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In addition to any known operands you can also use the LIKE operand in WHERE-Clauses.

A pattern in an operand is defined using the following wildcard characters:

  • ”%” is any character string (including an empty string)
  • “_” is any character

The pattern is case-sensitive. Trailing blanks in operands are ignored. This also applies in particular to operands of the type string with trailing blanks that are otherwise respected in ABAP.

Examples of LIKE operands #

WHERE-Condition Description
MSEG~MJAHR LIKE '20__' Filter back all fiscal years of the table column MSEG~MJAHR that start with 20.
MSEG~MBLNR LIKE '0049%' Filters all records of the table column MSEG~MBLNR that return the Number of Material Document starting with the value 0049.
BKPF~BUKRS LIKE '__1_' Filters all records that have a 1 in the third digit of the value for the company code (BKPF~BUKRS).