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Due to corporate network regulations there might be the requirement that all web traffic goes through a web proxy.
This means that Xtract Universal must also connect to a destination (e.g. S3 AWS) via a proxy server.

A proxy server can be configured in Xtract Universal in the following ways:

System wide in the Windows settings #

Open the settings Network and Internet in your Windows start menu and set the respective proxy server settings there. When connecting to a destination in Xtract Universal the connection will always be routed through the proxy server. XU-proxy-settings-01

XU application specific #

This can be achieved following the Microsoft guidelines. Modify the XtractRun.exe.config and the XtractDesigner.exe.config files, that can be found in the Xtract Universal installation folder.
Enter the following section in both files:

        <proxy  proxyaddress="http://[My_Proxyserver]:3128"

For My_Proxyserver set the IP address of your proxy server: XU-proxy-settings-02 XU-proxy-settings-03

Note: Proxy server settings are generic settings that apply to all XU destinations.

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