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The depicted example shows how to receive a MATMAS IDoc.

As shown in another example (RFC server), an RFCServer object is needed to accept calls from the SAP system. To receive IDocs with the RFCServer object we need to set the property CanReceiveIdocs to true. The event IncomingIdoc is fired when an IDoc is received by, so you can use this event to process the IDoc object. The code shows how to initialize and start the RFC Server, and how to install the event.

static void Main(string[] args)
    // define server object and start
    RFCServer s = new RFCServer();
    s.Logging = true;
    s.GatewayHost = "hamlet";
    s.GatewayService = "sapgw11";
    s.ProgramID = "ERPTEST";
    s.CanReceiveIdocs = true;
    s.IncomingIdoc+=new ERPConnect.RFCServer.OnIncomingIdoc(s_IncomingIdoc);
    s.InternalException+=new ERPConnect.RFCServer.OnInternalException(s_InternalException);
    Console.WriteLine("Server is running. Press any key to exit.");
Dim WithEvents s As RFCServer = New RFCServer
    Sub Main()
        ' define server object and start
        s.GatewayHost = "hamlet"
        s.GatewayService = "sapgw11"
        s.ProgramID = "ERPCONNECT"
        s.CanReceiveIdocs = True
        Console.WriteLine("Server is running. Press any key to exit.")
    End Sub

A reference to an IDoc object is transferred to the event IncomingIdoc. With the segment collection, the content of the IDoc can be analyzed. The first step is to obtain the E2MARAM005 segment. Within this segment, several E2MAKTM001 child segments contain material descriptions. We need to read the data buffer with the ReadData method. The description text is located at index 4 with a length of 40. You can use transaction WE60 or to look up IDoc structures. All description texts will be written to the console window

private static void s_IncomingIdoc(RFCServer Sender, Idoc idoc)
    Console.WriteLine("Recieved Idoc " + idoc.IDOCTYP);
    IdocSegment e1maram = idoc.Segments["E2MARAM005",0];
    for (int i=0; i < e1maram.ChildSegments.Count;i++)
        if (e1maram.ChildSegments[i].SegmentName == "E2MAKTM001")
            Console.WriteLine("Materialtext found: " + 
Private Sub s_IncomingIdoc(ByVal Sender As ERPConnect.RFCServer, ByVal idoc As ERPConnect.Idocs.Idoc) Handles s.IncomingIdoc
        Console.WriteLine("Recieved Idoc " + idoc.IDOCTYP)
        Dim e2maram As IdocSegment = idoc.Segments("E2MARAM005", 0)
        Dim i As Integer
        For i = 0 To e2maram.ChildSegments.Count - 1
            If e2maram.ChildSegments(i).SegmentName = "E2MAKTM001" Then
                Console.WriteLine("Materialtext found: " & _
                    e2maram.ChildSegments(i).ReadDataBuffer(4, 40))
            End If
        Next i
    End Sub

The screenshot below shows the sample program in action. In this case, 7 E2MAKTM001 segments were found so 7 texts are passed.