About #

Xtract Universal enables data extraction from ABAP based SAP systems, like SAP ECC, S/4, BW, etc. to various destination environments:

  • Database destinations
  • Cloud Storage destinations
  • BI Analytic clients
  • etc.

The following article describes the simple steps how to extract and load SAP data to a database table on SAP DWC. This would be the data ingestion or staging part of a data load.
Any post-processing and data modeling on DWC is not covered in this article.

Assumption #

This article assumes:

  • Xtract Universal is already installed on a Windows machine; a number of extractions have been created.
  • You have an SAP DWC environment in place.
  • Optional: You have a cloud storage environment (Azure Storage, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage) in place.

If you are not familiar with Xtract Universal, you may want to first take a look at our Getting Started with Xtract Universal pages.

General Workflow for Creating and Running Extractions #

Xtract Universal allows data extraction from different SAP objects:

supported SAP Source objects

This way, multiple extractions can be created: List of XU extractions

Extractions can be manually triggered from the Xtract Universal Designer. Data is extracted from SAP and written to the destination.
Later on, these extractions can be scheduled so as to run automatically.

Run Dialog

For simplicity, the following steps were omitted in this workflow:

  • Creating a connection to a SAP source system.
  • Creating a connection to a destination.

Direct Integration with DWC #

In this scenario, data from an extraction is directly written to a database table on SAP DWC. This table can be automatically created by Xtract Universal, taking into account the SAP source object’s meta data (data fields, data types).


Output on SAP DWC (viewed through SAP HANA Database Explorer) DWC

The technical connection between Xtract Universal and SAP DWC is established through the ADO.NET driver of the SAP HANA client.


Indirect Integration (via Cloud Storage) #

Xtract Universal supports data ingestion to the following cloud storage environments:

  • Microsoft Azure Storage
  • AWS S3
  • Google Cloud Storage


In the same way, SAP DWC supports these environments as a data source.


Integration of Xtract Universal and SAP DWC would happen through the respective cloud storage environment:

  1. Xtract Universal loads SAP data to the cloud storage.
  2. SAP DWC reads that data from the cloud storage.