SAP integration with Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate is enabled with cloud connector ECS Core.

In the following video an SAP integration scenario with Power Apps and Power Automate is demonstrated:

In this business scenario material master data can be maintained and created from a PowerApp callable from a desktop computer or a mobile device.
All changings are posted to the SAP system via Power Automate. The connectivity with SAP is realized with cloud connector ECS Core.

Why process integration?
Handling transactional SAP processes from other platforms or employee portals than SAP can bring a lot of advantages. Most users don’t need or want to spend time in the SAP GUI, they want an easy, intuitive and user-friendly user interface. Training users for SAP-centric processes is costly and time consuming. Platforms such as SharePoint or Office365 are much better suited for handling such processes. Apps running there are embedded in a collaborative ecosystem employees are familiar with. Furthermore users should be only involved where it matters here, the rest is all automated, that’s the basic idea. If implemented properly, development and training costs, as well as maintenance and support tasks are much lower there than in SAP. In the end you save time, nerves and money.

Why integrate with Power Automate and Power Apps?
SAP is not the right platform for business process modeling (BPM). Even simple, predefined workflows such as leave or travel requests can only be adapted through complicated coding. That’s why BPM and workflow solutions such as Power Automate, Nintex or K2 are an interesting alternative here. These tools were specially invented for this topic and are very powerful and flexible when it comes to process modeling and automation. A huge amount of connectors are available in Microsoft Power Automate for example which allows a wide range of possible use cases.  All this is made possible through a no-code approach. Once created, the workflows and apps can easily proliferated to as many users as required.

Advantages of SAP integration with Theobald Software
In general our SAP connectors have a straight-forward integration, the tools are easy to install and to configure. Furthermore no installations or add-ons are necessary in SAP. For process integration, pre-built scenarios for common use cases and different SAP modules (Sales, Procurement, HR,..) are provided as business content by Theobald Software what makes it easy for customers to get started. The business content covers processes such as creating and changing sales orders, purchase orders, goods receipts, material master data and many more.