This article shows how to use the integration type Transaction in yunIO.
The following example application uses transactions to create new equipment in SAP. For more information on creating equipment, see SAP Help: Creating a Piece of Equipment.

Prerequisites #

  1. The SAP connection asigned to a transaction service must use an SAP dialog user with enough access rights to create new equipment.
  2. Create a new Transaction service in yunIO. For more information on creating a service, see Creating a Service.

Note: The integration type Transaction is currently marked as “Preview” and is not fully functional. Future versions will work with any SAP transaction code.

Tip: The transaction feature of yunIO offers the same functionalities as the SAP GUI. Therefore knowing how to navigate the SAP GUI makes it easier to use the transaction feature.

Creating Equipment #

Follow the steps below to create an equipment that has a location and warranty assigned to it.

  1. Enter the transaction IE01 to create new equipment in the main input field (1).
  2. Click [Start] to execute the transaction in your SAP system.
    All available fields from the SAP GUI are displayed in Input Fields.
  3. Edit the fields according to the kind of equipment you want to create e.g., enter a new equipment number (2). yunio-Transaction-IE01
  4. Select Submit from the list of available actions in the drop-down-menu (3).
    The drop-down-menu lists all available actions from the SAP GUI. Submit corresponds to submitting input in the SAP GUI.
  5. Click [Next] to execute the selected action. All actions are logged in the section GUI Steps (4).
  6. Enter the general data of your equipment.
  7. Adding a location to the equipment:
    Select [TAB] Location from the drop-down-menu (3) and click [Next]. [TAB] Location corresponds to opening the Location tab in the SAP GUI. Enter the location data for your equipment.
  8. Adding a warranty to the equipment:
    Select [TAB] Warranty and Partner from the drop-down-menu (3) and click [Next]. [TAB] Warranty and Partner corresponds to opening the Warranty tab in the SAP GUI. Enter the warranty data of your equipment.
  9. Select Save from the drop-down-menu (3) and click [Next] to save the equipment.
  10. Select Exit from the drop-down-menu (3) and click [Next] to end the process. The following actions are logged in GUI Steps:

Open SAP and check if the new equipment is available.

Note: When using Transaction, warnings and error messages from SAP are displayed in yunIO e.g., “Equipment number… not in external number interval”. These messages are not yunIO specific and should be treated accordingly.