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This sample shows how to create a Functional Location in SAP using the BAPI BAPI_FUNCLOC_CREATE.

About #

The Functional Location (External Number) must match the structure defined in the exporting parameter STRIND of BAPI_FUNCLOC_CREATE. You can export the default value for the superior functional location under data_specific - SUPFLOC.

Tipp: To change a Functional Location replace the function module “BAPI_FUNCLOC_CREATE” with the function module “BAPI_FUNCLOC_CHANGE”.


The following sample code calls the BAPI BAPI_FUNCLOC_CREATE to create a Functional Location in SAP:

using System;
using ERPConnect;

// Set your ERPConnect license

using var connection = new R3Connection(
    host: "server.acme.org",
    systemNumber: 00,
    userName: "user",
    password: "passwd",
    language: "EN",
    client: "001")
    Protocol = ClientProtocol.NWRFC,


RFCFunction func = connection.CreateFunction("BAPI_FUNCLOC_CREATE");
RFCStructure data_specific = func.Exports["DATA_SPECIFIC"].ToStructure();
	data_specific["STRIND"] = "A"; //StrIndicator
	data_specific["CATEGORY"] = "M"; //Category
	data_specific["SUPFLOC"] = ""; //Superior Function Location
RFCStructure data_general = func.Exports["DATA_GENERAL"].ToStructure();
    data_general["DESCRIPT"] = "My New Location2"; //Description
    data_general["MAINTPLANT"] = "1000"; //Mainplant        
func.Exports["LABELING_SYSTEM"].ParamValue = "A"; //Labeling System
func.Exports["EXTERNAL_NUMBER"].ParamValue = "1111-111-AA-15";  //Functional Location
RFCFunction funcCommit = connection.CreateFunction("BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT");
funcCommit.Exports["WAIT"].ParamValue  = "X"; 
 // ReturnMessage from BAPI
RFCStructure funcRet = func.Imports["RETURN"].ToStructure();
//strmessage = funcRet["MESSAGE"].ToString();
Console.WriteLine (funcRet["MESSAGE"].ToString());
Console.WriteLine ("Please press a Key to continue")