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The sample below shows how to reset a user’s password. This might be useful in web portals with employee self services.

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// open connection
ERPConnect.R3Connection con = new R3Connection("SAPServer",11,"XXX","XXX","EN","800");
// Create function object
RFCFunction func = con.CreateFunction("BAPI_USER_CHANGE");
// set the user's name
Console.WriteLine("Please type user's name to reset password");
string UserName = Console.ReadLine();
func.Exports["USERNAME"].ParamValue = UserName;
// set a new password
func.Exports["PASSWORD"].ToStructure()["BAPIPWD"] = "init01";
// set the X field to indicate that the password should be changed
func.Exports["PASSWORDX"].ToStructure()["BAPIPWD"] = "X";
// Execut e the function          
func.Execut e();
// loop return table and output messages
foreach(RFCStructure retrow in func.Tables["RETURN"].Rows)
Console.WriteLine("Press enter to quit.");