The following article describes the integration of Xtract Universal into the BI tool KNIME via SAP Reader (Theobald Software).

Requirements #

The following software applications must be installed for integration into KNIME:

Step by step guide #

Note: Basic knowledge of creating extraction in Xtract Universal is necessary for the following integration scenario, see Defining a Table Extraction.

  1. Create an extraction in Xtract Universal and make sure that the Web Service - HTTP-CSV (1) Destination is selected for the extraction. XU Extraction Webservice HTTP
  2. Start the KNIME Analytics Platform.
  3. Install the extension SAP Reader (Theobald Software). Install KNIME Extension
  4. Drag & Drop the Node / Source ‘SAP Reader (Theobald Software)’ (2) onto the KNIME Canvas. KNIME Extension
  5. Open the SAP Reader Task ‘Settings’ and enter the URL address of the Xtract Universal Server, e.g. http://localhost:8065/ (3). SAP Reader Settings
  6. Click on [Fetch Queries] (4) and select the desired extraction.
  7. Confirm the entry by clicking [OK] (5).
  8. Start the extraction via [Execute]. Execute SAP Reader
  9. Check the extracted SAP data via [SAP Query Result]. SAP Reader Results