The Xtract Kernel contains core extraction logic and is used by the following products:

For communication with the SAP system, the Xtract Kernel uses ERPConnect.

We recommend to check for updates at least every three months. If there is at least one newer release available with medium or high update priority, please download the latest version from the customer portal and deploy it to your test environment.

Definition of Version Numbers #

Format: A.B.C [X]

  • A is incremented with major changes. Additional steps might be necessary when upgrading to this version.
  • B is incremented when an important feature is added, modified, or removed.
  • C is incremented when a bug is fixed, or a small feature is added, modified, or removed.
  • [X] defines the recommended priority for updating:
    • H - High: Install immediately.
    • M - Medium: Install within your usual update interval.
    • L - Low: Install only if advised by the support team.
Version Date Component Description
5.7.0 [L] 2023-10-09 Query Removed Query
5.6.0 [L] 2023-08-03 Hierarchy Removed Hierarchy
5.5.1 [L] 2023-03-15 DeltaQ Replaced the local byte serialization/deserialization on IpcChannel with the ByteSerialization from Theobald.Common (introduced on 2.22.0)
5.5.0 [M] 2022-09-08 OHS Removed OHS
5.4.0 [M] 2022-09-08 Report Removed Report
5.3.0 [M] 2022-03-31 Table Join Removed TableJoin
5.2.0 [M] 2022-02-17 BAPI Removed BAPI extractor
5.1.9 [L] 2021-12-01 General Removed translations
5.1.8 [L] 2021-09-14 DeltaQ Server pool: Improvements for error handling
5.1.7 [M] 2021-09-10 DeltaQ Log RFC server registration errors to extraction log
5.1.6 [M] 2021-09-10 DeltaQ Aborting extraction if errors occur while sending request IDoc
5.1.5 [L] 2021-05-04 Hierarchy Fixed an issue where hierarchies in natural representation had no object name specified
5.1.4 [L] 2020-11-23 OHS Re-enabled NWRFC for OHS
5.1.3 [M] 2020-11-09 DeltaQ Incoming Info IDocs reset timeout now
5.1.2 [L] 2020-03-23 DeltaQ Fix for “timeout while trying to lock server list”
5.1.1 [L] 2020-03-17 BW Cube Fix for auto slicing MDX syntax on older SAP BW systems.
5.1.0 [M] 2020-02-04 General Updated to .NET Framework 4.7.2
5.0.7 [L] 2019-12-19 Table Join Fix for some ABAP types
5.0.6 [L] 2019-09-24 Theobald.Extractors Updated to 1.10.6
5.0.5 [L] 2019-09-24 Theobald.Extractors Updated to 1.10.5
5.0.4 [L] 2019-09-20 Theobald.Extractors Theobald.Extractors
5.0.3 [L] 2019-09-11 Theobald.Extractors Updated to 1.9.1
5.0.2 [L] 2019-08-20 Theobald.Extractors Updated to 1.8.0
5.0.1 [L] 2019-08-20 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
5.0.0 [L] 2019-08-13 Table Removed Table component (it’s part of Theobald.Extractors now)
4.3.1 [L] 2019-08-13 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.3.0 [M] 2019-08-07 DeltaQ Added support for INT8
4.2.8 [M] 2019-08-02 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.2.7 [L] 2019-08-01 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.2.6 [M] 2019-07-30 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.2.5 [L] 2019-07-29 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.2.4 [M] 2019-07-29 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.2.3 [M] 2019-07-25 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.2.2 [M] 2019-07-17 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.2.1 [L] 2019-06-28 OHS Introduced flag to asynchronously start process chains
4.2.0 [M] 2019-06-21 Table Added support for SSTRING/STRING/RAWSTRING (Z_THEO_READ_TABLE 1.12).
4.1.6 [M] 2019-06-21 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.1.5 [L] 2019-05-29 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.1.4 [L] 2019-05-14 Table Fixes for Conversion Routines
4.1.3 [L] 2019-05-14 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.1.2 [L] 2019-05-08 General Using MSBuild 16
4.1.1 [L] 2019-05-08 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.1.0 [M] 2019-05-08 General Updated to .NET Framework 4.7.1
4.0.3 [L] 2019-05-06 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.0.2 [M] 2019-05-06 BW Cube Fix for Auto Slicing feature (MDX_ALLOW_DUPLICATE_USE / SAP note 2398275)
4.0.1 [M] 2019-04-29 Theobald.Extractors Updated to
4.0.0 [M] 2019-04-26 General Updated to .NET Framework 4.6.1, included Theobald.Extractors
3.3.15 [L] 2019-04-15 ERPConnect Updated to
3.3.14 [L] 2019-03-25 ERPConnect Updated to
3.3.13 [L] 2019-03-22 General Removed “copy” button from Info message box
3.3.12 [M] 2019-03-21 DeltaQ Fixes & improvements for large packages
3.3.11 [M] 2019-02-26 ERPConnect Updated to
3.3.10 [L] 2019-02-25 ERPConnect Updated to
3.3.9 [L] 2019-02-25 DeltaQ Fixed a bug where the number of max connections was determined incorrectly on little endian systems
3.3.8 [M] 2019-02-22 Table Improved function module detection for Z_THEO_READ_TABLE
3.3.7 [L] 2019-02-20 General Fixed a bug that caused hex strings with uneven length to be parsed incorrectly
3.3.6 [M] 2019-02-04 DeltaQ Added various warnings during initial parameter check
3.3.5 [L] 2019-02-04 DeltaQ Logging Gateway Host, Gateway Service and Program ID before connecting to server pool
3.3.4 [L] 2019-02-04 DeltaQ Removed IDocs status check (obsolete)
3.3.3 [M] 2019-01-23 DeltaQ Request maintenance GUI: requests are only deleted when answering ‘Yes’
3.3.2 [L] 2019-01-22 Table Adjustments for new ABAP structure in Z_THEO_READ_TABLE
3.3.1 [M] 2019-01-18 Table Fix for data types when using Z_THEO_READ_TABLE
3.3.0 [M] 2019-01-15 Table Added support for Z_THEO_READ_TABLE
3.2.25 [L] 2019-01-15 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.24 [M] 2019-01-08 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.23 [M] 2018-12-14 DeltaQ Fix for Delta Init with selection filter
3.2.22 [L] 2018-12-10 OHS Stopping RFC server earlier (was running longer than required)
3.2.21 [L] 2018-11-26 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.20 [L] 2018-11-19 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.19 [L] 2018-11-05 DeltaQ Changed “Received tRFC call / data IDoc” and consistency check messages to “debug” log level
3.2.18 [L] 2018-11-05 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.17 [L] 2018-11-02 Table Added detection of Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_ZHAW during lookup
3.2.16 [M] 2018-10-29 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.15 [M] 2018-10-16 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.14 [L] 2018-10-09 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.13 [L] 2018-10-04 Table Removed data compression flag and added auto detection for compression function modules
3.2.12 [L] 2018-10-02 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.11 [L] 2018-09-25 General Fix for showing error dialogs during lookup (e. g. missing authorization for DD02V).
