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This sample shows how to resend IDocs that are flagged with an error in the tRFC monitor.

About #

When IDocs are sent by SAP while the external system is not available, the IDocs / calls are flagged with error in SM58 (tRFC monitor). The calls are resent automatically after minutes depending on the system configuration.

Force Resend of an IDoc #

The following code sample looks up all errors in the table ARFCSSTATE of a given destination and then calls ARFC_RUN_NOWAIT to resend each call.

using System;
using ERPConnect;
using ERPConnect.Utils;

// Set your ERPConnect license

using var connection = new R3Connection(
    host: "server.acme.org",
    systemNumber: 00,
    userName: "user",
    password: "passwd",
    language: "EN",
    client: "001")
    Protocol = ClientProtocol.NWRFC,


// Look up errors in table ARFCSSTATE
string date = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1).ToString("yyyyMMdd");
var readTable = new ReadTable(connection)
    TableName = "ARFCSSTATE",
    WhereClause = $"ARFCDEST = 'DEST' AND ARFCDATUM >= '{date}' AND ARFCSTATE = 'CPICERR'"

if (readTable.Result.Rows.Count == 0)

// Execute ARFC_RUN_NOWAIT for each call
RFCFunction function = connection.CreateFunction("ARFC_RUN_NOWAIT");
function.Exports["WITH_ENQ"].ParamValue = "X";

for (int i = 0; i < readTable.Result.Rows.Count; i++)


    var row = readTable.Result.Rows[i];
    RFCStructure structure = function.Exports["TID"].ToStructure();
    structure["ARFCIPID"] = row["ARFCIPID"].ToString();
    structure["ARFCPID"] = row["ARFCPID"].ToString();
    structure["ARFCTIME"] = row["ARFCTIME"].ToString();
    structure["ARFCTIDCNT"] = row["ARFCTIDCNT"].ToString();