Target audience #

Customers who want to use certificates with Xtract Universal.

About #

This article presents two approaches to easily create a self-signed certificate. Please note that the procedure for certificate creation in your company could differ from this guide.

For transport encryption and authentication in Xtract Universal it is required to install an X.509 certificate.

There are two ways for creating an X.509 certificate:

  • Certificate released by an (internal) certification authority (CA)
  • Self-signed certificate

Approaches #

We focus on self-signed certificates here. There are several ways to create such certificates, two of which are briefly presented here.

  1. Creation via PowerShell
    Please have a look at the following Microsoft Article about certificate creation via PowerShell.
  2. Creation via Windows Management Concole
    Have look at the following video:

Note: The approach via Windows Management Console only works when the AD user has the respective permissions to undertake these actions.