3.2.10 [L] 2018-09-24 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.9 [L] 2018-09-19 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.8 [L] 2018-09-19 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.7 [M] 2018-09-11 Table Fix for very wide tables (e. g. STXL with all fields selected)
3.2.6 [L] 2018-08-31 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.5 [L] 2018-08-27 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.4 [L] 2018-08-15 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.3 [M] 2018-08-07 BW Cube Variable editor is resizable now
3.2.2 [L] 2018-08-06 ERPConnect Updated to
3.2.1 [M] 2018-07-30 DeltaQ Fix for DeltaQ customizing check (RFC server)
3.2.0 [M] 2018-07-24 General Updated ERPConnect to, removed old Table features
3.1.32 [L] 2018-06-29 ERPConnect Updated to
3.1.31 [L] 2018-06-21 Table Compression: Fix for column positions with multibyte encodings on non-Unicode systems (e. g. Korean)
3.1.30 [L] 2018-06-20 Table Compression: Fix for newlines with multibyte encodings on non-Unicode systems (e. g. Korean)
3.1.29 [M] 2018-05-30 DeltaQ Fix for DeltaQ customizing check (RFC server connection)
3.1.28 [M] 2018-05-29 DeltaQ Fix for hierarchies (bug introduced in 3.1.24)
3.1.27 [L] 2018-05-21 ERPConnect Updated to
3.1.26 [L] 2018-05-11 General Fix for SSTRING length
3.1.25 [L] 2018-05-01 DeltaQ Hierarchy lookup - fix for empty language
3.1.24 [M] 2018-05-01 DeltaQ Performance improvements
3.1.23 [L] 2018-04-23 ERPConnect Updated to
3.1.22 [L] 2018-04-18 General Improved error and info dialogs
3.1.21 [L] 2018-04-17 ERPConnect Updated to
3.1.20 [M] 2018-04-10 DeltaQ Fix for langauge key during lookup
3.1.19 [M] 2018-04-06 BW Cube Fix for uppercase column names
3.1.18 [L] 2018-04-03 ERPConnect Updated to
3.1.17 [L] 2018-03-05 Table Enabled custom order by for compression feature
3.1.16 [L] 2018-02-26 General Fix for checking program Id
3.1.15 [M] 2018-02-21 DeltaQ Fix for selections on columns that are not part of the result
3.1.14 [L] 2018-02-09 DeltaQ Hierarchy backward-compatibility: Fix for legacy date selection
3.1.13 [L] 2018-02-09 DeltaQ Hierarchy metadata retrieval: Fix for date selection
3.1.12 [L] 2018-02-09 DeltaQ Hierarchy lookup now also selects version
3.1.11 [L] 2018-02-07 DeltaQ Fix for reading max. connections from QSENDDEST on old systems
3.1.10 [M] 2018-01-31 DeltaQ Fix for casing of SSIS variables (broken since 3.1.6)
3.1.9 [L] 2018-01-27 DeltaQ Improved logging
3.1.8 [M] 2018-01-27 DeltaQ Fixes & improvements for RFC destination Unicode check
3.1.7 [M] 2018-01-27 DeltaQ Server pool is re-used for sequential extractions
3.1.6 [M] 2018-01-27 DeltaQ Some case-sensitivity fixes (source/target system, gateway host/service)
3.1.5 [L] 2018-01-23 Table Fix for ArgumentNullException in rare cases
3.1.4 [L] 2018-01-18 Table Fix for custom function without compression
3.1.3 [L] 2018-01-11 General Fixes for error dialog
3.1.2 [L] 2018-01-10 DeltaQ Hierarchy: Backward-compatibility fix (broken since 3.1.1)
3.1.1 [L] 2018-01-09 DeltaQ Fix for legacy hierarchy detection
3.1.0 [M] 2017-12-05 DeltaQ Changed request Id format to REQU_pppppppp_yyyyMMddHHmmss to support SAP BW export data sources
3.0.11 [L] 2017-12-01 ERPConnect Updated ERPConnect to
3.0.10 [L] 2017-11-30 General Fixes for GUI scaling
3.0.9 [M] 2017-11-28 General Improved error dialogs
3.0.8 [L] 2017-11-22 DeltaQ Fix for errors during hierarchy lookup
3.0.7 [L] 2017-11-21 Table Fixed the issue in table component with column lengths of raw datatypes
3.0.6 [L] 2017-11-13 DeltaQ Improved error message of pool connections.
3.0.5 [M] 2017-11-09 DeltaQ Fix for integer overflow
3.0.4 [L] 2017-11-09 XtractQL Added support for SNC with load balancing
3.0.3 [M] 2017-11-09 ERPConnect Updated to
3.0.2 [M] 2017-11-07 Query Fix for standard area
3.0.1 [M] 2017-11-07 Report Fix for automatic column detection
3.0.0 [M] 2017-11-03 General Added JSON serialization for Table, Query & Hierarchy. Various fixes & improvements.
2.5.13 [L] 2017-10-18 ERPConnect Updated to
2.5.12 [L] 2017-09-15 BW Cube Fix for MDX extraction without metadata
2.5.11 [M] 2017-09-12 ERPConnect Updated to
2.5.10 [L] 2017-08-28 ERPConnect Updated to
2.5.9 [M] 2017-08-28 DeltaQ Fix for merging hierarchy texts
2.5.8 [M] 2017-08-17 DeltaQ Fix for lengths (bug introduced in 2.4.8)
2.5.7 [L] 2017-08-16 DeltaQ Fix for tracing
2.5.6 [L] 2017-08-16 ERPConnect Updated to
2.5.5 [L] 2017-08-14 DeltaQ Fix for customizing check (NetWeaver RFC)
2.5.4 [L] 2017-08-14 ERPConnect Updated to
2.5.3 [L] 2017-08-10 ERPConnect Updated to
2.5.2 [L] 2017-08-08 ERPConnect Updated to
2.5.1 [L] 2017-08-08 DeltaQ Fix for checking activation timestamp with multiple source systems
2.5.0 [L] 2017-08-08 DeltaQ Added support for NetWeaver RFC libraries
2.4.8 [L] 2017-08-04 DeltaQ Fix for switching between non-Unicode and Unicode systems
2.4.7 [L] 2017-08-03 ERPConnect Updated to
2.4.6 [L] 2017-08-03 ERPConnect Updated to
2.4.4 [L] 2017-07-13 DeltaQ Hierarchy: Fixes for “unknown segment name”
2.4.3 [M] 2017-07-12 ERPConnect Updated to
2.4.2 [M] 2017-07-10 ERPConnect Updated to
2.4.1 [L] 2017-07-07 Table Join Added error message for cluster tables
2.4.0 [M] 2017-07-06 DeltaQ Improved automatic synchronization
2.3.14 [M] 2017-07-05 ERPConnect Updated to
2.3.13 [M] 2017-07-04 ERPConnect Updated to
2.3.12 [L] 2017-06-13 DeltaQ Workaround for legacy metadata
2.3.11 [M] 2017-06-12 DeltaQ Increased timeout for registering RFC servers
2.3.10 [L] 2017-06-08 Table Fix for delta inits for 0UC* datasources.
