This article shows how to activate DataSources in your SAP system and make them available for Theobald Software products.

About DataSources #

A DataSource is a set of logically-related fields that are provided to transfer data into the BW.
DataSources supply the metadata description of source data. They are used to extract data from a source system and to transfer the data to the BW system. For more information on DataSources, see SAP Help: DataSource in the SAP Source System

To find DataSources in your SAP system, the relevant DataSources must be activated. To activate DataSources, follow the steps below. No SAP BW system is required.

Activating DataSources #

  1. Run transaction RSA9 to activate the Application Component Hierarchy.
    The Application Component Hierarchy is used to structure the DataSources in the Data Sources tree.
    Alternatively run the transaction SBIW and select [Business Content DataSources] > [Transfer Application Component Hierarchy].
  2. Confirm the security check for the Application Component Hierarchy with [YES].
    If a dialog box prompts you to enter a package, enter a package in the customer’s namespace and click [Save] or click [Local object].
  3. Run transaction RSA5 to access Transfer Business Content DataSources.
    Alternatively run transaction SBIW, and select [Business Content DataSources] > [Transfer Business Content DataSources].
  4. Select a DataSource or a Node you want to activate from the overview tree.
  5. Click [Activate DataSources] to activate the selected DataSources.

For more information on the activation process, see Set Up and Activate DataSources.

How to Access a DataSource in Theobald Products #

DataSources can be extracted using the ODP or DeltaQ component of any Theobald Software product.