See the Xtract Kernel Version History for changes related to core extraction logic.

We recommend to check for updates at least every three months. If there is at least one newer release available with medium or high update priority, please download the latest version from the customer portal and deploy it to your test environment.

Definition of Version Numbers #

Format: A.B.C [X]

  • A is incremented with major changes. Additional steps might be necessary when upgrading to this version.
  • B is incremented when an important feature is added, modified, or removed.
  • C is incremented when a bug is fixed, or a small feature is added, modified, or removed.
  • X defines the recommended priority for updating:
    • H - High: Install immediately.
    • M - Medium: Install within your usual update interval.
    • L - Low: Install only if advised by the support team.
Version Date Component Description
2.15.2 [L] 2021-08-12 Licensing Backward-compatibility for default destinations (new licenses on old XU versions)
2.15.1 [L] 2021-08-12 General Client handles of StdIn, StdOut and StdErr in the Process-Wrapper are now closed correctly on the server side after sending them to the client.
2.15.0 [M] 2021-07-08 General Start processes using P/Invoke instead of System.Diagnostics.Process
2.14.16 [L] 2021-07-01 WPF Introduction of ShowConfirmation4All message box
2.14.15 [L] 2021-06-10 General Byte token support for line reader Performance optimization for line reader
2.14.14 [M] 2021-05-20 WPF Fix for displaying messages when no possible window owner is found for the message dialog
2.14.13 [L] 2021-05-06 General Message box for showing certificates Webrequest wrapper for better tls error messages certificate pinning and tls error handling infrastructure
2.14.12 [L] 2021-05-03 WPF Added WarningConfirmation dialog to TheoMessageHelper
2.14.11 [L] 2021-05-03 WPF Added colored icons for custom message boxes
2.14.10 [L] 2021-04-16 WPF Fixed a bug which would cause the whole About Window to stretch together with the destinations list
2.14.9 [L] 2021-03-31 Licensing Added sources limit.
2.14.8 [L] 2021-03-23 General Some additions for reading/writing JSON and file I/O
2.14.7 [L] 2021-03-02 General CsvReader overhaul
2.14.6 [L] 2021-02-22 WPF Introduced new messaging system(Release note)
2.14.5 [L] 2021-02-10 General Added custom Number struct and ReadNumber method to JsonReader
2.14.4 [L] 2021-01-28 Licensing Added new License Destination for Sql Server Reporting Services
2.14.3 [L] 2021-01-22 General 7Bit encoding stream extensions for i32 and BigInteger
2.14.2 [L] 2021-01-20 General Fixed a bug where the CSVReader would not correctly signal a new line, Fixed a bug where the CSVReader would ignore a line break after a quoted cell
2.14.1 [L] 2021-01-19 General Fix for writing TimeSpan on JsonWriter class(Release note)
2.14.0 [L] 2021-01-15 General CsvReader class which implements reading CSV data as specified in RFC4180. (Beta)
2.13.12 [M] 2021-01-13 General Fix for ambiguous timestamps during daylight saving time transition
2.13.11 [L] 2021-01-07 General JsonReader ReadBooleans() and ReadDoubles() added for arrays
2.13.10 [L] 2020-12-03 General Fix for CrLf handling in CharsToLines, including UnitTests; LineToCells for splitting CSV lines into the cells.
2.13.9 [L] 2020-11-30 WPF Added “refresh” icon.
2.13.8 [L] 2020-11-26 General Fix for creating lines from chars in specific condition where some lines could have their content overwritten by others’
2.13.7 [L] 2020-11-09 Licensing Added sources limit to license
2.13.6 [L] 2020-11-06 General Updated NW RFC libraries to 750 patch level 7
2.13.5 [L] 2020-11-03 WPF Added new icon.
2.13.4 [L] 2020-11-02 General IoHelper.OpenFileRetryWrite() now has FileMode parameter instead of bool
2.13.3 [L] 2020-10-26 General Added JSON support for ushort
2.13.2 [L] 2020-09-24 WPF Fix for a bug where the new progress dialog would pop up as the top most window instead of a modal dialog.
2.13.1 [L] 2020-09-24 WPF Added new ProgressDialog class for running tasks with a progress dialog.
2.13.0 [M] 2020-09-14 Licensing Added Google Cloud Storage to Licensing Enum
2.12.0 [L] 2020-09-11 WPF Generic about window created
2.11.0 [L] 2020-08-26 General Added generic read buffer
2.10.0 [L] 2020-08-13 General Added helper for processes
2.9.2 [L] 2020-08-13 General IoHelper.DeleteFileRetry no longer retries on DirectoryNotFoundExceptions
2.9.1 [M] 2020-07-29 General Updated NW RFC libraries to 750 patch level 6
2.9.0 [M] 2020-07-23 General Added basic support for bulky async data processing
2.8.0 [M] 2020-07-15 General Added TimeStamp data type (utclong)
2.7.6 [L] 2020-07-03 WPF Fix for cut off version numbers in the version history window.
2.7.5 [L] 2020-05-20 Licensing License forward compatibility improvement for supported components and destinations.
2.7.4 [M] 2020-05-04 General Added ReadDecimal, ReadDouble, ReadInt64 to JsonReader. Fixed double in JsonWriter
2.7.3 [M] 2020-04-28 Licensing Added Parquet destination to XU default destinations
2.7.2 [M] 2020-04-27 Licensing Added Parquet destination
2.7.1 [L] 2020-03-23 Licensing Fixed forward compatibility of licensed components.
2.7.0 [M] 2020-02-26 Licensing All XU licenses implicitly contain the default destinations now
2.6.0 [M] 2020-02-26 Licensing Added JSON destination to XU default licenses
2.5.0 [M] 2020-02-20 General Added retry logic for accessing files in use
2.4.1 [L] 2020-02-06 General Extended JSON Writer
2.4.0 [M] 2020-02-04 WPF Updated to .NET Framework 4.7.2
2.3.1 [H] 2020-01-16 General RemoveControlCharacters() accidentally removed everything except ASCII since version 2.2.1
2.3.0 [M] 2019-12-18 General Moved log splitting to LoggerMulti to properly support XU config / web server logs
2.2.4 [L] 2019-11-26 General New DeleteFile method in IOHelper(Release note)
2.2.3 [M] 2019-11-15 General Updated gacutil to 4.7.2558.0
2.2.2 [M] 2019-11-15 General Updated Installer for XIS/XRS
2.2.1 [L] 2019-11-15 General RemoveControlCharacters now also removes chars from the C1 range
2.2.0 [M] 2019-11-13 General Logger throws InvalidOperationException if used without calling Start()
2.1.0 [L] 2019-11-13 General Logging now supports 24h and more in one log (but still restricted to < 100h)
2.0.0 [M] 2019-09-23 General Updated to .NET Standard 2.0