2.3.9 [M] 2017-06-01 DeltaQ Fixed race condition: Request IDoc could be sent, before RFC servers had been registered
2.3.8 [M] 2017-05-31 ERPConnect Updated to
2.3.7 [L] 2017-05-31 BW Cube Added support for legacy metadata retrieval
2.3.6 [M] 2017-05-16 DeltaQ Fix for missing registration in transaction SMQS
2.3.5 [M] 2017-05-16 DeltaQ Fix for auto-sync
2.3.4 [M] 2017-05-16 DeltaQ Fixes & improvements for parallel extractions
2.3.3 [M] 2017-05-15 Table Compression feature: Fix for parallel extractions on shared connection
2.3.2 [L] 2017-05-09 Table Compression feature: Added trimming for D16R and D16D types
2.3.1 [L] 2017-05-09 Table Compression feature: Improved error messages
2.3.0 [M] 2017-05-09 Table Performance improvements (compression feature)
2.2.3 [M] 2017-04-27 ERPConnect Updated to
2.2.2 [M] 2017-04-26 DeltaQ Removed option for resending errors
2.2.1 [M] 2017-04-26 DeltaQ Removed Dispatcher Service (no longer needed)
2.2.0 [M] 2017-04-26 DeltaQ DeltaQ server pool is run in separate process now
2.1.9 [L] 2017-04-18 Table Join Fixes for TableJoin data transfer
2.1.8 [M] 2017-04-06 DeltaQ Fixes for OLTP timestamps
2.1.7 [L] 2017-03-31 ERPConnect Updated to
2.1.6 [L] 2017-03-28 ERPConnect Updated to
2.1.5 [L] 2017-03-23 OHS Ignoring SAP error 307 (empty result)
2.1.4 [M] 2017-03-23 DeltaQ Server pool: improved error handling
2.1.3 [M] 2017-03-23 ERPConnect Updated to
2.1.2 [M] 2017-03-20 DeltaQ Fix for NullReferenceException during early/late abort
2.1.1 [L] 2017-03-20 ERPConnect Updated to
2.1.0 [L] 2017-03-20 DeltaQ Fixes and improvements for DeltaQ dispatcher service
2.0.8 [M] 2017-03-13 ERPConnect Updated to
2.0.7 [L] 2017-03-09 ERPConnect Updated to
2.0.6 [L] 2017-03-09 General Updated build tools to MSBuild 15.0
2.0.5 [L] 2017-03-03 ERPConnect Updated to
2.0.4 [L] 2017-03-01 ERPConnect Updated to
2.0.3 [M] 2017-02-22 ERPConnect Updated to
2.0.2 [M] 2017-02-22 Query Fix for integers with non-default output lengths
2.0.1 [M] 2017-01-30 DeltaQ Fixes & improvements for server pool
2.0.0 [M] 2017-01-27 General Kernel is based on .NET 3.5SP1/4.5.2 now
1.30.0 [M] 2017-01-17 OHS Checking process chain log for errors every five minutes
1.29.0 [M] 2017-01-12 DeltaQ Zombie RFC server connections are terminated before extraction starts
1.28.7 [L] 2017-01-09 ERPConnect Updated to
1.28.6 [M] 2016-12-22 ERPConnect Updated to
1.28.5 [H] 2016-12-20 DeltaQ Fix for race condition (first data package got lost in some cases)
1.28.4 [M] 2016-12-20 ERPConnect Updated to
1.28.3 [L] 2016-12-19 ERPConnect Updated to
1.28.2 [M] 2016-12-19 OHS Added support for Unicode RFC destinations
1.28.1 [M] 2016-12-05 DeltaQ Backward compatibility for old extractions with erroneous field lengths
1.28.0 [M] 2016-12-02 DeltaQ Added verification of column lengths in transfer structure
1.27.0 [M] 2016-11-25 DeltaQ Several fixes and improvements
1.26.2 [M] 2016-11-25 ERPConnect Updated to
1.26.1 [M] 2016-11-23 ERPConnect Updated to
1.25.0 [L] 2016-11-09 General Connection test now supports logon tickets
1.24.0 [M] 2016-11-02 DeltaQ New algorithm for generating names of transfer structures
1.23.9 [M] 2016-11-01 DeltaQ Fix for trimming spaces at the beginning
1.23.8 [M] 2016-10-31 DeltaQ Fix for trimming spaces at the end
1.23.7 [M] 2016-10-31 ERPConnect Updated to
1.23.6 [L] 2016-10-31 OHS Receiving an empty data package won’t result in canceling the whole extraction anymore.
1.23.5 [M] 2016-10-19 ERPConnect Updated to
1.23.4 [L] 2016-10-18 DeltaQ Added update mode A (activation only)
1.23.3 [L] 2016-10-10 ERPConnect Updated to
1.23.2 [L] 2016-10-06 ERPConnect Updated to
1.23.1 [L] 2016-09-28 ERPConnect Updated to
1.23.0 [M] 2016-09-28 DeltaQ Several fixes and improvements (esp. hierarchies)
1.22.8 [M] 2016-09-15 General Fix for “connection closed”
1.22.7 [L] 2016-09-12 BW Cube Fix for number of decimals in BW cubes with data type CURR. Set to 3 regardless of SAP BW metadata.
