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This sample shows how to get texts from sales orders using the function module RFC_READ_TEXT.

About #

Sales orders can store different kinds of texts. The texts can be attached to the order header or the order items.
Use the SAP standard function module RFC_READ_TEXT to retrieve the texts. RFC_READ_TEXT requires the following table input (table TEXT_LINES) for each text you want to fetch:

  • TDOBJECT is the name of the text object, e.g., VBBK for sales order header or VBBP for sales order item.
  • TBNAME is the key, e.g., in case of VBBP it is the sales order number and the Sales order item number.
  • TDID is the text ID that defines the text type, e.g., 0001 for Material sales text.
  • TDSPRAS is the language key.

Look up Text Information in SAP #

Follow the steps below to look up the correct text name, text object and text ID of a text in SAP:

  1. Open the sales order.
  2. Access item texts via More > Goto > Item > Texts or access header texts via More > Goto > Header > Texts.
  3. Click [Detail] (magnifying glass icon). The text editor opens.
  4. Navigate to Goto > Header. The window “Text Header” opens.

Tip: Use SAP transaction SE75 to look up all available text objects and the underlaying text IDs.


The following sample code calls RFC_READ_TEXT to query the item text of a sales order:

using System;
using ERPConnect;

// Set your ERPConnect license

using var connection = new R3Connection(
    host: "server.acme.org",
    systemNumber: 00,
    userName: "user",
    password: "passwd",
    language: "EN",
    client: "001")
    Protocol = ClientProtocol.NWRFC,

// Create function object
RFCFunction func = connection.CreateFunction("RFC_READ_TEXT");
// Add a new table row and fill it
RFCStructure newrow = func.Tables["TEXT_LINES"].Rows.Add();
newrow["TDOBJECT"] = "VBBP"; // Text object
newrow["TDNAME"] = "0000008221000010"; // Key
newrow["TDID"] = "0001"; // Text-ID
newrow["TDSPRAS"] = "EN"; // Language
//Execute the function          
// Loop the table
foreach(RFCStructure row in func.Tables["TEXT_LINES"].Rows)
Console.WriteLine("Press enter to quit.");