Should you encounter a problem or error when using our software, please submit a support ticket via our ticket system.

Please make sure to provide as much information as possible in order for the Theobald Software support team to understand and analyze the issue you are facing e.g.

  • Screenshots of the component settings
  • SSIS logs as .txt or .xlsx file format
  • Xtract IS version number
  • SAP system release
  • used Visual Studio or SSDT version

SSIS Log using Visual Studio/SSDT (mandatory) #

The following information is required to process a support ticket. Please do always provide the complete SSIS-log instead of excerpts.

  1. Display the SSIS output windows within VS / SSDT using View > Output (1). XIS-SupportI
  2. Execute an SSIS package in Visual Studio/SSDT.
  3. Copy the content of the Output window into a text file (CTRL + A/C/V) and attach the file to the ticket (2). XIS-SupportII

SSIS Log/Report using SSMS (mandatory) #

  1. Open Integration Services Catalog (3).
  2. Right click on the package (4).
  3. Select Reports > Standard Reports > All Executions (5). XIS-Support
  4. Go to View Overview and View Messages (6).
  5. Right click on the canvas Export > Excel (7). XIS-Support
  6. Attach the Excel file to the ticket.

Trace files (optional) #

The following information is optional and can be requested by the support consultant. Please do always provide the complete SSIS-log instead of excerpts.

Version of Xtract IS without log (optional) #

  1. Double click on any Xtract IS component.
  2. Click on XtractIS Info (8) > Version History (9) > Product Tab (10). XIS-Version xis_version_history_window
  3. Copy to a text file or make a screenshot.

Version of Visual Studio (VS) or SSDT (optional) #

  1. Open Help > About Microsoft Visual Studio (11). SSDT-Version
  2. Save the data as a text file via [Copy Info] (12). SSDT-Version