1.22.6 [H] 2016-09-09 ERPConnect Updated to 4.40.7
1.22.5 [L] 2016-08-31 DeltaQ Fix for serialization info in hierarchy extractions
1.22.4 [L] 2016-08-29 ERPConnect Updated to
1.22.3 [L] 2016-08-29 DeltaQ Added new Update Mode I to DeltaQ (e.g. fo data source 2LIS_03_BX)
1.22.2 [L] 2016-08-25 Report Fix for long where statements in report variant lookup
1.22.1 [L] 2016-08-25 ERPConnect Updated to
1.22.0 [M] 2016-08-23 BAPI Added support for multiple tables/exports in result
1.21.0 [M] 2016-08-23 BAPI Added support for export parameters in result
1.20.9 [M] 2016-08-18 ERPConnect Updated to
1.20.8 [M] 2016-08-18 ERPConnect Updated to
1.20.7 [M] 2016-08-05 OHS Reduced CPU load while waiting for notification
1.20.6 [L] 2016-08-03 BW Cube Fix for empty results
1.20.5 [M] 2016-08-01 ERPConnect Updated to
1.20.4 [L] 2016-07-28 DeltaQ Sets correct primary key in DeltaQ Hierarchy
1.20.3 [M] 2016-07-28 DeltaQ Fix for DeltaQ Hierarchy getting wrong formatted data
1.20.2 [L] 2016-07-28 Query Improved error message for metadata/result mismatch
1.20.1 [L] 2016-07-28 BW Cube Integrated Exclude option to filter
1.20.0 [M] 2016-07-20 Hierarchy “Remove leading zeros” now supports compounds
1.19.8 [M] 2016-07-13 ERPConnect Updated to
1.19.7 [L] 2016-07-11 BW Cube Fix for order of currency columns
1.19.6 [L] 2016-07-08 ERPConnect Updated to
1.19.5 [L] 2016-07-07 BW Cube Fixes for column order
1.19.4 [L] 2016-07-07 ERPConnect Updated to
1.19.3 [L] 2016-07-06 ERPConnect Updated to
1.19.2 [L] 2016-07-05 ERPConnect Updated to
1.19.1 [M] 2016-06-30 General Bugfix for number conversions with negative exponents.
1.19.0 [M] 2016-06-27 DeltaQ Performance improvements
1.18.6 [M] 2016-06-16 BW Cube Fix for DBNulls
1.18.5 [L] 2016-06-16 OHS Marked NWRFC as not supported at the moment
1.18.4 [L] 2016-06-16 DeltaQ Marked NWRFC as not supported at the moment
1.18.3 [L] 2016-06-15 ERPConnect Updated to
1.18.2 [L] 2016-06-14 ERPConnect Updated to
1.18.1 [L] 2016-06-08 ERPConnect Updated to
1.18.0 [L] 2016-06-08 OHS Added support for SNC RFC destination
1.17.0 [L] 2016-06-08 DeltaQ Added support for SNC RFC destination
1.16.10 [L] 2016-06-07 General Fix for NW RFC customizing check
1.16.9 [L] 2016-06-06 ERPConnect Updated to
1.16.8 [L] 2016-05-31 General Improved error messages in look-up forms
1.16.7 [L] 2016-05-31 ERPConnect Updated to
1.16.5 [L] 2016-05-11 Table Join Added script expressions to table join queries
1.16.4 [L] 2016-05-10 ERPConnect Updated to
1.16.3 [L] 2016-05-03 DeltaQ Lock timeout in case of multiple DeltaQ processes increased from 10 to 30 seconds.
1.16.2 [M] 2016-05-03 TQB Updated TQB table metadata creation logic
1.16.1 [L] 2016-05-03 ERPConnect Updated to
1.16.0 [M] 2016-05-03 Hierarchy Added DateFrom/DateTo for temporal hierarchy join
1.15.8 [L] 2016-04-29 DeltaQ Improved checks for unicode and RFC protocol in DeltaQ extractions and Customizing check
1.15.7 [M] 2016-04-25 ERPConnect Updated to
1.15.6 [M] 2016-04-21 ERPConnect Updated to
1.15.5 [M] 2016-04-20 DeltaQ Fix for non-Unicode RFC destinations
1.15.4 [L] 2016-04-20 ERPConnect Updated to
1.15.3 [M] 2016-04-20 ERPConnect Updated to
1.15.2 [L] 2016-04-19 Table Fix for multiple languages in table look-up
1.15.1 [M] 2016-04-19 ERPConnect Updated to
1.15.0 [L] 2016-04-19 Hierarchy Added JSON serialization
1.14.22 [L] 2016-04-18 ERPConnect Updated to
1.14.21 [L] 2016-04-14 DeltaQ Correction for delta inits for 0ME_ISM* OLTP datasources. A timestamp was not set correctly.
1.14.20 [L] 2016-04-08 BW Cube Fix for X in measures
1.14.19 [L] 2016-03-21 DeltaQ Fix for missing values in extractor 0EPM_EMPLOYEE_ORG_HIER
1.14.18 [L] 2016-03-11 OHS Correction for Decimal numbers that were converted to 0 in rare cases
1.14.17 [L] 2016-02-24 BW Cube Fix for BEX mode. Commands are ignored when resultset is empty to prevent short dump in SAP.
1.14.14 [L] 2016-02-03 General Fixed “position” in metadata of Table and OHS (was 1-based instead of 0-based)
1.14.11 [L] 2016-01-27 OHS Correction and fix for customers who have not yet implemented SAP note 1273946
1.14.5 [L] 2016-01-07 ERPConnect Updated to
1.14.4 [L] 2016-01-07 Hierarchy Duplicates in basic characteristic are ignored now
1.14.3 [L] 2016-01-04 Hierarchy Improved error message for node conflicts
1.14.2 [L] 2015-12-22 OHS Implemented SAP note 1866743 for error message “Cannot lock request”, increased parameter I_ENQUEUE_LOOP_COUNT to 300
1.13.32 [L] 2015-11-04 DeltaQ Fix for customizing check that failed accidently when using NW libraries instead of librfc32
1.13.30 [L] 2015-11-02 DeltaQ Fix for certain cost center hierarchies (e.g. CSKS_S_HIENODE_0101)
1.13.29 [L] 2015-10-28 Table Uses better custom functions as default
1.13.28 [L] 2015-10-15 DeltaQ The output of the customizing check can be sent directly to the clipboard.
1.13.27 [L] 2015-10-07 BW Cube The number of elements shown in the filter dialog hierarchy was increased from 10K to 500K
1.13.26 [L] 2015-09-22 ERPConnect Updated to
1.13.25 [L] 2015-09-18 Table Join Updated criteria designer to catch enter key in editing mode for value text box.
1.13.24 [L] 2015-09-17 TQB Changed SQL text box in SQL dialog to be read only in TQB.
1.13.23 [L] 2015-09-16 TQB Added special About dialog to designer.
1.13.22 [L] 2015-09-10 Table Fix for table columns with datatype SSTRING and defined max length. SSTRING columns without a maximum length are still unsupported.
1.13.21 [L] 2015-09-10 Table Fix for tables that contain an apostroph in the values of the primary key while using the compression feature. This situation could lead to a shortdump due to syntax error in generic ABAP code.
1.13.20 [L] 2015-09-08 DeltaQ Increased performance of dispatcher service
1.13.19 [L] 2015-09-07 Report Fixed bug in the search of reports
1.13.18 [L] 2015-08-26 Table Join Correction for certain SSTRING columns
1.13.17 [L] 2015-08-14 TQB Added logic to scroll last added output field into view once it got added.
