About #

The following article shows how to execute and schedule all defined extractions in the Xtract Universal Designer.

The implementation of this scenario is realized via the integration of an SSIS-package.

The package uses the onboard SSIS tasks to sequentially call all existing extractions in Xtract Universal.

The execution is implemented via the SQL Server Agent as part of the SSIS-DB.

Requirements #

The following programs and tools are a prerequisite for using the above-mentioned SSIS-package:

Note: The Xtract Universal Server must be installed on the same environment as the SQL-Server / SSIS-DB using the default directory C:\Program Files\XtractUniversal.

Step-by-Step Guide #

  1. Import the SSIS-package XtractUniversalScheduler.dtsx into the SSIS-DB using the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Adjust the SSIS parameters to the correct values of the customer installation.

    SSIS Parameter Data type Sensitive Required Example Value Info
    XtractUniversalServer String False True [ServerName.theobald.local] Xtract Universal Server
    XtractUniversalServerPort String False True 8065 XU-Server Ports
  3. Schedule the deployed SSIS package using the integrated SQL Server Agent execution jobs. For more information, see Microsoft Documentation: Create a SQL-Server Agent Job. Create_Job_XtractUniversalScheduler_XtractUniversalScheduler
  4. Execute the created step of the SQL Server Agent.
  5. Check the correct execution of all defined extractions within the Xtract Universal Designer window. Xtract_Universal_Designer_Status
  6. Check the results in the extraction destination(s). Destination_Results

About the SSIS Package

The SSIS package contains the following SSIS variables:

SSIS Variables Data type Example Value Expression
extraction_arguments String -s todd.theobald.local -p 8065 -n ExtractionName "-s " + @[$Package::XtractUniversalServer] + " -p " + @[$Package::XtractUniversalServerPort] + " -n " + REPLACE ( SUBSTRING( @[User::extraction_folder_name], 53, LEN(@[User::extraction_folder_name]) - 52 ) , "\\general.json", "")
extraction_folder_name String C:\Program Files\XtractUniversal\config\ extractions\ExtractionName\general.json -