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This sample shows how to list detailed data of a purchase requisition using the BAPI BAPI_REQUISITION_GETDETAIL.

About #

To get the processing status of a purchase requisition, send the purchase requisition number to the BAPI. If the call is successful, the item data is returned in the Table REQUISITION_ITEMS.

Possible processing statuses returned by BAPI_REQUISITION_GETDETAIL:

  • N - Not edited
  • B - PO created
  • A - RFQ created
  • K - Contract created
  • L - Scheduling agreement created
  • S - Service entry sheet created


The following sample code calls the BAPI BAPI_REQUISITION_GETDETAIL to get the processing status of a purchase requisition:

public static void BanfStatus(string Banf_Number)
    RFCFunction func = connection.CreateFunction("BAPI_REQUISITION_GETDETAIL");
    func.Exports["NUMBER"].ParamValue = Banf_Number; 
    if (func.Tables["Return"].RowCount > 0)
     string rMessage = func.Tables["Return"].Rows[0, "MESSAGE"].ToString();
    if (func.Tables["REQUISITION_ITEMS"].RowCount > 0)
     foreach (RFCStructure dr in func.Tables["REQUISITION_ITEMS"].Rows)
       Console.WriteLine("BelgNummer:" + dr["PREQ_NO"].ToString() + " Pos: " + 
       dr["PREQ_ITEM"].ToString() + " Status: " + dr["PROC_STAT"].ToString());