1.13.16 [L] 2015-08-14 TQB Updated logic to highlight output field during moving actions (move up/down).
1.13.15 [L] 2015-08-14 TQB Added logic to add and delete all table fields from the output field selection list.
1.13.14 [L] 2015-08-13 TQB Updated validation logic to check table references in criteria clauses once a table will be deleted.
1.13.13 [L] 2015-08-13 Table Join New ABAP sources for Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_COMPRESSION to improve performance especially on SAP system based on MAXDB. New function module Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_JOIN released as beta version.
1.13.12 [L] 2015-08-13 TQB Updated logic to autosize table field widths.
1.13.11 [L] 2015-08-13 TQB Updated selection logic of output field list to highlight moving fields.
1.13.10 [L] 2015-08-12 TQB Updated logic to autosize table field columns in designer surface.
1.13.9 [L] 2015-08-12 TQB Updated internal table join structure handling.
1.13.8 [L] 2015-08-12 Table Join Updated table join structure to handle alias field names in extraction results.
1.13.7 [L] 2015-08-10 TQB Fixed minor bugs.
1.13.6 [L] 2015-08-10 TQB Updated keyboard and selection handling in table lookup dialog and within the table field list (return selection).
1.13.5 [L] 2015-08-08 TQB Updated keyboard and selection handling in table lookup dialog.
1.13.4 [L] 2015-08-06 Report Fix for using automatic column detection with reports that have a line break
1.13.3 [L] 2015-08-05 OHS Fix for OHS meta data handling
1.13.2 [L] 2015-08-04 OHS Fixed metadata check (length)
1.13.1 [L] 2015-07-30 BW Cube Fix for bad column captions during preview when adding units to the measure columns
1.13.0 [L] 2015-07-28 Hierarchy SID structure is extracted for all hierarchies instead of table
1.12.19 [L] 2015-07-24 TQB Updated logic for table filterbox to allow searching descriptions.
1.12.18 [L] 2015-07-24 TQB Fixed bug in table filterbox to disable drops.
1.12.17 [L] 2015-07-24 TQB Updated import logic to display error messages for invalid models.
1.12.16 [L] 2015-07-23 TQB Added additional validation logic.
1.12.15 [L] 2015-07-23 General Correction for handling certain BCD datatypes which were calculated too small (e.g. LIPS-UEBTO)
1.12.14 [L] 2015-07-22 Table Fixed bug in table lookup form
1.12.13 [L] 2015-07-21 TQB Fixed bug in table filterbox to allow deleting text input.
1.12.11 [L] 2015-07-19 TQB Updated the table field filter box to support clear button.
1.12.10 [L] 2015-07-18 TQB Updated table join dialog in TQB.
1.12.9 [L] 2015-07-18 TQB Added support to display dynamic tooltips for table join definitions in TQB.
1.12.8 [L] 2015-07-18 TQB Added support to import and export query in TQB
1.12.7 [L] 2015-07-16 BW Cube Added date recognition for BW Cubes
1.12.6 [L] 2015-07-16 TQB Fixed minor bugs,
1.12.5 [L] 2015-07-15 TQB Added support for variable definition used by Xtract IS for grouping criteria in TQB.
1.12.4 [L] 2015-07-15 TQB Fixed bug in drag and drop logic of the table filterbox in TQB.
1.12.3 [L] 2015-07-15 TQB Now auto-join feature is supported for pasted tables in TQB.
1.12.2 [L] 2015-07-15 TQB Added support to sort table fields by name in TQB.
1.12.1 [L] 2015-07-15 TQB Updated auto-join feature in TQB.
1.12.0 [L] 2015-07-14 OHS Added support for non-unicode RFC destinations on big endian systems
1.11.11 [L] 2015-07-14 ERPConnect Updated to
1.11.10 [L] 2015-07-14 TQB Changed recent used objects (RUO) sorting in table lookup dialog.
1.11.9 [L] 2015-07-14 TQB Added new auto-join feature in TQB.
1.11.8 [L] 2015-07-14 TQB Added new filterbox to filter table fields if table contains a large number of fields,
1.11.7 [L] 2015-07-14 TQB Fixed bugs with aggregate function combobox in output field selection panel.
1.11.6 [L] 2015-07-14 TQB Fixed bugs with alias naming in TQB.
1.11.5 [L] 2015-07-12 TQB Updated resource loading problem once TQB is referenced in related products.
1.11.4 [L] 2015-07-08 OHS RFC Server logging is switched on automatically when client logging/tracing active
1.11.3 [L] 2015-07-07 General Fix for function module Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_COMPRESSION. Conversion exit for ALPHA conversion was not called correctly.
1.11.1 [L] 2015-06-25 Table Correction for fields of type decimal with 0 decimal digits
1.10.5 [L] 2015-06-09 BW Cube Added new Hierarchy Command feature for BEx mode
1.10.4 [L] 2015-05-26 Table Fix for lengths in metadata
1.10.3 [L] 2015-04-30 Hierarchy Fixed hierarchy metadata (parent/child)
1.10.2 [L] 2015-04-30 BW Cube Correction for using BWCube’s Refresh button with queries that contain structures
1.10.1 [L] 2015-04-17 ERPConnect Updated to
1.8.55 [L] 2015-04-15 DeltaQ Correction for trimming behaviour: If a column is a non-CHAR field (e.g. CURR or DEC) leading spaces are trimmed
1.8.54 [L] 2015-03-24 ERPConnect Updated to
1.8.53 [L] 2015-03-23 BW Cube Variable value help is now hierarichal if the member has hierarchies
1.8.52 [L] 2015-03-17 DeltaQ Bug fix for selecting a hierarchy object from value help dialog after having resorted the hierarchy list
1.8.51 [L] 2015-03-06 DeltaQ Leading blanks were accidently trimmed under certain circumstances
1.8.50 [L] 2015-03-05 Table Fix for delimiter handling in table extraction.
1.8.49 [L] 2015-02-26 BW Cube Improved handling for structures in measures
1.8.48 [L] 2015-02-25 DeltaQ More details in log when resending failed calls while using the debug details switched on
1.8.47 [L] 2015-02-21 BW Cube The applied filters are reflected in the MDX dialog (in earlier versions the filters were ignored)
1.8.46 [L] 2015-02-21 BW Cube “Uncheck All” button available in members filter dialog
1.8.45 [L] 2015-02-21 BW Cube The parent entries of the selected members in the members filter dialog are now highlighted in blue
1.8.44 [L] 2015-02-18 ERPConnect Updated to
1.8.43 [L] 2015-02-16 Report It’s possible now to select a report directly by typing in the report’s name in the look up dialog and press ok without the need to perform a search operation.
