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Azure SSIS-IR Cluster ID is needed to create a customer bound license.

Azure SSIS-IR Cluster ID in the Azure Portal #

  • Within Azure Data Factory (ADF) navigate to “Let’s get started” and select Configure SSIS Integration.

Landing page

  • Select Data Factory -> [data factory name] (in the given example: ADF-XIS-YW).

Data factory example

  • Within the tab Connections select Integration Runtimes -> [integration runtime name] (in the given example: ADF-IR-XIS2).

The Azure SSIS-IR Cluster ID is composed of the name of the Data Factory and the name of the Integration Runtime.
Syntax example: Microsoft.DataFactory/factories/[data factory name]/integrationruntimes/[integration runtime name].
Syntax in the given example: Microsoft.DataFactory/factories/ADF-XIS-YW/integrationruntimes/ADF-IR-XIS2