Use Caption for Pipline’ is set
1.2.3 [M] 2011-05-19 General Fix for logging fatal errors of versions >= 1.2.0
1.2.1 [M] 2011-05-16 Server Fixes & improvements for buffer
1.2.0 [M] 2011-05-12 Server Improved logging & buffer
1.1.2 [L] 2011-05-09 DeltaQ Timeout value can be adjusted manually in the DeltaQ settings dialog
1.1.1 [L] 2011-05-02 DeltaQ Improved sending of Request IDoc at DeltaQ extraction with timestamp
1.1.0 [L] 2011-04-28 Server Added RequestID & RowCount columns to logs via HTTP
1.0.0 [H] 2011-04-28 General BOARD Connector first public release