1.8.42 [L] 2015-02-06 BW Cube Added tree view and search to selection of member filters
1.8.41 [L] 2015-01-27 BW Cube Addded support for manual slicing/filtering
1.8.40 [L] 2015-01-26 BW Cube New functions for manual slicing/filtering added
1.8.39 [L] 2015-01-22 BW Cube Option “Use new OLAP BAPIs” is withdrawn as the new OLAP BAPIs are checked automatically and will be used if available
1.8.38 [L] 2015-01-22 BW Cube Added new feature “Automatic Slicing”
1.8.37 [M] 2015-01-21 Hierarchy Texts of leaves were missing for info objects with compounds
1.8.36 [L] 2015-01-20 Hierarchy Fix for lookup if pattern doesn’t match any entries
1.8.35 [L] 2015-01-08 ERPConnect Updated to
1.8.34 [L] 2015-01-02 BW Cube Correction for column naming in case of using description texts for naming with multiple columns with the same description
1.8.33 [L] 2014-12-09 ERPConnect Updated to
1.8.32 [L] 2014-12-03 Table Fix for DF* data types in table extraction
1.8.31 [L] 2014-12-02 ERPConnect Updated to
1.8.30 [L] 2014-12-01 ERPConnect Updated to
1.8.29 [L] 2014-12-01 Table Fix for empty nodetable in tree browser
1.8.27 [L] 2014-11-25 ERPConnect Updated to
1.8.26 [L] 2014-11-12 DeltaQ Added missing authority check for object S_RO_OSOA to customizing check
1.8.25 [L] 2014-11-11 DeltaQ New Create() method for DeltaQDefinition
1.8.24 [L] 2014-11-10 BW Cube Correction for using query views under BW rel. 7.4 and above
1.8.23 [L] 2014-11-04 DeltaQ The setting “RFC Server tracing” is withdrawn. To trace the RFC Server activity switch the logging of the client connection on.
1.8.22 [L] 2014-10-24 DeltaQ General improvement for the handling of incoming calls under certain SAP releases
1.8.21 [L] 2014-10-15 DeltaQ Fix for certain hierarchy extractors with special hierarchy segments (e.g. 0DF_IS_DFS_24)
1.8.20 [L] 2014-10-15 DeltaQ Fix for certain hierarchy extractors with special hierarchy segments (e.g. 0DF_IS_DFS_24)
1.8.19 [L] 2014-10-13 BW Cube Correction for carriage return symbols in certain resultsets
1.8.18 [L] 2014-10-13 BW Cube Correction for empty cells at the end of resultsets produced by BEX mode extractions
1.8.17 [L] 2014-10-01 DeltaQ Added authority object B_ALE_RECV to customizing check
1.8.16 [L] 2014-09-03 BW Cube Correction for inadequate info message when receiving an empty resultset “Failing to rename column…”
1.8.15 [L] 2014-09-02 ERPConnect Updated to
1.8.13 [L] 2014-08-25 Table Correction for tables with columns with an unlimited output length (e.g. XML strings). These columns are ignored now and doesn’t lead to a meta data error anymore.
1.8.12 [L] 2014-08-19 XtractQL Bug fix for DESCRIBE BWQUERY CATALOG command.
1.8.11 [L] 2014-08-11 Hierarchy Better error message in case of authorisation issues
1.8.10 [L] 2014-08-06 BW Cube Added better error message in case a non-existent query view is trying to be executed in BEX mode
1.8.9 [L] 2014-07-21 Hierarchy Added columns Version and Date To to search dialog
1.8.8 [L] 2014-07-10 BW Cube Fix for using cubes or queries with namespace slashes in BEX mode
1.8.7 [L] 2014-06-24 ERPConnect Updated to
1.8.6 [L] 2014-06-17 DeltaQ Improved error message for DeltaQ dispatcher operations
1.8.5 [L] 2014-05-23 DeltaQ Improved automatic activation
1.8.4 [L] 2014-05-20 BW Cube New BWCube look-up
1.8.2 [L] 2014-05-19 Query Fix for queries with multiple internal lists
1.8.1 [L] 2014-05-15 BAPI New BAPI look-up
1.8.0 [M] 2014-05-13 Query Workaround for result column length of some queries
1.7.7 [L] 2014-05-08 Query Some fixes for new query look-up
1.7.5 [L] 2014-05-08 ERPConnect Updated to
1.7.4 [L] 2014-05-07 DeltaQ Fix for using unicode RFC destinations together with DeltaQ Dispatcher Service
1.7.2 [L] 2014-05-06 ERPConnect Updated to
1.7.1 [L] 2014-05-02 BW Cube Fix for wrong variable value help when sorting the entries within the grid of the variables dialog
1.7.0 [L] 2014-04-30 Hierarchy Added support for SAP Release 7.4
1.6.13 [L] 2014-04-17 Hierarchy New hierarchy look-up
1.6.12 [L] 2014-04-15 Query New query look-up and metada retrieval
1.6.11 [L] 2014-04-15 ERPConnect Updated to
1.6.10 [L] 2014-04-12 BW Cube Workaround for variable usage with Bex mode under BW release 7.4
1.6.9 [L] 2014-04-11 XtractQL Updated XQLDataReader logic in XtractQL.
1.6.7 [L] 2014-04-10 DeltaQ Fix for issues with S init with certain OLTP sources: Setting the I_INITSIMU param to X when calling RSA1_OLTPSOURCE_GET_SELECTIONS
1.6.6 [L] 2014-04-10 XtractQL Updated logic to set MaxLength property for result data tables in XtractQL.
1.6.2 [L] 2014-04-08 Table Optimized initial loading time of tree browser
1.6.1 [L] 2014-04-08 Table Optimized table lookup and filtering in tree browser
1.6.0 [L] 2014-04-01 Table Added tree browser for table lookup
1.5.15 [L] 2014-03-25 ERPConnect Updated to
1.5.13 [L] 2014-02-25 ERPConnect Updated to
1.5.12 [L] 2014-02-22 Report Correction for automatic column detection when header rows occur multiple times in the report’s output
1.5.11 [L] 2014-02-21 BW Cube Fix for a typo in variables dialog
1.5.10 [L] 2014-02-20 Scripting Evaluating scripted expressions no longer appends a new line
1.5.9 [L] 2014-02-20 Scripting Exception is thrown if }# is missing
1.5.7 [L] 2014-02-11 ERPConnect Updated to
1.5.6 [L] 2014-01-30 DeltaQ Fix for using Delta Init with data sources like 0FI_GL_10 and 0FI_GL_14
1.5.5 [L] 2014-01-22 General Fix for parsing empty strings
1.5.4 [H] 2014-01-16 ERPConnect Updated to
1.5.3 [L] 2013-12-15 DeltaQ Fix for value help for logical destination: Destinations are now also shown, when the description in logon language is not maintained
1.5.1 [L] 2013-11-17 DeltaQ Correction for certain hierarchries likes 0FUNCT_LOC_HIER or 0EQUIPMENT_HIER
1.4.61 [L] 2013-10-29 DeltaQ Fix for metadate issue when using DeltaQ hierarchies in natural representation
1.4.60 [L] 2013-10-05 BW Cube Fix for variable handling in BEX mode under certain release > 7.01
1.4.59 [L] 2013-09-12 BW Cube Added support for pure MDX execution
1.4.57 [L] 2013-06-26 BW Cube Fix for BEX extractions that contain line break in caption (column name)
1.4.56 [L] 2013-06-26 DeltaQ RequestID is not re-used when doing a repair request. A new ID is generated.
