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The following section describes how to restrict the execution of defined extractions within Xtract Universal.

For a better understanding of the necessary settings, please follow the step-by-step instruction.

For this functionality an X.509 certificate based on the company’s Certificate authority (ca) is mandatory. This must then be used to create a personal certificate for the host name running the Xtract Universal Server.
Forward this request to your network administrators.

Step-by-step instruction #

  1. Log-in and start the Xtract Universal Designer. xu-designer
  2. Navigate to [Server] > [Settings].
  3. [Add] (1) Windows AD users in the Access Management section and enable check-box Restrict Designer access to the following users/groups. XU-config-server
  4. Change the Access control protocol in the Web Server tab to HTTPS - Restricted to AD users with Designer read access (2). XU-web-server
  5. Click on Select X.509 certificate (3) to bind the certificate location using Local Machine > Personal and confirm the changes with [OK] (5). Certificate-Location
  6. Confirm the changes with [OK] (4).
  7. Confirm the restart of the Xtract Universal Server with [Yes]. XU-Server-Restart-Question
  8. Confirm the Info window with [OK]. Info-Box
  9. Login to the XU server using following syntax [host name].[domain]:[port] xu-designer-2

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