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XTable Data Browser allows you to easily browse through SAP data without the need of an SAP GUI. Simply use this application and unleash the power of your data and get rid of poor SAP usability. Without compromising on security and performance, your SAP data is brought to a user-friendly and straight-forward application.

It is also possible to process nearly any WHERE statement to suit the data to the user’s needs. Using a custom function no table width limitations are existent. This leads to a fast validation of SAP data and gives the user full flexibility in daily work with SAP data.

Besides that, SAP user authority is fully implemented for login and data browsing.

Additional main advantages with XTable Data Browser:

  • Based on SAP certified technology*

  • Very fast installation and configuration

  • Fast, simple & user-friendly; programming knowledge not necessary

  • Minimal to zero intrusion in your SAP system

  • Cross-module and module independent

  • Business logic is available

  • Robust, standardized process for incremental loads (Delta logic)

  • Central security concept

  • Central monitoring and process monitoring for complete control of SAP access

  • Cost savings through optimal integration, no friction losses

*Our SAP certified product ERPConnect provides the kernel for all our products and is responsible for the connection to each SAP system.

The following screenshot shows the table MAKT with an English language key (where clause):