1.4.55 [L] 2013-06-17 Report Fix for settings Report Rows per Data Row (with values greater than 1)
1.4.54 [L] 2013-06-09 DeltaQ Improved meta data handling
1.4.53 [L] 2013-06-06 DeltaQ Fix for wrong job state detection when performing repairs to delta updates which failed with an aborted job
1.4.52 [L] 2013-06-04 BW Cube Improved error message in case of SAP errors
1.4.51 [L] 2013-06-03 BW Cube Improvement for BEX mode in BW Cube component when using older releases (3.5 or lower)
1.4.50 [L] 2013-04-24 Table Improved logging in case of syntax error in WHERE clause
1.4.49 [L] 2013-04-23 DeltaQ Fix for known issue that resending tRFC calls fail when RFC destination and Program ID have different values
1.4.48 [L] 2013-04-19 Report Option added to enable row skipping via a regular expression
1.4.47 [L] 2013-04-05 DeltaQ RFC Server Ping removed in customizing check to avoid trouble with certain SAP patches
1.4.46 [L] 2013-03-28 Table Bugfix for Recycle SAP Connection message when using compression and multiple table extraction with only one connection manager
1.4.45 [L] 2013-03-28 Report Bugfix for reporst with empty column header while using Automatic Column Detection
1.4.44 [L] 2013-03-25 DeltaQ Bug fix when DeltaQ background job is trying to call RSS1_QUEUE_DELETED_IN_OLTP
1.4.43 [L] 2013-03-22 DeltaQ Bugfix for Delta inits without data
1.4.42 [L] 2013-03-16 Report Correction for using * in the report’s Select Options
1.4.41 [L] 2013-03-12 BW Cube Bugfix for BEX extraction with empty column headers
1.4.40 [L] 2013-03-05 DeltaQ Fix for using Exclude as Sign in selections
1.4.39 [L] 2013-02-26 Table Maximum Packagesize was increased from 100000 to 500000
1.4.38 [L] 2013-02-18 Report Correction for XXX column with automatic column detection
1.4.37 [L] 2013-02-14 DeltaQ Improvement for DeltaQ Inits and filters (e.g. with 0FI_GL_4)
1.4.36 [L] 2013-01-19 Table Disabled .NET Code in WHERE clause
1.4.35 [L] 2013-01-18 DeltaQ Improvement for Dispatcher Service
1.4.34 [M] 2013-01-16 BAPI Added support for structures/tables which contain alignment gaps caused by includes
1.4.33 [L] 2013-01-02 DeltaQ Improved logging for DeltaQ Dispatcher Service
1.4.32 [L] 2012-12-25 Table New feature: .NET code can be used within a WHERE clause to enable dynamic WHERE statements with or without variables
1.4.30 [L] 2012-12-12 BW Cube Fix for metadata: Changed length of measures from 256 to 15, changed length of dimensions from 256 to 255
1.4.29 [L] 2012-12-05 BW Cube Various bugfixes within the low level MDX generator unit
1.4.27 [L] 2012-11-28 Table Correction for misformated PERIO field like in CE1* tables when using compression
1.4.25 [L] 2012-11-14 Hierarchy Added support for alternative BAPI for reading tables
1.4.23 [L] 2012-10-30 BW Cube Correction for renaming columns in OLAP mode (error message: Cannot find column XX)
1.4.22 [L] 2012-10-26 DeltaQ A new dialog for maintaining the Delta requests was added to the settings dialog
1.4.21 [L] 2012-10-23 BAPI Fix for packed numbers (DEC, QUAN, etc.)
1.4.20 [L] 2012-10-18 Table Correction for incorrect negative currency conversion fields when using compression and field exits at the same time
1.4.18 [L] 2012-09-24 DeltaQ Automatic detection of Request ID when doing a Repair Request
1.4.16 [L] 2012-09-19 BAPI Fix for parameters of ABAP type p
1.4.15 [L] 2012-09-14 DeltaQ Added addtional checks for Data Package Verification
1.4.14 [L] 2012-09-10 Hierarchy Added feature to always use the raw hierarchy table for backward-compatiblity
1.4.13 [M] 2012-09-10 DeltaQ New feature was added to enable two additional columns in DeltaQ output: DataPackageID and RowCounter
1.4.12 [L] 2012-09-04 Hierarchy Yet another fix for hierarchies with multiple matching entries in RSRHIEDIR_OLAP
1.4.11 [L] 2012-09-04 Hierarchy Another fix for hierarchies with multiple matching entries in RSRHIEDIR_OLAP
1.4.10 [L] 2012-08-29 Hierarchy Fix for hierarchies with multiple matching entries in RSRHIEDIR_OLAP
1.4.8 [L] 2012-08-23 BW Cube Bug fix for non-aggregated dimensions (dimension type 4)
1.4.7 [L] 2012-08-08 Hierarchy Links are also resolved in hierarchies which are neither time-dependent nor contain intervals
1.4.6 [L] 2012-08-07 Hierarchy Fix for duplicated children of characteristic nodes in parent/child representation of hierarchies which have either a time-dependent structure or contain intervals
1.4.5 [M] 2012-08-06 BW Cube Fix for missing data / errors related to asynchronous processing
1.4.2 [L] 2012-07-12 Table Fix for table fields that contain a currency conversion number which is 0 like in field VBRK-KURRF (together with compression feature turned on)
1.4.0 [L] 2012-07-10 BAPI New BAPI implementation
1.3.29 [L] 2012-07-06 Hierarchy Fix for some hierarchies with time-dependent structure since version 1.3.15.x
1.3.27 [L] 2012-06-17 Table Fix for BadFormatException when extracting table TCURR with field UKURS with compression switched to on
1.3.25 [L] 2012-06-08 DeltaQ Fix for natural hierarchies (DBNull cast)
1.3.24 [L] 2012-06-01 Hierarchy Fix for missing nodes at first level
1.3.23 [L] 2012-06-01 Hierarchy Fix for description texts of text nodes of language-independent InfoObjects
1.3.21 [L] 2012-05-27 Table It’s now possible to use GetDate() to point to the current date within a WHERE clause. Attention! The term GetDate() is case-sensitive!
