Should you encounter a problem or error when using our software, please submit a support ticket via our ticket system.

Please make sure to provide as much information as possible in order for the Theobald Software support team to understand and analyze the issue you are facing.

The customer-specific settings can be visualized as screenshots. All of the following information can be determined independently by the user of our Xtract products.

Mandatory Information #

The following information is required to process a support ticket. Transmit entire log and no excerpts.

Extraction Log

  • Select the faulty extraction in the Xtract Universal Designer (1)
  • Click on [Log] to open the corresponding extraction log (2)
  • Copy the entire log information by [Copy to clipboard] (3)



Optional information #

This information is optional and can be requested by the technician.

Trace files

Extraction settings

  • Double-click on the corresponding extraction (4)
  • Click on [Extraction Settings] (5)
  • Create screenshot of the extraction settings (6)


Destination settings

  • Select the corresponding extraction (7)
  • Right-click on [Destination settings] and create screenshot (8)