Create an RFC Destination / Logical System

  • Create a RFC destination.
  • Goto transaction SALE -> ALE -> Sending and Receiving Systems -> Define Logical System
  • Make a new entry named with the same name as your RFC destination
  • Goto transaction WE21
  • Create a new logical Port (Transctional RFC) and connect it to your RFC destination

Create a Distribution Model

  • Goto transaction BD64
  • Switch from display to edit mode
  • Create a new model view with name ZRFQ or select an existing model view
  • Add a new message type to your model view
    • Sender: You SAP’s logical system name (see table T000 if you don’t know)
    • Receiver: The logical system name of you sub system
    • Message Type: ORDERS
  • Select you model view -> Environment -> Generate Partner Profiles -> F8

Manipulating Partner Profiles

  • Goto transaction WE20
  • Choose your system on the left side
  • Double click on Outbound Parameter ORDERS
  • Switch to tab Message Control
  • Add a new Message Control
    • Application: EA
    • Message Type: NEU
    • Process Code: ME10


  • Goto transaction ME41
  • Create a new RFQ
  • After saving goto transaction ME43 (view RFQ)
  • Go to Header -> Messages
  • Mark ALE-Nessage, Press Processing Log to find out more about problems during IDoc creation
  • To find out more about the sent IDocs please go to transaction WE02