1.3.20 [L] 2012-05-25 Hierarchy Descriptions of text nodes where missing in some cases for hierarchies which are not language dependent
1.3.18 [L] 2012-05-04 DeltaQ Added authority object S_IDOCMONI to customizing check
1.3.17 [L] 2012-05-02 DeltaQ Correction for certain hierarchies with special tRFC segments (e.g. 0GL_ACCOUNT_T011_HIER)
1.3.16 [L] 2012-04-27 Hierarchy Fix for DBNull conversion error
1.3.12 [L] 2012-04-12 BW Cube Correction for > sign in complex ranges of the BW Cube component
1.3.9 [L] 2012-03-29 Table Fix for incorrect conversion of decimal fields with more than 4 decimal digits (Slash sign lead to error) when extracted with compression
1.3.8 [L] 2012-03-23 Hierarchy Fix for node names which begin with spaces
1.3.7 [M] 2012-03-22 BW Cube Correction for “2” character in property’s name
1.3.6 [L] 2012-03-21 Hierarchy Added option “Leaves Only” for natural representation
1.3.5 [L] 2012-03-21 Hierarchy Renamed option “Repeat Leaves” to “Fill Empty Levels” because the repeated nodes are no leaves but the last node of the current path
1.3.4 [L] 2012-03-21 Hierarchy Fix for counting merged text rows
1.3.3 [L] 2012-03-21 Query Bug Fix for != (NE) operator in range
1.3.2 [L] 2012-03-08 Table Correction for wrong conversion with FiscPer fields together with data compression
1.3.1 [L] 2012-03-03 DeltaQ Bugfix for incorrect output length with columns of type RAW in tRFC mode
1.3.0 [L] 2012-02-29 Table When using compression, it is possible to activate the field exits in SAP (Conversion Routines)
1.2.4 [M] 2012-02-13 BW Cube Bug fix for renaming of column when the original column contains a LEVEL01 or any other level stuff
1.2.3 [L] 2012-02-13 DeltaQ Addtional authority checks during customizing check
1.2.2 [M] 2012-02-02 General Fix for aborting extractions
1.2.1 [L] 2012-02-01 DeltaQ Correction for timeout behaviour when SAP sends a large number of Info IDocs while the data transfers are done after all Info IDocs are sent
1.1.5 [L] 2012-01-26 ERPConnect Updated to
1.1.4 [L] 2012-01-23 DeltaQ Bug fix for automatic activation in case the transfer structure is already active
1.1.2 [L] 2012-01-17 Table Compression feature is released
1.1.1 [M] 2012-01-15 BW Cube Implemented new BEX mode for extraction
1.0.76 [L] 2012-01-12 DeltaQ Bug fix for certain exotic hierarchies like 0GLACCEXT_T011_HIER that are transferred with DTFIGL_HIERNODE_1 segments
1.0.75 [L] 2012-01-11 DeltaQ Bug fix for missing bytes in columns of type Floating Point
1.0.74 [L] 2011-12-06 DeltaQ Corection for special hierarchy 0REOBJECT_HIER (error message unkown segment)
1.0.71 [L] 2011-11-29 ERPConnect Updated to
1.0.70 [L] 2011-11-28 ERPConnect Updated to
1.0.68 [L] 2011-11-26 Table Package ordinal number now printed in log output
1.0.67 [L] 2011-11-16 DeltaQ Correction in RFC Destination Look Up dialog. The correct entry is now selected after re-sorting
1.0.66 [L] 2011-11-16 Query Bugfix for query extractions in local workspace
1.0.65 [L] 2011-11-12 DeltaQ Fix: Request ID is now available in the resultset
1.0.64 [M] 2011-11-10 General Fix for invalid error log entries
1.0.63 [L] 2011-11-07 Hierarchy Fix for systems which do not support intervals
1.0.62 [L] 2011-11-07 Hierarchy Fix for systems which do not support “temporal hierarchy join” option
1.0.60 [L] 2011-10-20 Report Added pattern for detection of report header during automatic column detection
1.0.58 [L] 2011-10-07 Report Attribute ‘Skip Rows’ is now also working together with automatic column detection
1.0.57 [L] 2011-10-06 ERPConnect Updated to
1.0.56 [L] 2011-10-05 DeltaQ DeltaQ migrated to Kernel
1.0.54 [L] 2011-09-12 Query Using long column names
1.0.53 [L] 2011-09-12 Hierarchy Fix for wrong hierarchy node name in Natural representation since version 1.0.44
1.0.48 [L] 2011-08-25 Hierarchy Corrected position of NodeText column in parent/child representation (Hierarchy)
1.0.47 [L] 2011-08-23 BW Cube Bugfix for LookUp dialog for BW queries
1.0.45 [L] 2011-08-09 Query Performance improvements for SAP Queries
1.0.44 [L] 2011-08-07 Hierarchy Added optional description texts of levels for natural hierarchy representation
1.0.43 [M] 2011-08-07 Query Performance optimization for Query extractions
1.0.42 [L] 2011-08-04 Hierarchy Fix for hierarchy description texts of nodes names which contain non-alphanumeric characters
1.0.41 [L] 2011-08-02 Hierarchy Fix for description texts of hierarchies with external characteristics without hierarchies
1.0.40 [L] 2011-07-20 Hierarchy Fix for hierarchies with external characteristics without hierarchies
1.0.39 [L] 2011-07-19 Table Fix for table look up dialog for tables which description text is not available in the logon language
1.0.38 [L] 2011-07-19 General Fix for Greek characters
1.0.37 [L] 2011-07-19 OHS Fix for OHS in general
1.0.36 [L] 2011-07-19 OHS Fix for OHS look up dialog
1.0.35 [L] 2011-07-19 General Fix for Greek characters
1.0.34 [L] 2011-07-15 Hierarchy Added support of time-dependent hierarchies
1.0.33 [L] 2011-07-06 Report Consolidation of report extraction to kernel
1.0.32 [L] 2011-06-22 Hierarchy Added description texts for hierarchies with external characteristics and description texts of text nodes
1.0.30 [L] 2011-06-22 BAPI Correction for decimals in BAPI tables
1.0.29 [L] 2011-06-22 Hierarchy Implemented removal for leading zeros in hierarchy names
1.0.28 [L] 2011-06-17 Hierarchy Fix for natural representation of some hierarchies and some hierarchies with intervals
1.0.27 [L] 2011-06-10 Hierarchy Fix for hierarchies which have invalid Rest Top SID entries in RSRHIEDIR_OLAP
1.0.26 [L] 2011-06-06 Hierarchy New Hierarchy implementation
1.0.25 [L] 2011-05-16 Hierarchy Supports BW Hierarchy Intervals