Some SAP integration scenarios require several function modules to be executed in a row in order to complete a process successfully. This could be the case for HR processes, where a personnel number needs to be locked and unlocked after some changes have been made. In this case the function calls must take place in the same so-called “connection scope”. The connection scope ensures that the function calls are related and not interrupted in between.

Setting up and using a connection scope is available as a feature in the Nintex Workflow Custom Actions in SharePoint On-Premises. These custom actions are part of the ERPConnect Services Nintex Edition and allow read and write access to SAP tables and functions directly within the Nintex Workflow designer.

Using a connection scope in the Call SAP Function Custom Action works as follows: Create a workflow variable and select it in the Connection Scope window in the custom action configuration screen:


To begin or end and a connection scope the appropriate box must be checked.

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